[Cowboys] Cowboys RB Felix Jones Not Concerned With Starting, Only With Touches

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zrinkill, May 13, 2010.

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    There has been much speculation about whether Felix Jones will become the team's starting running back this season. Jerry Jones admitted earlier this off-season that the Cowboys considered starting Felix Jones over Marion Barber at one point last season. For his part, Felix Jones said he doesn't care who starts. "As long as I get my chance, I'll take advantage of my chances," Felix Jones said. "That's all I can do. That's all I can control." Jones became a bigger part of the offense in the final six games of last season, including the two postseason games, with 77 touches for 569 yards.


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    The bottom line is touches and Felix deserves more of them.
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    Bleacher Report....:lmao2:
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    We can get more miles out of Barber if we start letting the young backs take over. If one of them goes down, we know what Barber can do. It's time for him to take a reduced roll. It would do him some good.
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    Great. Now we have Felix Jones showing an utter lack of respect for Doug Free.

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    Start your best players.

    Right now that's Felix.

    I'm hopeful Barber has a rebound season, but Felix was playing better ball the last time I saw either.

    I'd have no problem if they went to camp with the job open and let the best man win.

    As it should be.
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    Felix Not Worried About Starting Role
    Posted by nickeatman at 5/13/2010 9:11 AM CDT on truebluefanclub.com

    Cowboys running back Felix Jones just likes how that sentence sounds. Because to him, it appears that just being called “Cowboys running back” is good enough. Whether it’s the first guy, the second or even the third, it doesn’t seem to really matter to Felix.

    Now they all say that, but you get the sense that with this guy, it’s really true. And usually, that’s what happens with a confident player. When they know they can run, they know they can make plays and they know they’re good football players, then for the most part, they realize that someone on the coaching staff (if not higher) will notice.

    So to Jones, who had a pretty good time on the golf course Wednesday at the team’s golf tournament in Grapevine, becoming the starting running back over Marion Barber didn’t seem to be a huge worry on his mind these days.

    “As long as I get my chance, I’ll take advantage of my chances,” Jones said. “That’s all I can control. I think we’ve got three good running backs on this team. Really good backs. So to me, that’s a good thing. It doesn’t really matter about starting. I think we’ll all play a lot.”
  9. KJJ

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    If Felix stays healthy he'll carry the ball more than Barber this season and will go over 1000 yards.
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    Barber had a nagging injury and was still able to average 4.4 yards a carry this past season. Why does everyone act like he is at the end of his road? Him and Felix compliment eachother.
  11. john van brocklin

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    Felix Jones > Marion Barber
  12. Aikmaniac

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    Walter Payton > Felix Jones
  13. Cowboysfan570

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    Be that as it may, Barber isn't a bum despite the number of people here who try to portray him that way. He was still a decent starter last year WITH the injury and if hes second on the depth chart this season he'll be one of the best #2 backs in the league.

    932 4.4 7 aren't exactly end of the road numbers.
  14. Boyzmamacita

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    We are fortunate to have both. I think Felix should get the bulk of the carries, but I'm not down on Barber like a lot of people are.
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    :confused: Not only was he never a Cowboy, he's no longer playing. Hell, he's no longer alive. I guess you were just trying to be cute, huh?
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    Barber has average speed, he can't make defenders miss and he can't get outside plus his injuries linger all season. Defenses don't fear him so they stack the box and force him to bounce outside where he averages just over 2 yards a carry. He can't pick up a yard when needed and he's been unproductive the final month the last 2 seasons. All he produced was 18 rushing yards in our 2 playoff games last season. Since he became the starter in 08 he's resemble Troy Hambrick. No way should he be taking carries away from an explosive runner like Felix Jones.

    That will certainly change this season provided Felix stays healthy. I was a big fan of Barber's in the role we had him in prior to the 08 season but since he's become the starter he is no longer the Barbarian. He's been having to go up against fresh defenses which has zapped his energy and he's clearly not the punishing runner we saw in 07 because his body is breaking down due to his rockem sockem running style. I'll be very surprised if he's still with the team 2 years from now.
  17. JeffInDC

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    Last year, the 'Boys averaged 27 carries a game. If they do that again this year, the ideal (in my opinion) distribution would be both Barber & Jones averaging 10-12 carries a game, with Choice getting about 4-6 & the bulk of the 3rd down duties. I could easily envision Felix getting like 175-185 carries for almost 1000 yards and Barber getting slightly less (like 160 carries) for around 700+ yards, with Choice chipping in another 300+.
  18. Angus

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    Then it wouldn't be Jones. It would be Choice.

  19. Aikmaniac

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    Yeah, I guess I was. I'll never be cute. :(
  20. 28 Joker

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    I don't get taking Felix Jones out on third down.

    He's proven to be more than adequate at blocking.

    Felix Jones is an MVP candidate if he gets the opportunities and is blessed with staying healthy.

    Felix should get 15-18 carries per game, carries.

    You could build the entire offense around him if you wanted to do it.

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