Cowboys Break talking about Ratliff

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. KJJ

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    I said that several weeks ago.
  2. newlander

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    ...and he KNOWS that which is why he's been pouting ever since he "chewed out" his boss.:rolleyes: What a colossal clown this guy turned out to be....can't stand the sight of him. From 7th rounder off the scrap heap, to MULTI millionair to malcontent: the fall has been sharp, swift and pitiful. Thanks for nothing "JRAT":bang2:..................btw.........please STOP with the trade talk: no one wants this loser and is laughable contract that Al Davis Jr. gave him....Free, JRat and Smiles Austin and their agents all hoodwinked Al JR.-three worst deals in pro football
  3. fairviewfarmer

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    Austin is very overpaid for his production
  4. tupperware

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    Should we look to this as some sort of clue? I mean, who else here saw Ratliff at a malcontent a year ago and before? Really? I actually remember an interview where he seemed visibly upset that they'd been losing games.

    Something just doesn't feel right. Not that he can stay around acting this way and not that he had been earning his money, but it just doesn't feel right to me. Ratliff was always a force and player for us and didn't have this kind of problem with the team.

    It's almost like he finally got fed up with JJ's crap and said you know what, I want off of this team that has an invasive owner and keeps coming up short.

    I'm not excusing his actions. If you get in the owner's face, you're cut in my mind, but I'm just looking deeper in to this.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Austin is a #3 WR at best, not a #1 or #2. I'll take him back only if he happily agrees to play #3. Otherwise I tell his agent to look for a deal that restructures his deal in a re-sign and trade; otherwise he stays as the #3 or rides the pine.
  6. Cowboyz88

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    Another of the "Old Core." He can walk as far as I'm concerned.

    Like the others in that core, he's had some nice individual success, but the team success has been awful, and like it or not, I don't think it's a coincidence with that group of players.
  7. newlander

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    they can both PLAY, but are both made of glass: we are stuck with JRat if he can't be traded: makes too much...

    but what about smiles austin? If we cut him how much does it cost us? AnYONE?
  8. Bluefin

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    If Jay Ratliff is released, the dead money would be almost twice that amount, there's almost $11M in guaranteed money remaining.

    The $6M is just the signing bonus.

    The extension contained another $8M in guarantees that were parts of base salaries or other types on bonuses.

    Dallas will cut Ratliff if it has come to that, I hope it's not that bad.
  9. newlander

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    ........another god AWFUL signing to go with Free, Sensi, Oscan, AUSTIn, they'll have to kiss and make up with malcontent JRat: no choice. about Austin Bluefin? How much would he cost to cut? Too much I'm afraid: JJ made his bed with these losers and this is what we're left with. Just the worst signings in the league: NO other team would have given away money like this.
  10. Risen Star

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    Ratliff's a dog and hasn't been a good player in 3 years. He's addition by subtraction at this point.
  11. CaptainMorgan

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    I say cut the dead weight on this team this season and take our cap hits now regardless of how painful it is. Lets start building this team the right way.
  12. Bluefin

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    It looks like Miles Austin has $4.71M in remaining pro-rated signing bonus ($1.57M per yr).

    Austin's reported 2013 base salary is $6.73M, his cap number is $8.3M.

    A straight release or trade would save $3.59M ($8.3M cap number - $4.71M remaining signing bonus) and Austin would be off the books in 2014 ($7.07M cap number).

    Going the June 2nd route would save $6.73M in 2013 ($8.3M cap number - $6.73M base leaves $1.57M in dead money) but the team can't use that money until after June 2nd when the transaction becomes "official" on the books.

    There would be $3.14M in dead money in 2014, a savings of $3.93M.
  13. tyke1doe

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    The Cowboys need to learn how to continually evaluate talent, be ready to plug in younger talent and let older more costly talent go before their value drops.

    We've been trying to hold onto everyone, but that's just not realistic in this cap-centered league. There were only a few guys we should have paid big bucks. Ware, Romo and, maybe, Witten. Then the rest, we need to just let themgo or trade them.

    Jerry holds on to players too long. I think we should start shipping guys out of here. I think our window has closed on this group that came via the 2004 draft (the draft that produced Ware, Spears, Raliff and Barber).
  14. TheCount

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    I think we'll miss Brent more than we missed Ratliff. We absolutely need to get a traditional NT (which I've been saying for years) and here's our chance. There are a few in the draft.
  15. Bluefin

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    The team can try to trade Miles Austin or release him if they want to.

    Austin doesn't seem like a bad guy, it's been injuries more than anything else.

    I'll understand if Dallas says Austin's desire isn't what it once was and it's time to part ways.
  16. Oh_Canada

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    Good-I intensely dislike both players. Ratliff is selfish and Austin is uninterested.
  17. LatinMind

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    There is 6 mil left. it will cost 3 this yr and 3 next yr. I dont see how you get 11 mil if 10 has already been paid. 18 mil was guaranteed. not 21. Thats whats being reported
  18. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    I think maybe things got to Ratliff. It wasnt only the Jerry incident. I remember reading that Ware did a interview saying that Ratliff was a hot head and you just didnt know which Ratliff would show up that day
  19. Zordon

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    sad...but to be honest a lot of fans have been saying the same thing for 2 years.

    i'd get rid of miles but i still hold hope for ratliff. he is one of the few players on the dline that is worth a damn when it comes to a pas rush. dump him and that is yet another hole we will need to fill.
  20. Bluefin

    Bluefin Well-Known Member

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    There's $6M left in pro-rated signing bonus of the $10M given.

    The extension had another $8M in guaranteed money (I haven't seen any breakdown of how that money counted).

    Teams typically guarantee the base salaries in the early years of extensions when they fully expect the player to be on the roster.

    2011: $1.625M base salary
    2012: $1.5M base salary, $500K roster bonus

    That's $3.625M that was likely guaranteed, but the roster bonus might not have been.

    That leaves either $4.375M or $4.875M in remaining guaranteed salary.

    That's either $10.375M or $10.875M when combined with the remaining signing bonus money.

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