Cowboys 2017 Draft Decisions

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    Round 1 (28). EDGE Taco Charlton, Michigan - Real athleticism. Arm length we are trying to get at right defensive end. Targeted players who could play on the right side, can also play left or inside if needed. Size is one of his greatest attributes, along with level of competition… Began the day with exercise of who could be on the board. Taco was one of the names… Had opportunities to trade, but comfortable with a group of players. Not a lot of thought to moving up or down… “How the draft is set up” factored into pressure player round one, corner in round two. “We can get a really solid corner at the end of round two.”... Productive player against top competition. Good technical rusher, but room for improvement. Can do things others can’t because of his length… Stays on balance as a rusher, uses counter moves… A corner on the board was still in the mix… Tyrone Crawford moving inside “not necessarily”... Will consistently face off against Tyron Smith… Taco as healthy as any DL the Cowboys evaluated… Right end was a major focus… One prospect still on the board with a first round grade. Just 18 graded in that area… “Had a really good feeling” about this pick… On not trading up or down: There’s an old famous cartoon of two buzzards sitting on a limb, one looks at the other and says “patience my ***, I’m going to go kill something.” Staying put can be just as big of a gamble, don’t trade just for the thrill…

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