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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 20, 2011.

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    This scenario involves trading down, which might be a possibility; I am somewhat limited because best to my memory if their is no CBA signed, you cant trade players during the draft or leading up to it after March 4th. Which, the Cowboys during draft time wont be able to trade Barber, or whoever if they wanted to.

    I used one of my draft value charts that I use during the draft like the Cowboys use somewhat. You can go to this link to view that if you wish or if your not aware of the draft value trade chart and what it actually is.

    Cowboys trade their 9th pick in 1st round to Miami for their 15th, 3rd 79th pick and 6th 174th pick.

    The Cowboys get another call from Patriots to trade down again, the Cowboys get the 17th pick, and 4th 104th overall pick.

    With the 17th overall pick the Cowboys take either Cameron Jordan DE or OT Carmini, most likely Jordan DE.

    17th Cameron Jordan DE

    40th pick of Cowboys own pick they take Kenny Tate S or Demante Williams S

    3rd pick 73rd Cowboys take O'DOWD Kristofer
    Southern Cal
    6- 5.0...318...5.19 -------- 398.11
    Can Dominate, and clean the hole Dislocated Knee 08/22/2009-
    or --WISNIEWSKI Steve
    Penn State
    6- 3.0...298...5.12 -------- 429.11
    His Dad, a all-World Guard, his son has a great chance to also be
    whichever is available

    79th pick Cowboys take CANNON Marcus
    6- 5.0...339...5.46 -------- 407.89
    RS-06, Can do a double flip off the diving board -Majorly Strong
    or IJALANA Ben
    6- 4.0...320...5.28 -------- 425.92
    Hands on, rocker - Fine Run Blocker, Seals,drives,,

    4th 104th pick Cowboys take Jerod Johnson or Ahmad Black SS

    4th 105th pick Cowboys take -MARECIC Owen
    6- 1.0...245...4.78 -------- 387.80
    Fine Blocking Back- or maybe as Linebacker- Good Football Player... 4 rec/0 TDs in 08
    -HAVILI Stanley
    Southern Cal
    6- 0.4...228...4.68 -------- 417.03
    Broken Leg RS-06 Shoulder Problems .. 71 y/0 TDs Rushing..24 rec/3 TDs in 08

    5th pick 137th pick Cowboys take Kendrick Ellis NT Hampton OR
    TAYLOR Phillip
    6- 3.0...346...5.36 -------- 374.35
    Human Detour Off Penn St Team 07/31/2008

    6th pick 169th pick Cowboys take Pat Devlin

    6th pick 174th
    Cowboys take Jerrill Jorgan WR Troy

    7th pick 210th Cowboys take Kevin Hughes OT

    I didnt take a running back, because of no possible CBA you cant trade players like Barber or Choice if Cowboys plan to trade some players.
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    Who's Demante Williams?

    ..and it'd be great to get Steve Wisniewski in his prime, but that was about 20 years ago. lol

    I'd love to get Devlin in the bottom rounds as a QB project though.

    Kenrick Ellis would be nice too. I see Phil Taylor being projected near the first round by McShay and Kiper. Can't imagine he'll go that high.
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    steve was a typo error from where i got some stats, its stefen;

    some sites have taylor going early, some lower, the safety, williams
    Deunta Williams Jan 18, 2011

    Deunta Williams (#27 pictured being carted off) suffered a fractured right fibula in the final game of his career in the 2010 Music City Bowl. To top things off he missed the first four games of the season for receiving improper benefits. In 2009, he finished 2nd in the ACC with 6 interceptions.
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    There ya go. haha

    Gotta at least get the names right if you're going to tout them as quality draft choices.

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    I like this draft but Tate did not declared, I believe and the Penn St. C will not make it to our third round pick. If he does, it will be a steal. Good job though. Thanks for all the info that you supply for us on the draft. I know that I and many other on this board appreciate it.
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    i don't mind it. Cameron might even be gone by then though
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    I would (mostly) be happy with that.

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