Cowboys Bye ...only Two Week INTO the Regular Season...Pros/Cons

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Phoenix-Talon, Sep 23, 2006.

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    Who made that decision!? ...or an even better question, what determines when Bye-weeks are established and who gets them? Does anyone know if there is a formula that goes into the Bye-week selection process?

    That said, as the Cowboys go into their bye week -- someone, somewhere has to be saying ...

    - We haven't even worked up a sweat yet ...

    - is this the optimum time; and do we really need a bye-week at this point?

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of a Bye-week? Can we get rid of a bye-week or should there at least be a rule that would limit bye-weeks to ...

    - waiting until at least game #6

    - having Bye-weeks for more than one team in any given division at the same time (e.g., the Cowboys and Redskins both coming back off of a bye-week together both teams an equal advantage, both teams rested/rusted)

    Does an early Bye-week provide an advantage/disadvantage? You've probably heard it said before ..."well at Least we can't lose during the Bye-week!" But is that really true? Is there such a thing as timing losses between QB and the OL; do Bye-week practices keep teams sharp?

    What's your call football fans ...?
  2. Cajuncowboy

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    You may want to change the spelling in your thread title of "cons".
  3. EGG

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    Normally I would say a bye week this early is wasted and gives those with late bye weeks an advantage in healing and resting before the playoff push,,, but given the slow start, the need to correct some deficiencies, and the need to get key players healthy (TO/ Flozell) this early bye week may work out alright,,,, we can spend some time scheming on the Iggles too... :cool:
  4. Phoenix-Talon

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    I can't do it, but the mods will take care of the typo.
  5. K-Mart

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    Agreed.....also allows me to go to Chicky & Pete's to root for the 49ers amongst all the Bird fans;)
  6. Cajuncowboy

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    They did! ;)
  7. Phoenix-Talon

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  8. Phoenix-Talon

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    Good points ...looking at the subject matter from an "advantages" perspective. But what about the disadvantages ...are there any? Are you happy with the early bye-week?
  9. K-Mart

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    with the advantages stated earlier i'm not sure there are any disadvantages....with a bye week a team can only hope it comes at an opportune time to heal on problem areas and so on...I think the bye week, though early, came at a perfect time for us to get some people healthy and work on areas that were exposed in only 2 games....the only hope is we can correct those and move forward for the next 14 weeks....
  10. Cowboys&Caps

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    Does this affect their divisional record??

    Why did they only play half a game??

    Wasn't it at home???...Will it be hard to split with the giants at the meadowlands??

    *spare Javon Kearse cuz i love him* Is it a bad thing that the Eagles have so many injuries?? do they wish they had a bye week week 3??

    How cool is it that Owens has this bye week to get healthy?? to play the eagles???

    These are the questions i would like pose to an eagles forum
  11. Cowboys&Caps

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    I like it just because Owens now can get healthy for the Iggles game I know he wants to get back there and prove that his dropped balls were result of his broken hand (makes sense) and that the can (with the help of his new team) defeat the Iggles
  12. speedkilz88

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    I think Parcells said that he preferred the bye to be later in the season, but I do know that Daryl Johnston said that he wanted the byes to be early in the season because the team got too beat up in training camp and needed the time to heal and recharge their batteries.

    It did work out for the team allowing TO to get his hand ready and Flo some more time to get his knee in better shape.
  13. Senny

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    Hopefully our next bye week is the First Round of the playoffs and we'll be getting ready for a home playoff game in the Second Round...hopefully...but it seems that last few years our bye weeks have been pretty early in the season...*Conspiracy Theory* The NFL hates Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells and are trying to sabotage the Dallas Cowboys!
  14. Jimz31

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    I don't think anyone likes early bye weeks.

    In fact, I don't know why they can't just have a week where NOBODY plays and move a couple of college games to Sunday. Make that at the midway point of the season.
  15. jazzcat22

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    Spanola said a few days ago. Since they started the bye week, I think he said 1991. Dallas has had their bye week 7 times in the 3rd or 4th week. Quite a few I think. I'm not sure, but the latest bye week they had was maybe week 8.

    I believe it has more to do with scheduling and playoff push, TV ratings. They want them on more TV every week later in the year.

    I like the earlier bye week. After 4 preseason games and TC, play a few games. Then get your deficiencies corrected, players healed. Then get on a run, and not be disrupted with a bye week.

    Also, keep in mind, an early bye week is good for Dallas. Because they always have the stretch of 3 games in what 11 days with the Dead Bird Day game, then a 10 day rest before the stretch run in December.
  16. 5Stars

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    Sorry, there are not many "disavantages" for you, it is what it is.

    You will have to think about something else to post to try and bring down the Cowboys! Try a post with T.O. in it or something...

    jazzcat22's post was right this bye week is good.

    Maybe next year the bye week will have something juicy for you to try a veiled post about...

    I suggest you stick to the T.O. posts...he is so in your head. Oh, did you know...he has a broken fingernail?

  17. Kilyin

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    I dunno, it sure looked like the Eagles worked up a sweat in week two. Or maybe they didn't, and that was the problem.
  18. BlueStar22

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    and allows me to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to root for the 9ers!
  19. Jarv

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    Nice call Jazz...

    Exactly, we get the extra bye late in the year every year due to Thanksgiving break. 10 days after Thanksgiving is the perfect rest heading into December.

    As far as playing on short notice on Thanksgiving, I would think that since we are always home...and are more used to it, that is in our favor also.

    So we play 6 games (2 regular and 4 pre-season), then get a week off...Then 2 months (Oct - Nov.) and then get 10 days off before December....Sounds perfect really.

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