Cowboy fans crack me up

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by dfense, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. dfense

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    An interception away from sweeping the division even with an injury decimated defense (for the second year in a row) and everyone wants to blow it up.

    Dump Romo for Johnny Football? really? He's like 190lbs. Romo has 50lbs on JM. How long do you think JM will last before he's snapped? And who wouldn't want to burn the stadium down if Jerry blows the first pick on an undersized, unproven Doug Flutie?

    DRAFT: Donald, or Pryor round 1
    DE or LB round 2
    Any defensive position round 3
  2. jazzcat22

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    Nice post, I think I'll sit back and watch the show.
    They want to be the GM thinking they can do better. Then when they don't, someone else will want to blow it up again, then the cycle continues.
  3. ConstantReboot

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    I would not draft Johnny Football. Im all for drafting nothing but defense in this draft.
  4. Carharris2

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  5. hornitosmonster

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    Cowboys fans are pretty stupid.
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  6. tyke1doe

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    I won't even get to the Johnny Manziel part of this equation, but the almost "sweeping of the division" thing is misleading. Our division stunk last year. That's not necessarily indicative of a team on the rise. Furthermore, we've been 8-8 for three straight years with essentially the same group. And the only difference is the age of the unit, which gets older with time.

    I think Tony Romo is a major reason why this team hasn't collapsed. But Romo, if he's at his peak, is about to slide down hill. He has already reached his ceiling.

    If this team doesn't start retooling now and find the quarterback of the future, it's going to find itself in a similar situation when Aikman left.
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  7. TwoDeep3

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    What cracks me up are the threads like this where people pull up their soap boxes and lecture others about the nonsense in threads when this is the beginning of the off-season and nothing else is going on right now.

    Sorry, just think people are bored and want this to move faster. And even stupid action is better than no action on this board. There are only so many times I can read about Ware going, or Jerridicious the Fabulous running his mouth, or all the other threads which seem to stay on the front page for days now.

    It is the off-season, before the draft and FA. Lighten up, Francis.
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  8. Risen Star

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    When someone tells me to draft a DE or LB in round 2 and any defensive position in round 3, I know this is a guy whose done his homework.
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  9. DoctorChicken

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    I crack me up, too.

    lol DoctorChicken, you're so funny.
  10. dfense

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    What part of sweeping the divison is misleading? The part where they went 5-1 and lost the last game when the backup threw a pick on the possible game winning drive?

    Or the part about almost sweeping the division in spite of the historically worst defense since I arrived on this earth?

    If the Cowboys lose by one point. It's a loss. Regardless, right?
    But if they win by what you consider, not a decisive enough score? that's different?

    Romo has thrown over 30 TDs, two years in a row. Almost 5000 yds a year ago. He finally gets a running game. Give him a defense.
  11. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you offered the sweeping of the division as evidence the Cowboys are on the rise, that we're just a few pieces away from contending.

    I cited that sweeping the division doesn't suggest that at all because we were the weakest division in the NFC.

    And last time I checked, you have to beat teams in other divisions to advance to the Super Bowl.

    The Eagles lost to the Saints at home.

    We weren't called the NFC LEAST for nothing.

    So going 5-1 against other teams really doesn't say much other than we're better at playing teams in our division than we are playing teams in other divisions.

    And we couldn't even beat Philly when the chips were down and the game was in our hands.

    But, hooray for us. We beat the 7-9 Giants and the 3-13 Redskins twice and took down a Philly team that was playing John Booty or whoever that scrub was at quarterback.

    We're ready to DOM-O-NATE!!!!

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  12. BoysFan4ever

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    We were in the worse division in football & couldn't even win that.

    And somehow the fans are an issue?
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  13. Ntegrase96

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    Yeah... there's a difference in going 8-8 with a young, up and coming team versus being strapped for cap space for an aging team that's gone 8-8 three years in a row.
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  14. dfense

    dfense Well-Known Member

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    I guess your glass is always half empty.
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  15. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Yea I guess we should be satisfied with 8-8 every year. The nerve of us.
  16. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    It's not a matter of my glasss being half empty. Rather, it's a matter of properly assessing where the Cowboys are in their development as a team.
    The core of this team (Ware, Romo, Witten, Hatcher) is getting old. Teams that get older don't generally get better. The best years of the Cowboys were between the 2007-2009 seasons.
    This same core has gone 8-8 for three consecutive seasons. And two of the most vital members of that core group (Ware and Romo) are battling injuries. And Ware (as great a pass rusher as he was) isn't getting any younger and isn't likely to be here next year.

    That's why I say this group is closer to the end of its run and likely won't get better.

    That's why I say don't be deceived by the 5-1 division record because it was against other mediocre teams.

    If Ware was 26 and Romo was 25 and Witten was 24 and we ran off three straight 8-8 season, then I'd agree with you.

    But all three of those guys are closer to retirement than the start of their careers.

    I just don't see it. Then again, I could be wrong.
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    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    The NFC East was 15-25 against teams outside of our own division last year. No team in the NFC East had a winning record against none division foes.

    The entire NFC East sucked out loud last year. That's the honest truth of it unfortunately.
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  18. BoysFan4ever

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    I didn't know that out of division record. That is miserable.
  19. pjtoadie

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    I love how if a fan is not happy with the team and is sick of being 8-8 every year and missing the playoffs is considered totally wrong and is a bad fan etc. So should we all just go along with whatever is going on and be happy being mediocre? We didn't make the team go 8-8 for the third consecutive season, only win one playoff game in what 17 years and be sold that we're so close to contending. If you want to think that we're close fine but don't get down on us fans that are realistic and don't buy everything that Jerry and company is selling.
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  20. Tawney88

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    good post

    I think fans that are overtly positive, are always/generally fine with what is going, defend Jerry Jones and how he runs this team are bad fans.

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