News: Cowboys can get around cap issues, but at what cost?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CowboyChris, Jan 15, 2013.

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    what are the consequences if a team, under no circumstances can manage to get under the cap? i know it will probably never happen...just curious
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    As I understand it, there are usually financial penalties and other potential problems like loss of draft picks. Others may have more specific knowledge.
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    Cap is a joke.

    what does Adam say about our situation? ESPN has no clue.
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    what was not mentioned is that the cap will not be going up for several years; which makes pushing cap hits to the future a much tougher thing to do.

    Every year the rookie pay scale goes up
    Every year the Vet Minimum goes up and each year a vet stays with the team that price goes up as well due to accrued years in the league

    That all adds up
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    As I understand it, on the given date that teams must be under the cap, the league will start releasing players from a teams roster until they are under the cap. They start with the lowest paid players and go until the team is under the cap.

    As I read that article, they can create $42.5 million in cap space and the only painfull thing would be releasing Ratliff. So, even if they decide to keep Ratliff, they can get under the cap and have $18-20 million to spend. That can get then Spencer and a few free agents to go with their draft picks.
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    Stephen and Co. are great at working around the cap. This article makes it sound like they can free up some 20 mil. If that's the case, we can go after a FA or two, including spencer, and still have breathing room.
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    i think they start voiding contracts in chronological order, not lowest to highest.
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    Cap space doesnt bother me. Steven and Jerry worked the cap when it was 45 mill they can do what they need to have a good offseason this year to.
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    What is it that they said seems to indicate they don't have a clue?

    They said Dallas is over right now but can get under.
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    I doubt most people even read the article.

    That being said, Jerry did say that they can do somethings with the cap but that they'd be borrowing against the future... I didn't much like the sound of that. Borrowing against the future for another chance to miss the playoffs doesn't sound like a sound strategy.
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    We'll be fine. A few restructured contracts and releasing of some bum players and we're set. Example: Doug Free, cut him. Miles Austin redo his contract. I'm sure Tony's new deal will be worked out so we don't get penalized.

    We might even part ways with Gerald Sensabaugh and go with Johnson and Church if Church can fully recover from his injury. If not look for a rookie contract from one of the prospects like Reid or Vacarro, maybe a guy like Jefferson. It's one way to go cheeper for now.
  15. LatinMind

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    IMO i think Dallas see's minimal change. Maybe 1-2 new starters on DEF and 1-2 on Off. Maybe. Most of the this offseasons new players will be depth.

    DL i can see 1 new starter but he's already on the team. Crawford.

    LB Sims|Lee|Carter

    Carr|Johnson or rookie|Church|Mo


    Romo|Murray| fullback?

    Dez|Austin or Harris if Austin is released


    Smith|????|Costa|Mack|Parnell or rookie or Weems
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    Yep, and we went 5-11 for 3 straight years.

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