CowboyJoe's February Mock Draft (Trade Draft)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 6, 2012.

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    :bow: Yep, thats me draft time SB: Although real draft time, just dont see Jason Garrett and Cowboys making that many trades. However, keeping in mind, the cowboys did try to trade back up in 1st round last year to get RB, but Patriots got a better deal from Saints. So, possibly I see 2 trades, maybe 3 if right situation comes along, but doubtful 3 with Jason Garrett in the war room with Stephen and Jerry. You all did see Jason get very animated a few times during the draft and jerry did say at one point they thought about trading down to jacksonville.

    :) I do like to have at least one draft with trades every year, with free agent signing too. You got me figured out havent you silverbear? :) And reports are now with possibility of cowboys getting a 4th rounder for compensation pick this year in draft, was on BTB best i remember and twitter.
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    Here's your choice, are you gonna trust Adam on compensatory picks, or twitter??

    Adam has projected that we'll get a sixth rounder when the comp picks are announced, and he always knows what he's talkin' about...

    FWIW, I have no problem with you being what Hos calls a "greedy draft whore"... LOL...
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    Cowboyjoe, when your mock draft decoder ring is available for 4 Prozac box tops please let me know. I would love to follow one of these posts.
  4. cowboyjoe

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    Nah, im not getting when we have actual draft time, i just want us to draft good players regardless, draft smart, players with heart, intensity, know how to win, wants to win and not just words, integrity, and leadership qualities.

    In other words no more quincy carter, or a son of a football friend you coached like bobby carpenter that primarly was in a 4-3 defense, or no more drafting a 26 year old cornerback like newman when coming out of college because the window closes faster due to age, or no more trading down like in 2009, or no more passing up on chris johnson when we drafted feiix who had injury history problems,

    anyway silverbear, BTB said that word they heard was a 4th rounder instead of a 6th, but they were waiting on adam to comment to be sure

    by the way silverbear, did you go to any bowl games and see any cowboys scouts or coaches watching certain players, sdogo missed it this year, and im trying to find out if their were any more players the cowboys showed interest in besides the 15 i posted about in draft section with a sticky.
  5. cowboyjoe

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    Sdogo, that was funny, :D

    by the way you said you were counting on friends for players cowboys showed interest in at senior bowl and possibly other bowl games since you didnt go this year. Are there any more players besides the 15 that i posted about in draft section of players cowboys coaches, scouts or jerry showed interest in that you can shed some light on? :starspin

    However, i did take prozac years ago, but my boss said it made me too aggressive, so i stopped taking it. My boss 20 years ago said i was to overbearing on people working under me and to demanding. Ive melloed out since then.
  6. SDogo

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    There are but I'm compiling notes, it will be a week or two before I start my annual thread.
  7. cowboyjoe

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    cool thanks buddy, ive about got my war room all ready to go, but waiting on a friend of mine that has a cam to record it, so i can put it on youtube and for you all if your interested. Hopefully, he will be ready by this saturday, strained his hip the other day, but he is out today running around.

    If you thought my war room was something 4 years ago, wait till you see this one, will blow you away i think. And ive got a couple of big surprises too. Hehe! :D
  8. BAT

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    Why not get 2 elite pass rushers, (Mario Williams in FA) instead of taking Brockers and trading down, why not trade up and get Coples. Q Coples is the surest thing when it comes to elite pass rusher in this draft. Especially in the first round.

    Super Mario, Q, Rat and Ware. With Lissemore & Hatch rotating inside. Now that is a front 7 to rival NY's.

    And there are still quality guards available in the 3rd.
  9. hipfake08

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    [Qoute]The Cowboys take Michael Brockers DE from LSU, a copy cat clone to Leon Lett and Richard Seymour. [/Quote]

    Can we draft the guy from Georgia that blocked him out od the game?
  10. cowboyjoe

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    Coples scares me, reminds me of some of our former draft picks like spencer, spears, guys that play, but dont come through. I want players that play with heart, intensity, want to be the best. Coples has elite like talent, but doesnt show it in games, why? Look at the players giants drafted tuck, osi, paul, players that give the effort and come through, they just dont tease you with their talent but come through in the clutch.
  11. stasheroo

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    I repeatedly heard good reports on Blake throughout Senior Bowl week.
  12. Muhast

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    I see zero chance of us actually getting Williams/Nicks/Jackson. I could see Wiliams/Jackson or Nicks/Jackson. But not all 3.

    I love the Cordy Glenn/Brandon Boykins draft picks.
  13. Sasquatch

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    Joe's annual Xmas mock with lots of presents under the tree.

    Well done, Joe!

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