Cowboy fans crack me up

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by dfense, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. JackWagon

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    Jerry must absolutely love these happy fans. Never be critical of the team ... just everything is perfume and flowers and sunshine 24/7.
  2. NJ22

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    Jerry thanks god the division has been so bad that dopey fans think 8-8 was a good(almost a playoff team) year because 9 wins gets you the worst division in football.
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  3. cajuncocoa

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    And some people just can't face reality. It doesn't impress anyone that we were one game away from sweeping the division last year...others already pointed out the reason: we were in the weakest division in the NFL last year. And still we couldn't pull it off, being "one game away" when it counted the most. What were we going to do for an encore after winning that game (if we had)? Get our lunch eaten by the Saints (again)?? LOL. I don't know if some of you who complain that other fans complain really know what a Super-Bowl-contending Cowboys team looks like, but I do....and it doesn't look like the current incarnation of this team. I may not be able to function as the GM myself, but neither can Jerry Jones. The difference between him and me (if I owned the team) is I would hire someone who do a better job as GM.
  4. LatinMind

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    If Manziel is there at 16 i know youre going to be very very mad. Dallas could trade down and still get Manziel
  5. cml750

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    To me the worst part of it is if we had a coach who didn't cost us anywhere from 2 - 4 games season with mind numbingly stupid clock and game management skills a pee-wee league coach should know, the 3 win or go home games that have ended our seasons the last 3 years would not have mattered.

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