***Cowboys Chris (aka Quarterback Coach) Mega Thread***

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by SDogo, Dec 15, 2008.

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    No offense but Werder has been covering the cowboys for probably nearly as long as you have been alive. I am pretty sure he knows how to do his job.
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    I would prefer if the Cowboys were the talk of the town for what they did on the field not off it.
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    no offense taken...in my opinion he just doesn't do it that well.

    probably not his fault...doing what his bosses demand. sensationalism, tmz media gossip, etc.
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    That's how I see it too.

    ESPN still thinks back fondly of helicopters flying over TO's house while he's doing situps in the driveway...


    And any chance they get to try to cultivate a similar situation in pursuit of ratings ?

    They'll take it.

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    Long time lurker, seldom post. However, some of you guys need to get off your high-horse and get over yourselves. It was kinda funny IMHO. Ed got what was coming to him. Don't like it, then don't watch it or pay attention to it. End of story!
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    Glad you posted. Post more often please. :D
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    You're absolutely correct in that many cities do, but others don't.
  12. Randy White

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    I'm probably certain that every city has a disturbing the peace ordinance. And if that city doesn't, it is covered by county ordinance. And if not by county, then by state law.

    And I'm quite certain that a large metropolitan city such as Miami has a disturbing the peace ordinance that prohibits loud noises in, particularly, residential neighborhoods.

    Now, whether the residents or citizens of Miami know about the local laws and whether they want to bother evoking them is another matter.

    But if people stand outside my house to protest, I'm going to my local police station and filing charges against them using the city's own ordinances.

    That'll shut that down quickly - unless they just like paying fines. ;)
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    You need to stop thinking of public streets as some sort of "safe space" or "oasis" where you can do whatever you want. Many restraining orders have been been slapped on photogs who hound and harass celebs on public streets or at other public venues. As far as I know, Mr. Werder has never traveled to Orlando to prevent CC from doing his job (assuming he has one). It'd be nice if CC showed the same courtesy.

    Buy me dinner first. And it better be someplace nice. I ain't a cheap date.
  16. Hostile

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    Some people liked Quarterback Coach's video beration of Ed Werder.

    Some didn't.

    Some people like broccoli.

    Some don't.

    Some people like Fords.

    Some don't.

    Can we all just agree to like sex and move on from this topic? You're never going to change the other side's mind.

    Oh, and for the record, I thought it was funny, I love broccoli, and I love Fords. If you didn't, hate broccoli, and hate Fords I will not feel any differently about you in any way. Mature adults can accept differences in others without labels.
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  18. RainMan

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    Because Chris is so obviously in Werder's head in all these videos. It's fairly obvious watching these things that Werder tries to act unaffected, but you know he hears it. And you know it bugs him when he sends others.

    Plus, Werder is human like any of us. He can walk over to a fan and spare five minutes and strike up a conversation to diffuse a situation, as opposed to sending one of his irate handlers who makes an arse of the entire network.

    But if Chris is just a speck, I guess that would be below the big, bad ESPN employee?

    Geez, they're both regular joes. Werder could walk over and strike up a conversation and, if he had any personality at all, probably turn Chris into a fan. You might say why would it matter? Well, for one, it'd spare Werder from looking like a spineless twit in these videos. Secondly, it might let him do his job without someone constantly screaming in the background.
  19. Rack Bauer

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    No offense, but that's a bunch of BS.

    Ok, maybe he technically "Does his job" pretty well... too bad his job is NOT to report facts, but rather to create a controversial story so it will boost ratings.

    No media member just reports facts anymore. Stories have to have some kind of controversy. Media isn't about informing the people anymore, it's about making $$$. And controversy = $$$.
  20. RainMan

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    Werder's been one of the best "reporters" in the Dallas area for some time. I don't know that this is really in question. But reporters, like players, can slip over time. Has that happened here? Who knows, but honestly, I doubt it. I highly doubt he's lying, but don't think it's out of question that he/ESPN would blow up something relatively minor into three-inch, bold headline news (happens all the time there).

    Generally, I think Werder is very fair to the team. He'll report controversy when it's there, and he'll report triumph when it's there. The network as a whole, though, I don't think is as balanced when it comes to high-profile, lighting-rod athletes, and to a lesser extent, glamour franchises. They're an entertainment channel as much as a news channel, and they're not afraid to use that when reporting news in a tabloid nature.

    I think that's what's happened here. Werder reported a story, probably fairly with what he believed to be good sources, and the network essentially put it on the front cover of all the rags at the check-out isle -- right next to the story with the picture of Jerry and Britney Spears' alien baby.

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