Cowboys ALL TIME 53 man roster...

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Deb, Sep 24, 2006.

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    Cowboys ALL TIME 53 man roster....​

    Since there is no game.....and today 46 years ago we played our first game....I was reading a blog where a guy was talking about how hard it was to cut a team down to 53 players for a season, and they took it a step further and did an ALL TIME Cowboys here are some to choose from....and you may add more or not agree...Pretty sure Juke isn't going to using BP as his coach...LOL But here goes. I hope its fun for you and this is just somewhere to start......

    QB - Roger Staubach, Don Meredith, Troy Aikman, Craig Morton, Drew Bledsoe, Danny White
    RB - Tony Dorsett, Emmitt Smith, Calvin Hill, Duane Thomas, Herschel Walker, Walt Garrison, Julius Jones, Don Perkins, Robert Newhouse, Daryl Johnston, Ron Springs, Timmy Newsome, Preston Pearson, Dan Reeves
    WR - Michael Irvin, Tony Hill, Drew Pearson, Bob Hayes, Terry Glenn, Butch Johnson, Lance Rentzel, Terrell Owens, Joey Galloway, Alvin Harper, Lance Alworth
    TE - Franke Clarke, Jay Novacek, Billy jo Dupree, Jason Witten, Mike Ditka, Doug Cosbie
    C - Mark Stepnoski, Jim Cooper, John Fitzgerald, Dave Manders, Dale Hellestrae
    OL - Rayfield Wright, Larry Allen, John Niland, Tom Rafferty, Blaine Nye, Ralph Neely, Nate Newton, Herbert Scott, Pat Donovan, Kevin Gogan, Tony Liscio, Mark Tuinei, Erik Williams, Flozell Adams
    DT - Bob Lilly, Randy White, Russell Maryland, Jethro Pugh, Larry Cole, John Dutton, LaRoi Glover, Chad Hennings, Leon Lett
    DE - Harvey Martin, George Andrie, Ed Jones, Charles Haley, Greg Ellis, Jim Jeffcoat, Marcus Spears, Tony Tolbert
    LB - Thomas Henderson, Lee Roy Jordan, Chuck Howley, Bob Breunig, Dexter Coakley, Dave Edwards, Mike Hegman, D.D. Lewis, Ken Norton Jr., Eugene Lockhart, Dat Nguyen, Demarcus Ware
    CB - Terrence Newman, Mel Renfro, Everson Walls, Deion Sanders, Cornell Green, Larry Brown, Benny Barnes, Kevin Smith, Mark Washington, Ron Fellows
    S - Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters (sorry, this one instance where if you have one, you have to have the other), Bill Bates, Roy Williams, Darren Woodson, Michael Downs, Mike Gaechter, Randy Hughes.
    K - Rafael Septien, Efren Herrera, Mike Clark, Toni Frisch, Mike Vanderjagt (or other Cowboy kicker of choice)
    P - Danny White, Ron Widby, Mike Saxon, Matt McBriar, Toby Gowin

    Ah, what the hell,

    coach - Tom Landry, Bill Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, Jerry Jones

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    Coaching Staff

    Head Coach
    Jimmy Johnson

    Offensive Coordinator
    Tom Landry

    Defensive Coordinator
    Bill Parcells

    General Manager
    Tex Schramm and Jeff Ireland

    53 Man Roster

    Troy Aikman
    Roger Staubach
    Danny White

    Tony Dorsett
    Emmitt Smith
    Herschel Walker
    Julius Jones

    Daryl "The Moose" Johnston

    Michael Irvin
    Bob Hayes
    Drew Pearson
    Alvin Harper
    Terry Glenn
    Terrell Owens

    Jason Witten
    Jay Novachek

    Mark Stepnoski
    Dale Hellestrae

    Rayfield Wright
    Mark Tuinei
    Erik Williams
    Flozell Adams

    Nate Newton
    Larry Allen
    Ralph Neely
    Kevin Gogan

    Bob Lilly
    Randy White
    Russell Maryland
    Chad Hennings
    Leon Lett

    Charles Haley
    Harvey Martin
    Ed "Too Tall" Jones
    Marcus Spears
    Greg Ellis

    Lee Roy Jordan
    Thomas Henderson
    Ken Norton Jr.
    Chuck Howley
    DeMarcus Ware
    Dat Nguyen
    Bradie James

    Everson Walls
    Deion Sanders
    Terrance Newman
    Mel Renfro

    Darren Woodson
    Roy Williams
    Charlie Waters
    Cliff Harris

    Chris Boniol

    Mat McBriar
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    QB: Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Don Meredith

    RB: Emmitt Smith, Tony Dorsett, Duane Thomas, Herschel Walker, Preston Pearson

    FB: Daryl Johnston, Robert Newhouse

    WR: Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, Tony Hill, Bob Hayes

    TE: Doug Cosbie, Billy Joe Dupree, Jay Novacek

    OT: Rayfield Wright, Erik Williams, Mark Tuinei, Ralph Neely

    OG: Larry Allen, Blaine Nye, John Niland

    C: John Fitzgerald, Dave Manders

    K: Efren Hererra

    DE: Harvey Martin, Charles Haley, Ed Jones, Larry Cole, George Andrie

    DT: Bob Lilly, Randy White, Russell Maryland, Tony Casillas, Jethro Pugh

    OLB: Thomas Henderson, Chuck Howley, Dave Edwards, DeMarcus Ware

    MLB: Lee Roy Jordan, Dat Nguyen

    S: Cliff Harris, Darren Woodson, Roy Williams, Cornell Green, Charlie Waters

    CB: Mel Renfro, Deion Sanders, Terrence Newman, Herb Adderley

    P: Ron Widby
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    Marcus Spears doesn't belong on the list.

    Jim Jeffcoat and his 102 career sacks does.

    TE additions: Doug Cosbie, Billy Joe Dupree

    FB add: Robert Newhouse
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    man, i wish i could actually see one of these teams play
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    You have a pretty decent list, but I would not put Chad Hennings, Leon Lett or Russell Maryland in at DT. Hennings was mostly a back up and when he did become the starter the defense was not that good. LaRoi Glover would be a better choice than any of those three and also Jethro Pugh.

    Meredith was a better QB than White. He played before my time, but he was an exciting QB for his era.

    Billy Joe Dupree is perhaps the best reprenstative at tight end for Dallas. He has longevity over Novacek plus some pretty good numbers. Witten will end up being the best TE in Cowboys history barring injury, but he is not there yet.

    These are just slight differences in our opinions, but I do have to jump on you for putting T.O. on the list. He has played in two games for Dallas. That is not an all time guy. Tony Hill is an all time Cowboy receiver along with Lance Rentzel.

    The guy that was coach for 29 years and built the team is the one deserving of the head coach position. I would not put Landy as assistant to any of the other guys. Heck, only Jimmy Johnson is deserving of a remote arguement. Parcells has yet to do anything in Dallas.
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    Well this is a team I'm going to put on the field, not an All-Star Team. So...

    When I put Chad Hennings and Leon Lett, I was remembering how they were great rotation guys.

    White holds all the Cowboys passing records, he'd be my #3, and he could double as a punter in a pinch.

    I think Jason Witten is the most talented Tight End in Cowboys history, and he owns the single season records. Plus I only want 2 TEs on my roster.

    The Moose is all you need.

    Terrell Owens hasn't done much for the Cowboys, but he's had a great career. Besides, he's my #6 Reciever. I'll give you Tony Hill, I admit I forgot about him.

    And my coaches:

    Jimmy Johnson is the ultimate motivator and head coach, but he doesn't possess great NFL knowledge to be a coordinator on either side of the ball.

    Tom Landry brought back shotgun and multiple shifts. He revolutionized the offense. Plus the O line shift is just awesome. His genius mind is my offensive coordinator.

    Bill Parcells is just a monster when it comes to defense. I don't think you can argue with that.
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    Hate to say it, but I'd put Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcells as the head coach and leave Tom Landry as a coordinator. Only because he was a genius X and O guy, but for the head coach, I want the guys who seemed best at getting their attitude in the players and knowing how to pull the psychological strings to get the best like Jimmy and Bill. I would probably pick Jimmy first only because he seems the best at the three at dealing with loose cannons and molding them into weapons. Plus, Bill and Jimmy were much better personnel managers with the draft, a talent that is necessary in today's NFL, and helped end Landry's career once the league caught up to the Cowboys and their unconventional methods to find talent.
  9. joseephuss

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    I think Landry was a monster when it comes to defense as well.

    I see some of the points you are talking about, but I when there are all star guys out there like Glover for example, I am taking him.
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    ....sung to the tune of "One of these things doesn't belong, one of these things is not like the other one..." :D
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    I really wanted to put in LaRoi Glover, they were all a tie in my mind, I guess nostalgia just hit me.
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    Hey, Julius would be my change of pace back.

    Tony Dorsett would probably end up being my third down back.

    Emmitt would get the bulk of the carries.

    Herschel would be my guy to feed the ball in the 4th quarter to eat the clock.
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    Screw the backups, here's the 50th Anniversary Team (before it gets announced in 2009).

    QB: Roger
    RB: Emmitt
    FB: Moose

    WR: Irvin
    WR: Pearson
    TE: Novacek

    T: Wright
    G: Allen
    C: Stepnoski
    G: Niland
    T: E Williams

    E: Martin
    T: Lilly
    T: Manster
    E: Too Tall

    OLB: Howley
    LB: Jordan
    OLB: Ware

    S: Roy
    S: Harris
    CB: Green
    CB: Renfro

    The single best position for the Cowboys over the years has been TE--there have been four great ones.
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    There are things in your list I disagree with but none more than this.

    No way Landry isn't the Head Coach of the Cowboys. That's borderline insulting.

    Oh and for the record, Landry was known as a Defensive genius. He was an innovator on both sides of the ball, but is most respected for his defensive visions.
  15. LaTunaNostra

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    Didn't he pretty much engineer the 4-3?
  16. Hostile

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    No, the 4-3 has been around for years, but he did create the Flex version of the 4-3 and several cover pakcages as well. The man was a pure genius about football.
  17. CowboyMike

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    So would you rather have Bill Parcells or Tom Landry as your Defensive Coordinator?

    And if Tom Landry is the Head Coach, where do you put Jimmy Johnson?​
  18. Hostile

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    Landry Head Coach.

    OC, Jimmy.

    DC, Tuna.

    It's really that simple.
  19. percyhoward

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    When Landry was hired by the Dallas Cowboys he became concerned with then-Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi's "Run to Daylight" idea, where the running back went to an open space, rather than a specific assigned hole. Landry reasoned that the best counter was to take away daylight.

    To do this, he refined the 4-3 defense by moving two of the four lineman off the line of scrimmage one yard and varied which line people did this based on where the Cowboys thought the offense might run. This change was called "The Flex Defense" because it altered its alignment to counter what the offense might do. Thus, there were three such Flex Defenses -- strong, weak, and "tackle" -- where both defensive tackles were off the line of scrimmage. The idea with the flexed linemen was to improve pursuit angles to stop the Green Bay Sweep -- a popular play of the 1960s. The Flex Defense was also innovative in that it was a kind of zone defense against the run. Each defender was responsible for a given gap area, and was told to stay in that area before they knew where the play was going.

    --from Wikipedia. I thought it might be interesting to some here.

    With the Flex, the Cowboys led the NFL in run defense 3 straight years. It had never been done before, and I don't think it's been done since.
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    Jimmy was good, but not that good. Landry is the man.

    You need to put Tom Rafferty on the line. He was our center from 81-89.

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