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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by cowboylarry, Jan 24, 2012.

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    :welcome:There's only one cowboylarry. I've been debating :bang2: with cowboyjoe for 12 years about the system that Jerry Jones started and is now outdated! Lack of trading or the art of letting players go without paying them large amounts of money. Keeping coaches that are behind in techniques of the times. Jerry is too loyal to those that are yes men. Better to question the way you handle the game. Instead of agreeing with the boss to stay on his good side. Also how to build momentum to win, that nobody can beat us in Nov., Dec., Jan., and Superbowl. I'm not going to bring up the past ways that Landry, or Jimmy Johnson got to the Superbowl. Now change is the answer. We better find it quick. I was told those that don't take the time to look at yourself never learn and always make the same mistakes. Remember changes are always good. That's how we grow. Glad to be a fan! A team is like family, you grow and learn together, you teach each other, you bring up a member when their down with love and support. But a GM and the head coach are like a father, to keep them safe and guide them correctly to complete the goal. Sometimes this requires tough love.
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    amen!!! :D
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    Enough of this. Sorry but personal stuff shouldn't be brought into the Fan Zone like this amongst Cowboys discussion.

    I recommend to the moderators that this and possibly the other threads be moved to the members zone.

    This looks like a personal feud that has bled into a public forum in hopes of a score being settled. Nothing good will come of this.

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    Mods, can you move these threads to the "Who Cares? Zone"? Thanks!
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    I'm 21 and have thinning hair. Change is NOT always good.
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    Quoted for truth.
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    I think at 21 a man, and you know change has to be done. Do it make the change work for you. Better now then later. Change is only good if you learn to make it work for you.
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    So you're saying I should completely shave my head?
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    I'd check his ip and joes.
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    This post didn't get any smarter than it did when I read it in another thread...

    There's also something pretty tacky about welcoming yourself to the board... so all in all, I'm rapidly coming to the opinion that one cowboylarry is one too many...
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    No what I'm saying you make a choose on how you what to look. If you shave it off see and hear what happens. If it's not what you like check out how to get hair. Just do what it takes to make it right for you. :pc: You got plenty time your Just Starting. :shades:I believe you can make it work.
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    Can you type this in the english version?
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    Clearly Cowboylarry=Cowboyjoe.

    They type the exact same type of stuff. A mod really should check the IP's as someone previously mentioned. There is no way CowboyLarry isn't CowboyJoe.

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