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    I am looking for 2-3 more teams for my new 10-team 3-player keeper league.


    $100 to join/enter

    (since we are trying to get the last 2-3 players and have only 2 weeks, I am discounting the fee to $75, and will kick in the $25 myself if there are any cowboy fans from this board that want to enter. So pay $75 with a chance to win $5-600.) If we don't get the final 3 paying teams, we will let the final 3 owners play for free, but those free owners won't be eligible for playoffs or prize money. Either way the league will go forward with 10 teams.

    $100 for regular season champ
    $500 for playoff champion
    $250 for playoff runner up
    $100 for 3rd place in playoffs

    (95% payout - only a $50 fee by website for league maintenance)

    The league is one of the leagues on

    The rules are derived from a very exciting league that I have been in for a few years.

    You can check out the league at:

    Even if you aren't interested, check out the league homepage. The page loads different cowboys pictures every time you load the page !!!

    You can click on league rules and scoring rules from a link on the left hand side of the main page.

    The money will be handled by the website and the league will have an unbiased commissioner from the website to rule on any trades.

    It is going to be a fun league, so if anyone on here is interested in joining, send me a message on here, or you can go onto the website and let you know you are interested.

    95% payout

    You will acquire your 1st 4 players in year 1 by auction, and then there will later be a 16 round draft to fill out the 20-man roster.

    Send an email to if interested, or if you have any questions !!!


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