Cowboys 4-5???

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kapolani, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. kapolani

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    I've been thinking about how well the first half of the season went for us and would like for the team to continue to improve.

    I'd love to see us make the playoffs, but would be happy with us being .500 or better, considering last years 6-10 debacle.

    The key here is improvement. I believe with our draft and key FA's we are well on our way.

    I think two plays stood out for us in the first half. These plays could have easily gone in favor of the other team. So we should feel very lucky to get a win out of these games.

    1) San Diego vs. Cowboys. P Crayton ALMOST had a critical fumble, BUT the ball miraclously bounced back to him.

    2) Philly vs. Cowboys part deux. Marion Barber's ALMOST fumble that bounces back to him as well.

    If these plays had gone the other way we could easily be 4-5 right now...

    Makes you go hmmm???
  2. 31smackdown

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    We could be anywhere from 2-7 to 9-0 it appears. You have to be happy that we are well coached at times like these, penalties and turnovers have been down which really helps out.
  3. austintodallas

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    There are just as many plays that could have gone in our favor but didn't. Over the course of the season it evens out. We are right where we should be IMO.
  4. CooterBrown

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    Sometimes the odd shaped ball bounces for you and sometimes it bounces against you. Opposing teams have gotten lucky bounces too. It all evens out over the course of a season. "What if.." or "might have been.." are a couple of the most useless phases in our language.
  5. Danny White

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    This "what if" excercise is something I vowed I'd give up on after the Philly game. Too many weird finishes -- both wins and losses -- to predict what our record would be if the ball would have bounced a different way.

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