Signed by Cowboys Cowboys agree with Terrence Williams

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Encore, Mar 10, 2017.

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    It's probably true... in fact a lot of teams probably did at some point or another. Williams was actually pretty dominant in 2012 for Baylor, I think leading the entire nation in receiving. I believe an underwhelming performance in the underwear olympics hurt his stock.
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    lol wasn't this the same deal we offered DeMarco?
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    WR Terrance Williams re-signs with Dallas Cowboys

    : Four years, $17 million

    PFF play-earned contract: Four years, $21.7 million, $5.8 million guaranteed

    Grade: A

    Dallas does a nice job in locking up a solid receiving option for extremely modest money. Williams may be capped in terms of his role in Dallas, but he has been a big-play threat for the team with receptions for at least 42 yards in each of his four seasons, and catches of longer than 75 yards in two of them.
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    Don't push it! :angry:
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    Was never really a TW fans and wasn't worried about losing him. In fact, I was happy that he was likely to get a big deal and we'd get a nice comp pick. I just saw that he tweeted "loyalty" after he resigned. That instantly makes him one of my favorites and I hope he takes his game to another level. Any player that takes less to stay deserves mad respect. He may not have found the money he expected but I'm sure he could have got much more than that somewhere else.
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    I would never suggest that he is a star WR on the same level as Irvin. My point is, as the 2nd receiver, he has more than held his own. He has certainly surpassed other "2nd" WR's for the Cowboys, guys like Alvin Harper and Antonio Bryant.

    Consider also, his touches are limited by the peesense of a Hall of Fame TE as well as a dominant running game for two seasons. Furthermore, in his 4 seasons, his quarterback has missed a significant amount of playing time.
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    I think in some waya he was taking a shot at his former teammates..
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    So everyone's jumping to snatch a bunch of "no-name" players from our "bad" defense (in the opinion of some), but then we manage to retain this prolific offenses' #2 WR for (relatively) peanuts?

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    Sure, but there are plenty of "hands catchers" out there, making more, with half the talent.
    We want every player to be the perfect athlete, not happening, he has intangibles that are deserving of this contract.
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    Except for right tackle...status quo with potential to add. That works for me, if Green stands up and plays a season. Might even be better.

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