Cowboys already had a clause in Carr's contract right?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ThrowuptheXDez88, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Carr seems to be answering these questions like he had agreed to this recently, but this was already a given b/c of how his contract was signed in 2012 right?

    “I restructured my contract basically just to free up some money to get some more players in,” Carr said Friday morning after a United Way event where he read to children at Edward Titche Elementary School in Dallas. “I’m a team player. I believe in getting as many guys as possible that can help us get to our goal, and that’s to win a championship.

    “This is another step in the right direction, not only myself, but other guys restructured as well. That’s a good sign that guys are willing to restructure their contracts in order to get new guys in or get better guys in to help us, hopefully, get a Super Bowl.”

    The Cowboys missed the playoffs for the third consecutive season after finishing 8-8. So really how close are they to reaching the Super Bowl?

    “Hopefully, we’re knocking on the door,” Carr responded. “Hopefully, you’re getting your down coat ready for New York.”
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    I'm proud of my cousin for being a team player... Doesn't hurt to get more money in a bonus LOL.
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    Carr will always be 1 of the fan favorites.

    Great guy
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    Jerry: Brandon, how bout I give you your 2013 salary, which would have been paid weekly over the season, in one lump sum check right now?

    Carr: Well, ok. But only because I'm a team first guy.
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    I live voluntary transaction. It a free market no exchane can take place unless both parties benefits. More power to them! I am very excited about the upcoming season because of the additions/substractions to the coaching staff. Now it's getting close to time where we start added more quality players.
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    Winning a Super Bowl in NY would be sweet!
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    Right in mara's face!
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    Common trend to include an amendment clause in most contracts between employers/employees these days...particularly in sports franchises unless there is some agreements to the contrary through arbitration, etc. It's usually always in the employee's best interest regardless of whether up or down: even if it's down, usually signals being unemployed otherwise.
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    I believe he still had to come in and sign though.
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    Ok. He's your cousin. Think we all know that by now.
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