Cowboys 2014 Draft Chat, Part 20: 2nd Tier DE Value

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Feb 12, 2014.

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    CN: I'm going to let you go. You know which guys you like best, so take it away.

    TD: The guy I loved was Chris Smith from Arkansas. I thought he had the best first step of anyone I watched. He could get to the edge quickly. He has good get-off. He has good snap anticipation, so he gets off the snap well. He has solid lateral mobility. I think he can get better in that department, but he has elite play speed. He can drop into coverage. He re-directed well. He played with leverage. This is a guy who can consistently threaten the edge, drop his shoulder and turn the corner.

    When you have the ability to do that, plus you can play with leverage and play with power... plus he loves to work the counter. He's got a spin back inside. He does pop a bit upright at times. His length isn't really great so if he gets engulfed he really struggles to disengage, but as a guy who can fly off the edge and play upright in a 3-4 or weakside edge in a 4-3... I would have no problems taking this guy in the 1st round. If you can get him in the 2nd all the better.

    Most people I talk to have him rated as a 2nd-3rd rounder, but if you can get him in the 2nd I think he can be just as productive as Dee Ford or Trent Murphy and I think he can be more productive than Kony Ealy.
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    Have to say I like Chris Smith as well and Crichton to me is as good as Ealy if not better, think the guy is very underrated.
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    Who is TD?
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    Someone that likes Chris Smith from Jones calling himself "TD" now?
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    I believe its Dan Turner.

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