Cowboys and Garrett Against Quality Competition

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Apollo Creed, Jan 16, 2013.

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    We all know that in order to make any noise in the playoffs, you must be capable of beating elite teams on a week to week basis. You've got to be able to string off 2, 3, sometimes 4 wins against playoff caliber opponents in January if you want to win the Lombardi trophy.

    Record Against Winning Teams: 2-7 (Cincy, New York)
    Record Against Losing Teams: 6-1

    Record Against Winning Teams: 1-8 (San Fran, Romo broken rib game)
    Record Against Losing Teams: 7-0

    Overall: 3-15 )against above .500 teams. (2-14 against playoff teams, NY missed at 9-7
    13-1 against bad teams.

    So, how can any of you in your right mind think that this team is capable of contending, let alone making a deep playoff run, or win a Super Bowl when they've only had 2, maybe 3 'good' wins in the past 2 years?

    And for every Baltimore or Atlanta game where Dallas barely lost to a good team. There were several games that they played horribly and stole wins against bad teams - Tampa, Carolina, Cleveland, Philly. You get the point.

    The biggest reason I've lost faith in this process and the organization, is they've proven they are incapable of going toe to toe with the big boys.

    It's 2012, the league is built around parity, it doesn't take 4 years, countless drafts, multiple offseasons, and half a decade to establish a culture in order for you to to win. The league is built around everyone being able to win right now.

    So riddle me this Cowboys faithful, why is our team so horrible against quality competition?
  2. Alexander

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    Must be bad luck. Or injuries.
  3. 187beatdown

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    Because the team is not that good lol.
  4. cannonball44

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    not bashing garrett but i really wish we had one of those coaches that would get our team to overachieve for once.
  5. Apollo Creed

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    Must be.

    Just when I thought this team had run outta excuses, suddenly Rob Ryan not showing up to meetings was causing the offense to lead the league in penalties again.
  6. Apollo Creed

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    Same here.

    You know, walk into a game where the world says you dont have a chance (Indy 06 and NO 2010) when they were both undefeated - then punch them in the mouth.

    This team barely beat an average New York team on opening night. Stole a game against Cincy where AJ Green dropped their win away.

    And dating all the way back to week 2 last year, took Romo from forcing himself back on the field to win the game by himself against San Fran before anyone even knew they were legit.

    Otherwise, they've had 18 good opponents, and 15 times they got punched in their mouth.

    Stack that.
  7. Disturbed

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    Entitlement, lazy, poor character, taking the easy way, no hunger or heart...

    The Cowboys seem to go "finesse and show" over "substance and hard work". And they have tried to get the quick fix year after year, always just a player or two away. Unfortunately, the team is way over hyped and has been average at best for the past 17 years.

    The play and desire to win on the field is a direct reflection of the players we have and have had over the years.
  8. Zordon

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    apollo creed, this behavior is unbecoming of you. to question this organization and it's flawless ways is not to be tolerated in this fanbase. i'll go easy on you this time....2 weeks of detention hall, you will write "It's a Process" 500x on the chalkboard each day. hopefully by this end of this punishment stent you'll be a good fan like the rest of the homers in class.
  9. pjtoadie

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  11. Doomsay

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    LOL, I thought that this was a thread about Jason selecting dumbed down or ancient coordinators that wouldn't threaten his authority going forward.
  12. Ultra Warrior

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    We're these "Winning teams" classified as "Winning Teams" at the time we PLAYED them or what their record was at the END OF THE SEASON?
  13. AdamJT13

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    When you do these types of breakdowns, you have to take our game(s) out of the opponent's record. Otherwise, you're skewing the results because certain games will show up as being "against winning teams" ONLY if we lose them.

    For example, we beat the Steelers, who went 8-7 against the rest of the league. But because we won, they finished 8-8, and it doesn't count as a game against a "winning team." If we had lost, however, it would count as a loss against a "winning team" because the Steelers would have finished 9-7.

    Also, the gist of your post isn't exactly true. Plenty of teams have had breakdowns that look like that, then have made a run in the playoffs. Last year, the Giants had ONE win in the regular season against a "winning team" (by your definition), then beat four winning teams in row in the playoffs. The 2011 Patriots didn't beat a single "winning team" (by your definition) during the regular season, then beat two straight to reach the Super Bowl. That's right, we had as many wins against "winning teams" (by your definition) in 2011 as the two Super Bowl teams combined.
  14. bark

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    maybe we are overachieving........
  15. RS12

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  16. visionary

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    Cowboys "excuse-rolodex" (of seinfeld fame)

    1) injuries

    2) bad luck

    3) NFL is cyclical

    4) bounce of the ball

    5) this can happen to any team

    6) its a process

    7) the fan base is spoiled (after all we have been mediocre for only 17 years)

    8) back to excuse #1

    and so on
  17. zrinkill

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    This post will be ignored unfortunately.
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    Close the thread now...this post just raped anything else said in this thread
  19. Future

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    The soft schedule we've had the last two years, and the second half of JGs first, is the only reason that he is still here.
  20. SilverStarCowboy

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    And after 17 years of futility it should be.

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