Cowboys Break talking about Ratliff

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Nirvana

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    I think you got to bring Rat back with the cap hit and DL troubles.
  2. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    If they keep Ratliff, he most definitely better be moved to DE... His body has broken down over the years & can't keep getting double teamed up the middle and getting rolled up on & all the things that happen when defending the run & then getting banged on from every angle trying to get to the QB..
  3. 4lifecowboy

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    we had a hard enough time finding someone to play the 3 spot, now people wanna cut our #2?
  4. trueblue1687

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    He had hernia's literally a week long recovery until you're pretty close to 'normal' as we would interpret....4 weeks and it's as if you never had the surgery.....VERY minor. I'd say he chose not to go, but it's anyone's guess. He's history on this team. He'll be good for 2 more years if he lands in the right system, but he's getting too dainty for NT and he's never really played DE for any length (no rush moves other than bullrush).
  5. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah thats the issue I see in this thread, winning actual football games. Sure Parnell has looked good to replace Free, so cutting Free wouldn't really hurt us at all on the field cause we have a cheap replacement already on the roster.

    Now Miles, we don't have a replacement, Harris isn't ready for the role (more suited to #3) and the rest just haven't developed yet with Tree being awful. Draft a WR and it could take years before he develops cause it does take them a while. Get rid of TRat and you need 2 NTs, not 1, and creating even more needs for a team with many already. Not to mention, before this season TRat hasn't missed a game in 4 years, and any NT we pick up will probably be a lateral move from him with maybe being younger....not a step up.

    Is JG's job security good enough for him to be on board with changes that will probably hurt the team on the field, well if these moves are made it shows me that JJ is going to stick with JG long term cause we definitely won't be as good of football team without Miles and TRat and thats not even bringing up Romo's status.

    This would signal a major blowup mode, something some of you obviously want, but its not your job on the line to make it actually happen like it is for JG. JJ would have to pull the trigger, and I have my doubts as to whether the 70 year old in rebuild mode just yet.
  6. diehard2294

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    good post,also throw in we will lose Jones and Jenkins and if you cut Free who is the swing tackle next year
  7. craig71

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    Cook has played tackle before I believe. Not saying that he is the answer but that he could enter into the discussion.

  8. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah coaches go in full rebuild mode when they are hired, not in the middle of their tenure. Talk of getting rid of Free, Miles, TRat, along with Felix, Jenkins, and Spencer's status with Romo and the OL/DL on the table, some fans might be asking too much at this point. Firing 3 starters in one season hurt us alot, firing 7 or more and some will get their wish of us being 3-13 or worse.

    We all want change from the past, but thats alot of talent walking out the door, and we won't replace them for multiple years. Will JJ and JG be on board with 3-13.....probably not, some players will be gone but most likely more will stay than some fans want to be here.
  9. Beast_from_East

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    Rat is as good as gone.

    You dont get all up in your boss's face and expect to be invited to the company picnic, if yall know what I mean.

    As for Austin, the dude is made out of glass. Make him a June 1st cut and be done with him.
  10. RoyTheHammer

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    Is he?
  11. RealCowboyfan

    RealCowboyfan Championship

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    I AGREE WITH YOU 100% because HE IS NOT A REAL NOSE TACKLE and I feel like even when he went to the pro bowl he still didn't do what a nose tackle would do which is push the middle up for the Defensive Ends can get in for sacks, look at Houston Texans for example.
  12. craig71

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    I don't think that Ratliff can play end with much success. His claim to fame was being quicker and more athletic than most interior linemen that he faced. Pitting Ratliff against a tackle negates those abilities in my estimation.

  13. RealCowboyfan

    RealCowboyfan Championship

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    I know he can play that position better because he will be in more one on one situations which he will win.
  14. craig71

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    Maybe you are right, time will tell. Seems to me though that he can't consistently win a one on one matchup against a center or guard as of late much less a top tier tackle.


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