News: Cowboys’ apparel bid to OSU draws flak

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    Cowboys’ apparel bid to OSU draws flak
    Company has used sweatshop labor, student group says

    By Marla Matzer Rose
    The Columbus Dispatch Sunday October 2, 2011 7:22 AM

    Opponents of a potential merchandising deal between Ohio State University and the Dallas Cowboys have turned up the heat.

    Students Against Sweatshops, a Washington-based organization with a chapter at OSU, is making the most noise, as Ohio State considers bids to place production of apparel with a single company. Such a system would replace the numerous vendors who now make shirts, jerseys and other goods featuring the OSU logo.

    The group alleges that the Cowboys’ licensing arm — Silver Star Merchandising, which has signed a deal with the private University of Southern California and is aggressively seeking others schools — has used sweatshop labor, has refused to remedy the situation and is working on a cozy deal with Ohio State.

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