Cowboys better off not showing up

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cogan, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Cogan

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    I just had to stop the Good Morning Football program I'd recorded on NFL Network. According to most of the crew, the Packers & Aaron "007" Rodgers have already won the game before it's even started. The Packers are the ONE team the Cowboys did not want to face. Now, they have to go up against a hot Rodgers who just cannot be stopped due to his "Golden Gun"-especially since the Cowboy's secondary is so much worse than the Giants, & he shredded them. It doesn't matter that his favorite receiver, Jordy Nelson, will probably miss the game-Rodgers can throw anyone open. It doesn't matter that the Cowboys thrashed them in their own house. This is a different Packers team, & a different Cowboys team. Hmmm, did we lose half of our players & no one told me?

    After all of the genuflecting before the God Rodgers, former Lions WR Nate Burleson tried to play some of it down by talking up the Cowboys running game, offensive line, Dak Prescott, etc., but the rest of the crew would have none of it. It's a done deal. Here, I was planning a playoff party on Sunday. Guess I'll have to call it off now. Man, I thought for a moment that we had a chance.
  2. TheCount

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    The last team this team needs is "analysts" in their corner, unless one of those guys is going to suit up and rush the passer or is willing to slip a laxative into Aaron Rodger's breakfast burrito on gameday, there is nothing they can offer us.
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  3. Sepia

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    Nate seems like a fan, and he likes Linehan.
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  4. RXP

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    This is why I don't watch that garbage.
  5. tyke1doe

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    That gives me an idea. :)
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  6. Virginia-Dave

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    Damn! My plane tickets are non-refundable, but I guess I could sell the game tickets. I heard Saturday is board game night at the Alamo Drafthouse. I'm sure my son would enjoy an exhilarating game of Sorry! with some Texas natives even more than watching his favorite team in a live playoff game. I better get on that, if everyone bails on the unwinnable football game, board game night might sell out! :eek:
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  7. Ranching

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    You mean Anal-ysts?
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  8. JohnsKey19

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    Can you blame them? So called Cowboys fans are on this very board running around with green and yellow underwear with #12 tattooed on their derriere.
  9. guag

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    Good, I hope we're disrespected all the way up through the Super Bowl. I love it. See my sig quote... I think this team feeds off of being underappreciated. Bring on the hate!
  10. DFWJC

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  11. sweetness0986

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    Honestly, bring on the doubters. That will only make this team more hungry.
  12. fifaguy

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    The pendulum swings quickly. Dak was all the rage a few weeks ago. We win Sunday and he will be elevated to Mt. Olympus again.
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  13. robjay04

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    Kay Adams though...
  14. Htown-Cowboy

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    OMG! St. Rodgers and The Mighty Pack are coming... Hide the women and children
  15. CowboyStar88

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    Might as well not even watch the game at this point
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  16. GhostOfPelleur

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    I love it when the "analysts" team up against the Cowboys. Especially when Dallas has the better team. Green Bay always gets the love, just like Pittsburgh. If you aren't a Cowboys fan, then you are an anti-Cowboys fan. There's usually no in between.
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  17. Cowboy4ever

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    It's going to be a tough game. A lot tougher than earlier this year. A very hot Rodgers vs a rookie, any rookie.. is going to be hard to overcome. We will need to score at least 30 to have a shot. I am confident we will win but this is in no way a gimmie game or a cake walk.
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  18. revospeed

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    I love the fact that almost everyone in the media is writing is off.

    Rodgers is great, but it's all on him. His secondary is down, probably no Jordy and no running game puts it all on him.
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  19. pjtoadie

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    Bingo! I've yet to see any analyst talk negatively about the Packers. This even goes back to when Favre was there.
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  20. black label

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    So true, I stopped watching that garbage years ago
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