News: Cowboys, Alamodome discuss new training camp deal

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    Cowboys, Alamodome discuss new training camp deal
    Alamodome execs talking to team about camp deal.
    By Tom Orsborn
    Published 10:08 p.m., Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    Nearly two months after the expiration of their five-year contract with the Alamodome, the Dallas Cowboys are again eyeing the building as a possible training camp site, a city official confirmed.
    “We have been in discussions with the Cowboys regarding their future camps, however, any inquiries as to their decision and timelines will need to be referred to (the team),” Mike Sawaya, who oversees the Alamodome, wrote in an email Wednesday.

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    Great news S.A. Cowboys fans after all of the bad we went through this week.....this makes me excited.

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