Cowboy Joe vs. The Star; Crazy Ray vs. Rowdy

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by fgoodwin, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Yes, I'm a reactionary, but in terms of a team logo, I far prefer the old "Cowboy Joe" over the current blue star.

    Yes, the Star is simple and sleek, but Cowboy Joe has character, and actually looks like a Cowboy! He was designed back when most teams had character logos in the early 60s, and the Cowboys were competing against the Dallas Texans, whose logo at the time was a pistol-packing cowboy on a state of Texas background; you can see an image of it here:

    In terms of live mascots, does anyone seriously prefer Rowdy over the late Crazy Ray? I hate Rowdy -- he looks too corporate and too generic for my taste; again, Crazy Ray had character, who can forget the NFL Films image of him hamming-it-up with a Redskin mascot, wiping his brow with a Redskin pennant, etc. Ray was one of a kind.
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    Crazy Ray was the best of all time.

    I prefer the star logo. It's easily recognizable to even the most casual fan.
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    I love the Cowboy Joe Logo because I love the history of our franchise. But I wouldn't change the Star for anything. It's classic and classics should stay the way they are, IMO.

    As for Ray Vs. Rowdy, Ray was never an "Official" mascot. HE was a fan who used to work at the games at the Cotton Bowl selling hot dogs. He then became a staple when he dressed up like a Cowboy and was given some special perks from the 'Boys. I loved Ray and miss him at the games. He was the best.

    I have no problem with Rowdy because the kids seem to like him. It's just another way to appeal to a wider range of fans.

    On a side note about Rowdy, the guy is pretty talented. I was at an autograph session last year where he was and he wears this big bulky costume and fat head. He does a lot of agility things that I couldn't do without the suit on. One thing he did that was pretty impressive was he took one of those little plastic footballs and stood at the top of the steps at the Gaylord Texan. Threw the ball in the air and let it land and spin on it's end on the ground. He then stepped back while it was spinning and kicked the ball into the hands of someone he pointed out from across the room (A good 25-30 feet.)

    He may be annoying but the guy has to have some talent to do that stuff. Especially with all that gear on.
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    By the way, I wasn't suggesting that Cowboy Joe would replace the star on the helmet -- no way! But I'd like to see Cowboy Joe come back as an official logo for the franchise.

    I understand about Rowdy appealing to the kids -- how long will it be before we see a Rowdy plush doll for only $49.95 -- get yours now before they're all gone!!
  5. fgoodwin

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    At least Rowdy beats that abomination, "Huddles".
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    I love the Cowboy Joe logo. I'm a collector and seeing that old logo on anything, sticker's, patches, posters, cards, whatever instantly indicates a time period of the early days of the Cowboys organization.

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