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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Apr 18, 2013.

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    Correct. I am saying that Dallas will get to draft a first rounder on their board, which is very good; but also they can't trade down terribly far and expect to get a first rounder.

    Obviously if they have some guys that the rest of the league sees as second or third rounders like Navorro Bowman or Shawn Lee rated as first rounders that would change things.
  2. xwalker

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    Is he the 2nd player in that ordeal? I saw that the other player was a late round type guy but I forget his name.

    The only problem in putting too much emphasis on the hotel issue is that if players were sharing a room, then you don't know who is the primary perpetrator.
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    No way Patterson is in their 1st round grade. I've heard many say he might not even be a 1st round pick anymore. Especially guy with low character, and low football IQ. Vaccaro is definitely on their 1st round board.

    Doubt Werner or Fluker are graded as 1st rounders either. Probably not Jarvis Jones either. Broaddus said they wouldn't draft him if he was on the board.
  4. dantheman41

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    Question is, is Eifert or Sly a 1st round grade? Those are the two biggest question marks for me. Have no idea.

    If those 2 are on board at 18, and none of the others will they take 1 or trade down?
  5. Verdict

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    How can you be so definite about Vacarro? I have my doubts that they are that high on him.
  6. speedkilz88

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    Broaddus says they have him higher than Richardson. I doubt he's pulling that out of his behind.
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    Nice list xwalker. On, Daniel Jeremiah has his top 50 "sequence list" up and the top 17 on his list differs from yours on three players. His doesn't include Mingo, Geno Smith and Patterson (he's got them at #22, 23 and 25). In their place, he has Eifert (10), Vaccaro (11) and Sly Williams (15).

    He's very high on Williams. However, he's got Justin Pugh at #19, so, maybe that will influence anyone's opinion of his list.
  8. Kristen82

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    Did we have Carter as a 1st-rounder on our board? Thought with his injury history we would have had him down as a 2nd-rounder.
  9. MonsterD

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    It is the internet rumor right now, no one has a credible source for it yet.

    Oh I looked at it, here is the mysterious guy:
    A trashed hotel room at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis belonged to Clemson wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Rutgers wide receiver Mark Harrison, according to league sources.
    Recently, Yahoo! Sports reported that a room shared by two players was left in bad condition, but did not identify the occupants. It was learned this week, through multiple sources, that the room belonged to Hopkins and Harrison.

    NFL sources said they believe Harrison is not responsible for what happened in the room.

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  11. NeonDeion21

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    Here is how I think Dallas has them:
    1. Eric Fisher
    2. Luke Joeckel
    3. Shariff Floyd
    4. Lane Johnson
    5. Dion Jordan
    6. Jonathan Cooper
    7. Chance Warmack
    8. Sheldon Richardson
    9. Star Lotulelei
    10. Ziggy Ansah
    11. Barkevious Mingo
    12. Tavon Austin
    13. Sylvester Williams
    14. Kenny Vaccaro
    15. Tyler Eiffert
    16. Datone Jones (I wish he would be higher)
    17. Dee Milliner
    18. D.J. Fluker
    19. Geno Smith
    20. Bjorn Werner
  12. Bware_Dware

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    Interesting seeing as how Dallas picks 18 and they only have 17 1st talent according to their board....
  13. skinsscalper

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    IIRC, Kristen, we had him rated as a first round talent but his injury dropped him. Lee was an almost identical situation.
  14. ThreeandOut

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    My recollection is that Lee actually had a first round grade on their draft board. They considered Carter to be a first round talent but did not actually have a first round grade on him due to his injury situation. The difference in the two situations is that Lee was ready to participate in training camp whereas they knew Carter was not going to be available for training camp or the start of the season.

    I think it's very possible that there is at least one player with a first round grade that would not be a consensus first rounder on most draft boards (e.g. like Lee and Navarro Bowman). I think Reid would be the most likely candidate. Also, I think it's very likely tht they viewed Carradine like they did Carter.
  15. xwalker

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    In order for Dallas to not get one of the 17, that would mean that none (zero, nada, none) of the other teams take a player that is not on the Cowboys draft board.
  16. Doomsday101

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    I'll be happy if we can get BPA who fills a need be it OL, DL or safety with our 1st pick.
  17. ThreeandOut

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    I think the chances are pretty good that there will be an OL, DL or safety that they have a first round grade available at 18. They will stay at 18 and take that player.
  18. Doomsday101

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    I hope so, only way I would move back in by swapping 1st rd picks and getting an additional 3rd or 2nd rd pick in the process. However I think staying at 18 and getting that OL, DL or safety is the best bet.

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