Cowboys break 1/23

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Funny how that works, unfortunately.
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    Yup or Alameda Ta'amu whom they brought back after his arrest for DUI which included hitting several cars and resisting arrest to boot.

    How many times did James Harrison get arrested. I think he's still on the team.

    Hines Ward-DUI. Played one more year for I believe the Steelers before retiring.

    Yeah, the Steelers are a MODEL franchise.
  3. jterrell

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    No, no, no.

    This is, like most thing sin life, all about the money.

    Doug Free was cut the day we signed Tyron Smith. We can't pay 8m a year to a RT. Especially not a bad RT.

    We did replace Free just fine with Parnell. There were no penalties and no jail breaks. A far cry from the average Free game.

    Ratliff has talent but he is in a tailspin apparently. Who is stupid enough to drive drunk a month after your back up has a drunk driving fatality? Who tries to fight 70 year old dudes?

    The combined cap savings from Free and Ratliff this year make for tons of leeway. The draft is deep at both RT and DT. FA is always there to boost the team and it needs it whether we have Free and Ratliff or not.
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    Well this is the only thing I have a problem with what you said. We can't go into the draft looking for a starting RT and DT, the draft just doesn't work like that and all that will do is end up with some reach.

    These players can't be cut until at least the draft is over and we know what we got, and even then the drafted players could be a bust whereas we have just cut 2 players who have shown the ability to at least play at this level.

    You just don't cut players with no replacements, it will never work consistently. At least when we got rid of Ellis we already had Spencer, but with all our other moves on the OL and such we had noone......and we are still paying for it......failing to plan ahead is planning to fail.
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    Could be.

    But Ratliff is an above average player and he will cost us a lot of money here or not we should at least bring him to camp.

    Guys get in trouble all the time and come back and play and. NO one cares.

    Leonard little hit and killed a woman who was a rams seasons ticket holder and no one in st.louis cared, they ran him right back out there.

    I just personally wouldn't be cutting these guys and paying them to succeed somewhere else. At the minimum wait til, you have in house replacements.

    But let's be honest here, who knows when that could be.
  7. DBOY3141

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    They are football players, most are not know for their smarts. I don't get why fans want to hold NFL players to such high standards. They play a game, that 6 year olds can play. Most workplaces in this country an employee would not lose their job if they got a DWI, why should he?
  8. Boys122

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    Cut Free and start Parnell, it's a win win.
  9. Boys122

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    I wouldn't be surprised because Jerry's an idiot.
  10. jterrell

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    If one of my coworkers had been charged with manslaughter for driving drunk that would keep me from any dui for quite a while.

    I came down as soft on Josh Brent because we are all human. But as humans we have brains; one Ratliff apparently forgot to use.

    I love the plays Ratliff makes and realize he isn't a huge cap savings either. We will definitely miss him; but sometimes you have to send a message to the team that a: no one player is bigger than the team b: that there are severe consequences for stupid stuff.

    this early in the off-season expect more bad news before any good. one way to stint that is to take drastic action with someone like ratliff where all the others players pay attention.
  11. jterrell

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    sigh... this isn't true AT ALL.

    Free already got paid.

    He has 7m this year. If he takes a real pay cut why would be want to tie himself to a longer deal for less money? His agent would be an idiot.

    He'd be FAR better off taking a 1 or 2 year deal somewhere else.

    Free can get a 3 or 4m deal for one year from any number of teams. He is avet starter who would be a huge luxury as a swing tackle for any team with ample cap space.

    It is almost always easier to start over with a new contract. That is why there are so few actual pay reductions now.

    There is a ton of money available in free agency. So many teams are well under the cap. Expect a lot of spare guys to get vastly overpaid.
  12. DBOY3141

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    Do you really believe that cutting Ratliff would send a message? I'm sure there will be more Steelers in trouble even though Rainey was cut. Just like in society, messages are not received by people. If so, then there would be no murder and no crime at all.

    If Ratliff can no longer play, then cut him, the DWI was stupid, but it won't be the last time an athlete or a person does something stupid. Sending messages does not work, especially in the NFL. How many players has Goodell suspended and fined, yet every week or every off-season, the same blotter report reads the same, just with different names.
  13. jterrell

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    Yes, messages are received. You set an example/rule/law and people learn different behaviors. This isn't even in question it is proven fact studied millions of times.

    Rainey was cut largely because other guys who were better players made mistakes and weren't. See Raperburger. So it was time for the Steelers to send a message.

    They also probably dislike missing the playoffs. Sometimes you need to set a tone that this is a year round business and it is not time to jump in a sandbox.

    We've heard countless players say they really feared Jimmy.
    They knew what he expected on the field and they delivered because the contrary of that was to get cut and need to get a ride back home from wherever he left you.

    Ratliff is a huge distraction that missed large chunks of the season and threatened the owner. The defensive captain said he is moody and inconsistent. He needs to be cut.

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