[Cowboys] Cowboys RB Felix Jones Not Concerned With Starting, Only With Touches

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zrinkill, May 13, 2010.

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    I don't get taking Felix Jones out on third down.

    He's proven to be more than adequate at blocking.

    Felix Jones is an MVP candidate if he gets the opportunities and is blessed with staying healthy.

    Felix should get 15-18 carries per game, carries.

    You could build the entire offense around him if you wanted to do it.

    If the Cat gets 15-18 carries per game, there is no telling how many long runs he will rip off.
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    Me likey. :bow:
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    As long as Felix gets the ball more than last year I'm happy.
  4. Four

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    A healthy barber is the best running back on the team.

    I can't believe the fans turned on him.
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    Thanks Mom

    -Your son
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    Felix has the right thinking. It really doesn't matter who starts, it's all about carries. Marion Barber is not a starting-caliber RB, he needs to go back to being the "6th man" so he can be fresher. I still think we should run the ball 30 times a game.

    I'd love to see:

    Felix: 13 carries
    Barber: 9 carries
    Choice: 8 carries
  8. goshan

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    I think this is the right distribution. Nice post.
    But if Felix gets hot, let him go more.
  9. Bob Sacamano

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    The best running back on any team cannot be a guy who can't keep healthy. Barber wore down b/c we used him a ton in 2008. In 2009, we limited his touches considerably and he still wore down. That is not a good sign
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    Barber is the 3rd best back on the team regardless. Because of his punishing seek and destroy running style he gets worse the more carries he gets. Parcells said several years ago when asked why he doesn't start Barber he said he won't be as affective with a heavier workload. He said the reason he was so affective was because he's fresh and was going up against tired defenses. Most of Barbers yards came in the 3rd and 4th quarter prior to 08. When the Cowboys started him against the Giants during the playoffs in 07 he came out like gangbusters rushing for over 100 yards in the first half but had nothing left in the second half rushing for only 26 yards. Once we started emptying his tank early starting in 08 he wasn't the same player. After 2 years of pounding him he goes down easier now and can't pick up a measly yard when we need it.

    He's coming up with nagging injuries that he can't seem to shake. He's been rendered useless by the end of the season both years as the starter. You could see a changing of the guard late last season when Felix became our primary ball carrier. The Cowboys played their best football with him getting the brunt of the carries. For Barber to be affective we have to pick our spots with him to keep him fresh like we use to. Right now he looks like a declining back we'll have to see if less carries will keep him healthy and get him back to running like the Barbarian again.
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    2nd best but he is the best player on the team as far as imposing his will.

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