Cowboys Break 2/10

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Unfortunately the NFL can be that way. The difference between a handful of bad plays vs. good games can have a direct effect on record. Carter was abused against teams like Denver and San Diego, and both those games were close enough that the bad plays stick out in that they contributed directly to the loss.

    I don't disagree with the quote here, but that's the reality of the NFL. Good plays win games, bad games lose them. You have to be accountable for both.
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    Mathieu had other issues though. Sam literally has no off the field concerns. I know someone who works in the Dean's Office at Mizzou and she has interactions with the athletes all the time for events. She said Michael Sam is the nicest kid on the entire football team.
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    I think for Sam, coming out to his teammates made him better because he wasn't hiding who he was anymore.

    Missouri went from garbage to 12-2 and competing for a national championship. And Sam straight up dominated OTs from both sides of the line all season.
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    I'm fine with not drafting a safety early but to say that none are better than Wilcox just shows their ignorance. I'm on the bandwagon of either draft Pryor or don't draft a Safety but if you don't draft a safety we still must bring in some one else. I would like to see Marinelli bring in Major Wright to play FS. Wilcox just isn't ready and is more of a SS.
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    That may be true but noone was talking about him being a difference maker for them and certainly not us.
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    its curious.

    this is red flag coach speak.

    I think most coaches would want to avoid the distraction.
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    so they dont like a safety at 16 and dont like donald there either,i hope they change their mind or the best option is to trade down.
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    That can only mean that they are locked in to a tight end at that spot! Or maybe a corner!
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    I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying...but they absolutely saw him as a difference maker at Mizzou.

    For us, it's just more of the arcane "he's too small" or "he doesn't fit" talk that happened with a lot of DTs last year. We need to take the Pete Carroll approach of making scheme fit players, not looking for the other way around.
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    It's not coach speak because no one said it.

    They are free to quit playing football if they want, I'm fully supportive of that. NFL players are employees, and based on workplace law (Including the NFL's own rules on such things), you can't discriminate based on any number of things, including sexual preference. So if it's your religious belief that you can't work with a gay person, the burden is on you to remove yourself from the situation and find a different job.

    The discussion about Sam as a football player is based on what he did on the field. On a team that's starved on the defensive front, just about every DL player will be talked about. Sam was talked about before he came out, whether you heard it or not.
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    It's a good depth/competition move, but I'm not sure Major Wright is any better than Wilcox despite being more experienced.
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    The thing is, with the culture in the NFL players likely wouldn't use religion as the primary reason. It'd be the "we don't do that gay stuff. No homo" type reasons.

    At some point a gay player will have played for just about every team, if it hasn't already happened without people knowing.

    Not drafting a guy because he's gay would be stupid and it would be a hell of a draft strategy for later round picks. BHPA or, "Best Heterosexual Player Available".
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    before his announcement he was projected a mid round developmental player. i think thats about where he still goes. i think most teams want players who can play and the fact he is gay won't help or hurt him. the attention may get more teams to look at film on him. there are parts of his game that are pretty good
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    well Count..

    I'm referring to the anonymous GMs in the NFL that made statements about him and the situation..

    But who's counting..


    ..not you I guess.

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    Denver game, didnt the whole defense get torched? And it was clear in the DEN game Carter couldnt cover woodhead bu Kiffin didnt adjust and left him one on one, and Rivers took advantage of that a couple more times later in the game.
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    What anonymous GM? There was no quote from a GM in the post Dash was referring to.
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    They probably are looking at the whole safety crop and assuming they are not any better than what they already have. They just need experience, that's all.

    I do not expect safety to be a huge priority if judging what Smith/Marinelli had in Chicago. It seemed like they needed a top shelf coverage safety each and every season and they always ended up with a player like Major Wright, Craig Steltz, Chris Conte, Al Afalava, Todd Johnson or Brandon Hardin (their version of Matt Johnson).
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    Come on, you know that you prefered Escobar to a hack like Warford. Who needs a 10 year oline starter anyway.
    Plus, everyone knows we're set at guard!
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    I never saw his name mentioned on any of our draft forums... I might have missed it but it's certainly not predominant. As far as my own personal beliefs they don't really matter but I would postulate that he has the same burden as if it was a male-female situation where unwanted attention needs to be kept in check. He didn't seem disrespectful in any way so hopefully it won't be an issue.
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    That's deflating. I was hoping another Saftey with some "talent" would be added to compete with Wilcox or shift Wilcox over Church, etc. You are probably right considering our own history of ignoring the position (Roy doesn't count; he was just a freak hitter who happened to play S) coupled with Rod's history with Chicago neglecting the position. That is unfortunate bc I feel if the Safeties were corrected, the secondary would be capable of playing zone, ADJUSTING, while improving secondary coverage in general. I understand that a pass rush takes precedent, but a lot of the coverage problems date back to Wade's era and JG's first two seasons; when our pass rush was adequate/potent.
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