Cowboys Break 2/10

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 10, 2014.

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    lol, this is a silly response for a lot of reasons you are already well aware of, I'm sure.
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    What im gettin at and ur only looking at this whole situation as the gay aspect. They have this guy as a 4th or 5th rd guy for a reason. Because of his height, and his short arms. He isnt going to be a OLB in a 3-4 thats just not who he is. This whole gay issue will only push him down further. Not only that, but now they are attacking his credibility in the whole texting his dad he's gay instead of calling. Him lying saying his parents were ok with him being gay when his dad says he doesnt want his grandkids to grow up in that enviroment. Him not even being close with his family but lying that he is. Its all superficial and private but he made it public. Teams will use all this to bump him down.
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    Dallas would kill to have Damontre Moore right now.

    And the Giants plan to start him in 2014.
    So yes, exactly like Damontre Moore.
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    Not even remotely on point on that one. I am, and have been, saying take the gay aspect out of it. Make the call on whether the guy can play.

    It was clear from your interpretation of what they supposedly said on The Break that you don't like the guy. You spun "He doesn't fit a 3-4 and may be a 3rd down pass rusher only" into "Dallas never looked at him" - which they never said, much less suggested.
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    he considers the family he lived with to be his family. --the coach said he knew long before told Sam was gay and could care less.
    he also has support of various family members like the quoted aunt.
    his loser dad who wasnt there to raise or support the kid can pound sand.

    nfl teams can do whatever they want.

    what you fail to realize it is doesn't matter.
    his value drops then good for whatever team does get him.

    we have about 6 7th round picks... you still wanna pass him there?
    anyone wanna suggest he go undrafted??

    NFL teams are stupid and old but they are not collectively that stupid.

    someone will draft him and probably get a real value because he can clearly play football.
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    What should really be surprising people is how the SEC Defensive Player of the year is only a mid round pick. Go back and look at the list of guys that have won that award:

    2013 Michael Sam Missouri 28 Solo, 14 Ast, 10.5 Sk
    2012 Jarvis Jones* Georgia 1 Int, 21 Yds, 0 TD
    2011 Morris Claiborne* Louisiana State 6 Int, 173 Yds, 1 TD
    2010 Patrick Peterson* Louisiana State 4 Int, 134 Yds, 0 TD
    2009 Rolando McClain* Alabama 2 Int, 21 Yds, 0 TD
    2008 Eric Berry Tennessee 7 Att, 37 Yds, 5.3 Avg, 0 TD
    2007 Glenn Dorsey* Louisiana State 34 Solo, 35 Ast, 7.0 Sk, 0 Int
    2006 Patrick Willis Mississippi 87 Solo, 50 Ast, 3.0 Sk, 0 Int
    2005 Demeco Ryans* Alabama 1 Int, 7 Yds, 0 TD
    2004 David Pollack* Georgia
    2003 Chad Lavalais* Louisiana State 1 Int, -5 Yds, 0 TD
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    This makes me wonder how many SEC defensive players are going to be picked before their Player of the Year is selected.
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    also worth noting miami didnt wanna draft Dez Bryant because of his family issues.
    right now jeff ireland is out of work and Dez is a top 10 WR.

    end of day talent is what matters as long as you can consistently get that talent to work hard and show up on the field.

    nothing with sam suggests he lacks work ethic or good health.

    he has short arms and should drop for that.
    he is short for the position and should drop for that.

    but being gay is not a valid reason for anyone to downgrade a football player.
    the nfl is a talent acquisition business and the result on the field is what matters.
    any gm that doesnt see that deserves to be beside Ireland at the Denny's ordering a late breakfast and looking at want ads.

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    I don't know that it would. The focus here is not what Goodell might mandate. The focus here is what could actually be enforced. Also, I disagree with you on taking a dig on the player. I simply told the truth. What did I say that is a dig you find so interesting? He is rated by most as a 4th round talent, so far as I have seen. I am not privy to all of the information on this player so I can not say what he would be rated so I leave it to the experts that are. However, I will say this. I don't think that this announcement will help his draft status.
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    I personally think there are too many distractions on this team already. I wouldnt like him in Dallas.
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    I've got a feeling you didn't look very hard, but whatever.

    No one has to enforce anything. Someone is going to draft him, and it only takes one team.

    I'm tired of talking about the gay aspect. The plain and simple story is that the SEC defensive player of the year isn't going to go undrafted, and once he's in the league - if any of his team mates find they can't stand to be in the same locker room as him, the law and NFL rules puts the burden on them to either deal with it or leave.
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    That's good..

    becuz like most posters here..

    my APOLOGY key doesn't work.

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    I didn't give you a like on this post but it is something to think about.

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    And I am not at all shocked that you somehow come to the conclusion that if he's not ranked much higher, it's somehow the other person who is not looking very hard. How hard does someone have to look to come to a conclusion? Do they have to look hard enough to finally see it your way? I suspect that this is exactly what you are implying.

    NFL Draft Scout has him rated 3/4, 11th in the class of DEs.

    CBS Sports Draft Prospect has him the same.

    Draft Countdown does not have him in the top 150 players so that means that he would be, at best, rated as a bottom 4th round pick or lower.

    Walter Football has him as the 15th best 43 DE in the country and a 3-5 pick.

    Kiper projects him as a 4th round pick.

    I mean, I'm sure there are other sources out there but honestly, how many do you feel we need to look at before it can be recognized as honest evaluation?

    The guy is 6'2" 260 lbs. He's registered 11.5 sacks this season but only 6.5 total, the other three season at Missu. Of his 11.5 sacks, 9.5 came against Vandy, Arky St., and Florida, all terrible OLs this year. He had 1 against South Carolina, 1 against OKSt., and .5 against TAM. The sack against Manziel, wouldn't even be a sack in the NFL. It was a tackle, after Manziel had broken the pocket and it really wasn't Sam. It was Matt Hoch who actually made the play but Sam came in late and he got credit for half a sack. In his last 7 games, he had 2.5 sacks. Missouri had a lot of easy opponents this season, but only a few tough teams. Among those, Georgia (0 sacks - 0 TFL), USC (0 sacks - 3 TFL), Tennessee (0 sacks - 0 TFL), Ole Miss (0 sacks - 1 TFL), TAM (.5 Sacks - 1 TFL), Auburn (0 Sacks - 0 TFL) and OKSt. (1 Sack - 1 TFL). Sam is not the best Defensive player on that Missouri team. Heck, he's not even the best DE on his own team, that's Ealy. In fact, Markus Golden DE, will likely be rated higher then Sam is. Sam is a straight line rush guy. He's not all that good against the run and if he doesn't beat you with that first step, he is usually neutralized. He appears to be a one trick pony and he doesn't really fit a position in the NFL.

    I'm sure its much easier for people to simply believe that it's just homophobia when people say he's not going to be ranked all that highly but the truth of the matter is that this guy has a lot of holes in his game. Unless he is just off the charts at his combine, the film is going to tell the story on this guy and he will likely be a third day pick, if he gets drafted at all.
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