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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Oct 28, 2006.

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    Ok, we do know somethings...
    1) We need help at OL, Flo/McQ and Colombo aren't all that bad and McQ and Colombo have some upside, Rivera is the worst link
    2) Regardless of how Romo does, we still need another QB to groom and backup Romo. Even if we bring in a vet to backup, we HAVE to have someone to groom.
    3) Our WRs are getting old but we have some really good young ones too that we probably don't want to part with and both TO and TG will probably be here for at least one, maybe two more seasons.
    4) We don't really need much on D, other than some decent coaching and meshing.
    5) We've drafted so heavily on defense and ignored the offense (and had a few busts) to great peril on the OL
    6) We don't have a great many needs, as long as we get a few quality, high-caliber players, we may be better off than if we get 9 players that are decent.
    7) Oakland is likely to have the #1 draft pick (Al Davis and JJ = old pals)

    I could really see one of two scenarios:
    1) Big trade up for a big name QB
    2) Standing pat (or just trading up a few spots) for a OL, probably a T (since OGs aren't usually first round picks)

    This draft is hugely deep (if a lot of guys declare) at WR so it'll hurt if we don't get one but we're just too stocked there right now. Maybe we take one later. (I love Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith, D Jarrett, Ted Ginn, Manningham, and A Bowman)

    I would love to see a monster trade up to get Brady Quinn. I think he's the safest pick and could be big-time at the next level. Even if Romo pans out, he can sit for a few like Rivers did. (The only thing better than having one great QB is having two.)
    I also like Brohm and Booty. Palmer and Henne could be 3rd or 4th round steals too.
    I also think that we could afford to trade away most of our draft picks this year and be okay since we should have enough cap space to sign a FA OL or two, maybe even a vet backup QB.
    If Romo turns out to be really good then I expect us to drop Bledsoe and sign a vet. But we still need to draft a QB on day one.
    If we don't trade up, OL is a must.
    In that scenario, I think our day one draft has to look like:
    OT, OG, and QB (in no particular order)
    (The OL I like the most is U of Mich Jake Long. I also like the traditional success U of Mich OL have in the pros.)
    The other thing we have going for us is that we have lots of day 2 picks to use and move around on day 1 if we need to.
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    Both of those qb's have been likened to David Carr and Tim Couch. I'll pass on both and go for OL and defense(shut down corner and pass rushing DT). Newman's one int in 8 games ain't going to cut it.
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    If we go Defense, I hope we go for Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue. He's been a terror this year in the Big 10, and translates extremely well to outside linebacker in the pros. He's a better prospect than Carpenter or Lawson, and I'll go out on a limb and say that he'll be just as good as Ware. With Ellis suffering a big injury, there's a good chance that he won't be back next year. I think we'll see in the coming weeks if Carpenter will end up inside or outside. If the answer is inside, don't be surprised to see parcells take another DE/LB hybrid.

    If we go offense, where we actually need the help. It has to be offensive line, early and often. Rivera needs to be upgraded, and Corey Proctor is the guy backing him up. So realistically, it would be nice to have two relatively high draft picks at OG. OT is also a need, and depending on how McQ progresses, it could be a non-issue. Again, a place for improvement.

    At DB, I still like Henry, but with the few needs that we have, why not go for the top notch trio, just as long as we don't pass on Anthony Spencer or a top OL.

    Just like every year, everyone gets enamored with taking a WR. These guys are a dime a dozen, and I wouldn't be surprised if Ted Ginn turns out to be a worse pro than Sam Hurd. I pray that we don't draft a reciever that isn't named Calvin Johnson in the first round.

    Romo is the starting QB. We'll probably sign some grizzled vet for cheap in the offseason. Look for a secaond day QB, nothing higher than that. I don't really have anyone in mind, but I'm sure there are some projects to be had.
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    In looking at our roster, we have very few needs. Age wise, we are doing great. It depends on Carpenter, Watkins and Romo. If they are set, then we look at the OL for the first two rounds(OT,OG). I would even trade up for one of the top LT and move Adams to RT with Colombo has the swing. I think we go with Rivera one more year. Maybe a OLB in the 3rd
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    We could be in a position to possibly take the best player available in the first round, which is something we couldn't have said lately. Hopefully that player will be a dominate O-lineman or a stud WR. Pat Watkins can't unseat Keith Davis from the FS position so if there is a great cover safety, or cornerback with safety potential available that wouldn't be bad.
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    I'd take Spencer for sure, will require our first round pick I imagine.
    I like Aaron Ross a lot and Houston's QB Kolb in the second and third, if either of them last that long, I don't think they will. I also would take K Mason Crosby in the second round depending on what we do at kicker. Josh Brown is the only UFA of significance next offseason. As important as a K is, I wouldn't be upset with using a high draft pick on one like Crosby.
    I think Ross could end up replacing Henry a few years down the road AND he can return punts until he does.
    Kolb could be a hidden gem as a QB.

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