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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 8, 2014.

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    First, let me say if Johnny Football falls or tells Cleveland he wont play for them, and Johnny Football is sitting there at about 14th pick or so, I want the Cowboys to trade for him. However, I think Houston will try to trade down and get Johnny Football.

    So, sitting at the 16th or 17th pick, the Cowboys get a call from Cleveland, with the indys pick. The Cowboys trade down to the 24th pick, swapping number 1 picks, while at same time getting the Browns 2nd and 3rd round pick, the 3rd rounder maybe the later pick that the browns got in a trade with steelers, but still a 3rd, this allows the cowboys to get good players, and making a better trade than last year for trading down.

    1. (24th) DT Rashede Hageman-this player reminds me of a young Leon Lett.

    Lache Seastrunk*RB Baylor5' 9"205 This player will replace Murray in 2 years, so salary cap wont be a big hit. Has better speed than murray too

    Kony Ealy*DE Missouri6' 5"240 MIght be there or might not be.

    Yawin Smallwood*ILB Connecticut6' 3"244

    Daniel McCullersDT Tennessee6' 8"360
    This is a moose at DT, hard to move, make our defense better.


    Aaron MurrayQB Georgia6' 1"209 Serious knee injury, should be there in 4th round.

    5. Jeff Janis WR Saginaw Valley State 6-3 218 4.43 This guy has speed to burn, something our offense needs, and can replace Austin.
    5th round supplemental pick for mike jenkins

    Larry Webster – DE – Bloomsburg – 6’6, 240– Larry is an athletic freak of nature. Larry is a converted basketball center, who has great family genes. His father was a former NFL Standout for the Ravens. Keep any eye on this kid.

    6th. No pick for this round, traded away:

    But 1 supplemental draft pick:
    Kadeem EdwardsOG Tennessee State6' 4"290

    7th round:
    Billy TurnerOT North Dakota State6' 6"314 Steal at this round

    7th round:
    Matt HazelWR Coastal Carolina6' 3"190 Another speed wr.

    7th round: Supplemental pick
    Glenn CarsonILB Penn State6' 3"235 One of those productive linebakers at Penn St.
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    Only thing I did not draft, poor year for safeties, we need a FS with speed, not one in this draft, all of safeties this year run a 4.5 in 40. I also wanted a fullback, but you cant have everything. Yeah I know, I hear you hollering at me for trading down, but I feel by time we draft at 16 or 17, top players will be gone. So, if you can make that trade, make it. You all know how Jerry likes to make trades.
  3. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Like it but can please stay away from Saginaw valley state ?
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    Not bad Joe but I have been seeing Turner with 3rd and 4th round grades. He wont be there in the 7th.
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    I actually just wrote a mock involving a trade with Cleveland & if you look at the trade value chart it would be their 1st rounder from the colts (26) pick in the 3rd (71) & their pick in the 4th (122) points work out pretty well.
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    Reasonable draft, but McCullers is not a Marinelli type DL. He would be best as a 3-4 NT.

    Kony Ealy probably ends up in the 1st round.
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    I agree. If we want any shot at Kony Ealy or Michael Sam, their combines are probably going to have them fly into the 1st round.
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    If he's still there, I take Trent Murphy in the 1st rd., hands down. The guy is a smaller version of J.J. Watt. Creates havoc throughout the game. They can still get a quality DT like Will Sutton or Aaron Donald in the 2nd. You have to realize, this team has to replace Spencer, & also select D-Ware's replacement. He'll be 32 this season, & he's been hurt the past two seasons. This team could not protect a lead to save its life the last two years, & it's because they can't get to the passer.

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