Cowboys & LSU Players Don’t Meld

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by w8lifter, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Cowboys & LSU Players Don’t Meld

    February 19th, 2009 by Joe Rodriguez

    Well we have our first draft rumor type news of the offseason, and in my opinion its terrible news. Matt Mosley drops this turd of news in our laps:​
    I’m hearing that the Dallas Cowboys have a lot of interest in LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson (6-4, 295) heading into the draft. Jackson’s not a great pass-rusher, but he would have a chance to replace Chris Canty in the Cowboys’ 3-4 scheme.

    It looks like the Cowboys will allow Canty to explore free agency. If Jackson somehow slips to No. 51 (and I think there’s a chance), the Cowboys would love to take him.
    Much more to come on this front.
    The first thing that comes to mind is that Jackson hails from LSU, a school that has consistently shuffled us garbage players, and busts. I hope Jackson is taken before we get to #51, he is not a good player. Adding Jackson would be equivalent to having another Spears on the other side - no good. We need a well rounded DE, not someone that is good at being a run stuffer only, and just average in other aspects. I would have thought we learned our lessons with picks like Marcus Spears, Stephen Peterman, Skyler Green. Bradie James is the lone player from LSU that is a good player. The rest have been complete disappointments.

    Jerry, do NOT draft from LSU anymore, please.
    Tyson Jackson scouting reports:
    “Needs to show a more consistent motor on the field. However, he does not have any off-the-field incidents to our knowledge and he is considered by the coaches to be one of the core leaders on LSU’s football team”

    “Can win some battles with power moves. Shows the ability to drive OT’s back into the QB. Has some strong upper-body moves to get an OT off-balance, but lacks closing burst to consistently take advantage. Will never be a threat to turn the corner with pure speed off the edge in the NFL. Will always be a better run-plugger than pass rusher”
    “Moves well for his size and plays very much under control. However, he’s not a typical highly-regarded DE prospect with explosive burst. He lacks ideal quick-twitch athlete and loses too much in transition when changing directions” (espndrafttracker)
    and from
    Outstanding size and bulk…Has a big frame with long arms and large hands…Powerful with excellent strength…Tough and physical…Good athleticism…Quick with a burst…Uses his hands well…Can really hold his ground…Terrific bull rusher…Offers a lot of versatility…Has a lot of experience against elite competition… Hard worker … Team leader.


    Average timed speed…Motor is inconsistent…Questionable instincts and awareness…Needs to do a better job of shedding blocks…Doesn’t change directions well…Has some trouble in space…Not a threat off the edge…Just an average pass rusher and won’t rack up a lot of sacks.
    Despite all these objections, this is a pick I could see the Cowboys doing though, hopefully not, but that’s just my two cents. I want a complete player, a great player like Ware and Ratliff, non-stop motors. By these reports on Jackson, he’s not this type of guy. Pass.
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    I don't want anyone from LSU either SEC overrated garbage....all of the SEC.
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    David LaFlop?
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    Man, he makes Spears sound like he's garbage and that just isn't the case.
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    Yes, let's avoid an entire school all together that makes a ton of sense.
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    aren't we already doing that with the U ?
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    What Miami players did we have a shot at and pass on? I think we would've selected Vince Wilfork but he went one pick before us. We also were one of the teams that was interested in Willis McGahee.

    Yeah there are hindsight picks like Ed Reed over RW38, but at the time it would've made no sense. Outside of him, most Miami guys that the team would've picked were gone long before we picked or just weren't a need.
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    We could of drafted a lot of Miami guys that we just opted not to take.
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    But that doesn't equal avoidance. Do you suggest we take someone from Miami just to say we have a hurricane on the roster?

    Out of all the Miami players worth having, only a few were probably legitimate options at draft time.
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    Marcus Spears does his job. He's a 3-4 DE. He's a good football player.

    Bradie James has been a great find for the Cowboys. He should have been in the Pro Bowl this year.

    LSU... LSU...LSU

    They keep producing great talent.
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    Bradie James has done pretty well for himself.

    Marcus Spears has done pretty well for himself as a vocal leader, and as a run stopper. He'll never get the recognition he deserves because it seems as if there are so few people who understand the difference between a run-stopper in the 3-4 defense and a pass-rushing OLB/DE.

    Stephen Peterman is doing pretty well in Detroit. Just signed a lucrative contract as pretty much the *only* dependable player in that offensive line. (He's considered a bust in Dallas because he got hurt his rookie season at training camp. He has clearly overcome the injury.)

    Dwayne Bowe is doing very well for himself in Kansas City as a big physical and fast wr.... without the aid of even a semi-good quarterback.

    And don't forget guys like Ryan Clark and LaRon Landry who both murder wrs for a living.

    And there are plenty others that I haven't mentioned.... so yeah, the guy who wrote this article obviously knows his stuff. :rolleyes:
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    ******** thread of the week


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