Cowboys ALL TIME 53 man roster...

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Deb, Sep 24, 2006.

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    Thanks for that.
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    1. Troy Aikman
    2. Roger Staubach
    3. Don Meredith

    1. Emmitt Smith
    2. Tony Dorsett
    3. Herschel Walker

    1. Daryl Johnston
    2. Walt Garrison
    3. Robert Newhouse

    1. Jay Novacek
    2. Doug Cosbie
    3. Billy Joe Dupree

    1. Michael Irvin
    2. Drew Pearson
    3. Bob Hayes
    4. Tony Hill
    5. Lance Alworth
    6. Alvin Harper

    1. Rayfield Wright
    2. Ralph Neely
    3. Mark Tuinei
    4. Erik Williams

    1. Larry Allen
    2. Nate Newton
    3. Herb Scott
    4. Blaine Nye

    1. Mark Stepnoski
    2. Dave Manders
    3. Fitzgerald

    1. Ed Jones
    2. Charles Haley
    3. Harvey Martin
    4. Tony Tolbert
    5. Greg Ellis

    1. Bob Lilly
    2. Randy White
    3. Jethro Pugh
    4. Larry Cole
    5. La’Roi Glover

    1. Chuck Howley
    2. D.D. Lewis
    3. Dexter Coakley
    4. Dixon Edwards

    1. Leeroy Jordan
    2. Eugene Lockhart
    3. Ken Norton Jr.
    4. Dat Nguyen (I know, but I liked him and this is my list :D

    1. Mel Renfro
    2. Deion Sanders
    3. Cornell Green
    4. Everson Walls
    5. Kevin Smith

    1. Charlie Waters
    2. Thomas Everett

    1. Darren Woodson
    2. Cliff Harris
    3. Roy Williams

    K 1. Rapheal Septien

    P 1. Danny White

    ST 1. Bill Bates

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    I too wish we had a 60-man roster limit. :)
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    I can see your logic.

    For me Barnes would never have been in the picture - it seems like all of my memories of him were when he was getting burned.
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    Listed Started First

    Coaching Staff

    Head Coach
    Tom Landry

    Assist. Head Coach
    Bill Parcells

    Troy Aikman
    Roger Staubach
    Quincy Carter haha

    RB (ES & TD - 2 Headed Monster)
    Emmitt Smith
    Tony Dorsett
    Herschel Walker


    Michael Irvin
    Terrell Owens
    Drew Pearson
    Terry Glenn
    Tony Hill
    Alvin Harper

    Jason Witten
    Jay Novacek

    Rayfield Wright
    Erik Williams
    Ralph Neely
    Mark Tuinei

    Larry Allen
    Nate Newton
    Herb Scott
    Blaine Nye

    Mark Stepnoski
    Dave Manders

    Leon Lett
    Randy White
    Russell Maryland

    Charles Haley
    Marcus Spears

    Greg Ellis
    Ed Jones

    DeMarcus Ware
    Dexter Coakley

    Ken Norton Jr.
    Lee Roy Jordan

    Thomas Henderson
    Chuck Howley

    Deion Sanders
    Terrance Newman
    Mel Renfro
    Larry Brown

    Darren Woodson

    Roy Willaims
    Bill Bates

    Mike Vanderjact

    Toby Gowin

    Deion Sanders
    Terrance Newman

    Deion Sanders
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    Wow - so many GLARING omissions:

    Bob Hayes - the zone defense was invented specifically because of Hayes - teams had no way to handle his speed otherwise.

    Bob Lilly - that's the equivalent of omitting Staubach or Emmitt Smith.

    Harvey Martin - how can Marcus Spears be on the list at DE ahead of Harvey Martin ..... hell, Spears hasn't even started a full season for Dallas yet and Martin was the best pass rusher the Cowboys have ever had. For that matter, Jeffcoat and George Andrie would easily be ahead of Spears.

    Everson Walls - one of the top cover corners of his time. Larry Brown, on the other hand, had one outstanding Super Bowl.

    Cornell Green - same comment as on Walls.

    Cliff Harris - SI named him to it's top all-time NFL team several years ago.

    And some puzzling inclusions:

    Terrell Owens - a total of 2 games with the Cowboys.

    Leon Lett - great talent, but out with drug problems much of his career. No way he beats out Jethro Pugh or Larry Cole, much less Bob Lilly.

    Marcus Spears - less than one full season as a starter with Dallas, and hasn't done anything spectacular thus far.

    Demarcus Ware - barely over one full season with Dallas, and although he has shown potential he has shown a lack of consistency as well.

    Larry Brown - one great Super Bowl isn't enough to make a merely decent player rise about Everson Walls and Cornell Green - not even close.

    Toby Gowin - this one draws a big "HUH?". He was solid his first time with Dallas and very weak the second time around. Danny White, Mike Saxon and our current punter, McBriar are among those that are/were much better.

    Vanderjagt - another big "HUH?" The guy has played in ONE game and kicked ONE FG as a Cowboy.

    Terrence Newman at KR - Since you listed Deion as PR I assume this is limited to kickoff returns ...... how many times have you ever seen Newman return a kickoff for Dallas. I'm thinking ...... NEVER maybe?

    WIERD list .......
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    lol, yeah, but there were some guys I couldn't leave off

    I was counting practice squad too :D

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    Works for me. ;)

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