Recommended Cowboys 2017 Schedule **merged**

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys=SuperBowl, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. BrassCowboy

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    Opening with Giants? How surprised.....
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  2. BHendri5

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    People bug me when they look at a schedule and call it hard. Teams never play the same way every season, there is always some type of adversity or something that happens. For example the Falcons will have the same type of season in fact I am willing to bet they will have a bad season, because the media will help derail them with their constant badgering of what happened in the super bowl
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  3. big dog cowboy

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    Just wondering, what did you pick for last season?
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  4. dogunwo

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    Is she better looking than that chick on Colin Cowherds show?
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  5. Silver N Blue

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    Another year another brutal December and Sunday night game before turkey day. At least we get to see what Dak is made of as he looks to build on his great first year.
  6. shabazz

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    Me thinks we are gonna end up with a top 10 draft slot for 2018 draft
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  7. demirji22

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    Technically Romo will be at the KC game (In the booth of course)
  8. cowboys5xsbs

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    I see a 10-6 or 11-5. I think we start the year pretty fast with a 6-1 start before we lose one of the Falcons or Cheifs games. I see the end of the year finishing 2-2.
  9. Shuff

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    I was thinking more about the schedule and it could work in our favor. All the EAST division has a pretty tough schedule. We need to win the division, even if we go 9-7. Playing all of this tough competition in the regular season will only help in the long run....IF we win the division.
  10. dfense

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    I wonder how the bars are going to handle the late games on Christmas Eve. Other than NFL ticket, watching the Seattle/Dallas game in NY, you're kind of screwed if they close early.

    Tough schedules make tough teams in January. - Jimmy Johnson
  11. bigdnlaca

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    OK I can probably understand the Giants because they play good against the run and they have great secondary play but the Cowboys did have a rookie QB. I feel that Dak will be more comfortable against their defense.

    Now you are basing the next 2 teams from what they did last year? Broncos don't have Wade,with a new head coach and scheme.
    Arizona is great at getting pressure but they showed that they can give up a ton of points. Also, Arizona played six games against teams that can't move the football against most teams. So their defensive rankings look grea,t but then you see that outside of their division, they gave up at least 20 points to most of their foes.

    I can see 4-0 easily but 3-1 is more realistic before the Cowboys play the Pack.
  12. Toruk_Makto

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    We are at home so I'm *more* ok with it. The truly brutal schedule was two years ago when we had a night game on the road before Thanksgiving.
  13. Plankton

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    This is the fourth straight year I’ve done a story on the making of the NFL schedule. Each year, I speak to the four-person team of schedule-makers, led by NFL broadcasting and schedule czar Howard Katz, after the hay is in the barn . . . sometime late in the day after the schedule is finalized.

    But this year I feared the jig was up. At 12:22 a.m. on Monday, Katz emailed to say there was a long way to go before the schedule would be finished—and he wasn’t feeling very confident. On Monday afternoon the scheduling team presented to Roger Goodell one iteration of the tens of thousands spewed from nearly 400 computers that looked quite good; Goodell thought the schedule was good enough to play, but also thought three teams’ slates had minor flaws, and that the Los Angeles TV schedule had holes. Back to work. On Tuesday at 11:05 p.m., a few hours after returning from the funeral for Pittsburgh owner Dan Rooney, Katz sounded even more pessimistic about an optimal schedule getting done in time for the projected 8 p.m. ET Thursday release.

    Photo: Eric Espino/NFL
    From l. to r., Charlotte Carey, Howard Katz, Blake Jones and Michael North.
    But a breakthrough happened while the schedule-makers slept. At 2:21 a.m. on Wednesday, schedule number 52,129 shot out of a computer and fixed the four problems Katz & Co. hadn’t been able to get over—making three team schedules less arduous, and giving the Los Angeles market better doubleheader games.

    “Making the schedule is always a balance,” says senior director of broadcasting Mike North, who has worked on the annual three-month schedule marathon for 19 years. “In this case, how much of what we liked about the schedule could be kept intact by addressing teams X, Y and Z, plus the TV games with the two L.A. teams now? In this case, we were able to fix the problems without creating others.”

    The winning schedule, remarkably, was spit out of a computer in western Europe. But more about that later.
  14. DallasDomination

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    Don't remember.. healthy Romo I think I had 10-6. But my worst case was like 6-10.
  15. willia451

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    I just hope we beat the Giants on Sept 10th and Dak has a very nice game.

    If we lose that first game and Dak lays an egg, its going to be a very long year indeed.

    And God help us if we lose to the Broncos the following week.

    People will be howling at the moon for Jerry to call Romo and get him back on the field before the season is lost.

    Better to just go 2-0 and avoid that nightmare.
  16. Carharris2

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    Can someone mention one more time about how only two games vary in the schedule?

    After me.
  17. Silver N Blue

    Silver N Blue Well-Known Member

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    Agree just don't like the night game with another game three days away.
  18. Seven

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    Screw you direct TV.

    Hello Antenna..................yah!
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  19. mrtxstar

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    Romo will be at the KC game working for cbs.
  20. CACowboy714

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    We play both LA teams this year and neither game is in LA :(

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