News: Cowboys call up Ronald Leary...

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Dec 21, 2012.

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    The Cowboys will call up rookie guard Ronald Leary from the practice squad after another team attempted to sign him to its 53-man roster.

    Leary signed with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent and was guaranteed $214,000, the most money across the league for a non-drafted player. He became a favorite of owner and general manager Jerry Jones and was working with the first-team line during training camp in part because of injury.

    Leary has been on the practice squad all season.

    To make room for Leary the Cowboys will have to make a roster move.
  2. jimnabby

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    So now we have 11 OL on the 53-man roster. Who goes? Dockery, Arkin, Weems?
  3. Risen Star

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    My guess is Weems.
  4. lwehlers

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    i wonder which team wanted to sign him. i think that leary can still be a good backup player. i would not be surprised if the makes the team next year as a backup if he has good offseason training and can make adjustments to the speed of the game.
  5. JakeCamp12

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    Please be Dockery...
  6. jblaze2004

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    weems maybe? but we do have too many guards (not many good ones lol) so maybe dockery. But I can see arkin also, but I rather it be dockery.
  7. Rack Bauer

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    I only know of Tyron Smith, who are the other 10 supposed OL?

    /pot stirred
  8. JoeyBoy718

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    Why are people giving up on him as a long term solution? I think people were overreacting in the offseason when they were talking about him like he was gonna win the starting job as a UDFA and make the Pro Bowl. But he's still young and had a lot of intrigue coming out of the draft. His degenerative knee issue hasn't poked its head out yet. I don't see why he can't still be at least considered as a solution at the guard position. It seems like people have totally forgotten about him.
  9. RXP

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    Clearly the coaches see something ni him. He was nothing short of horrible in the preseason. But I guess they like his upside.

    Being a favorite of Jerry Jones makes me uneasy though. Jerry tends to want to hang to his guys too much. He loses objectivity.

    See Felix Jones.
  10. speedkilz88

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    Weems was signed off Denver's practice squad two weeks ago so I don't believe he can be cut.
  11. xwalker

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    The easy move would be Ratliff to IR.

    Cowboys evaluation unknown:
    CB Coe Michael
    DT Schaefering Brian
    LB Poppinga Brady
    WR Armstrong Anthony

    Inactive last week:
    RB Tanner Phillip

    Gone next year anyway:
    WR Ogletree Kevin
    G Dockery Derrick
    RB Jones Felix

    Do they need both:
    S Frampton Eric
    S Peprah Charlie

    If they were going to cut him then it would have already happened:
    G Arkin David

    Can be cut, but must be paid a minimum of 3-weeks salary from the time he was signed from a practice squad:
    T Weems Darrion

  12. xwalker

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    He looked like a Rookie that was changing positions.

    Physically, he appeared to have NFL level size, strength and quickness.
  13. kmd24

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    I think probably Coe is gone now that Mo and Peprah are coming back from injury.
  14. chip_gilkey

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    Why would we cut him when we could just move ratliff to IR.
  15. RS12

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    Bryan Broaddus ‏@BryanBroaddus
    “@CowboyRT: @BryanBroaddus Since Cowboys called Leary up, you think Boyz may move away from Dockery?” No I don't they still like him.
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  16. CowboysYanksLakers

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    This goes to show they like what Leary brings to the table.
  17. Boys122

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    It'll probably be Weems.
  18. Zman5

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    Ogletree has a cold. IR him.
  19. FiveRings

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    This team has an Ogletree. Cut it.
  20. Chuck 54

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    Ratliff won't go on IR unless we lose Sunday...any chance of playoffs is worth waiting

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