News: Cowboys’ Smith missing $1 million, lawyer says; mom denies anything taken without OK

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Wow this story is really sad... You are talking about someone's MOTHER!
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    This must be Tyrone mom. You're higher then a kite if you really believe what you just said. Tyron owes nothing to nobody. If he chooses to help his mom good for him but to even think he owes his mom for being a mom is crazy to be nice.
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    come on....

    this is that whole entitlement attitude that seems to be prevalent in this country. The only thing you are entitled to is the reward you accept for the work you do yourself! plain and simple.

    Momma should be ashamed. We all raise our kids to be the best and have the most they can get for themselves through hard work and self-motivation, putting them through college if we can, raising them both mentally and physically as best we can no matter the external living situation. I never once assumed my children will ever owe us parents anything at all ever. What they give, they give on their own. What we give, we do without expectation nor debt, just out of kindness for who they are.

    Sorry, but ANY family member who begs him for his money needs to re-evaluate why they should have to in the first place.

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