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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chuck 54, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Having watched him, I don't think so. He might be a handful, but he won't be a bust.

    People want to compare him to Albert Haynesworth, but the difference is Haynesworth was drafted for potential while Fairley doesn't need developing.

    I believe what has been written that Dallas won't draft Fairley, but I think it's a mistake on the Cowboys' part.
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    I had a little fun with this OP, and I'm happy to see so many enjoyed reading and me, we'll read anything draft related by Best argument against Fairley is that he's a better fit as a penetrating 4-5 DT.

    However, while I'm not a huge fan of Prince, I'm not sure how you rank his ball skills low. In all his highlights, he shows good awareness, very good hands, and amazing run back skills from his days as a RB and champion 100 and 200 meter guy.

    We may or may not be interested in him, but I definitely don't see it being lower than 9. Most people think he'll be gone by #7.
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    I'm not sure I believe you exist, therefore I do not believe in this thread.
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    I think the odds of us trading down are the greatest.
    Unless somehow a stud like Peterson fell to us in a can't miss trade, i think its by far the best decision to just trade down and get an extra pick. We need as many "Ryan Guys" or "Garrett Guys" that we can get. Wade is gone, and we're rolling out a new defensive scheme, we have an old line, and we're going to have a new look at our running game. So we need to build as much as we possibly can in this draft, and trading down gives us the best opportunity. Grab an extra 3rd or maybe even and extra 2nd, and still come away with a very talented first round pick.
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    In what context is a statement like this ever acceptable? Talk about screwed up priorities!!!!
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    Great read Wayne but I'm not buying it.
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    You nailed it WM.
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    prince and his zero INT's will fit right in with what campo is trying to do.
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    No. The difference is Haynesworth is probably clinically manic depressive, while Fairley "plays too mean".

    KC Joyner did a piece on ESPN insider breaking down all his snaps and pretty much shot down this idea that he has a poor motor (again, considering the difference in production, if Fairley was taking snaps off then Dareus must have been taking entire games off). The problem is people fall into confirmation bias. They make their minds up about a player with a predetermined evaluation, typically based on personal bias, and then fit a bunch of subjective hooey around it to fit their conclusion .... "motor" being a big culprit for defensive linemen.
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    You're spot on on your assesment of Watt and Jordan. Spears graded and was better then both in college. Parcells wanted him at 8, we got him at what 20?

    I'm not for a 5 technique in the first round unless I'm getting Bruce Smith, or Richard Seymor.

    We get Watt or Jordan, even if they are solid, we will be complaining about them for years like Spears. It's just not a glory position in the 3-4.

    I don't understand why they don't resign Spears, and look elsewhere in the draft.
  11. InmanRoshi

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    The Cowboys desperately need more dynamic and versatile DEs other than big fat slugs like Igor and Spears. Spears just wasn't good last year, against the run or the pass. Cowboys need DE's who can play 5 tech on run down and then move around on Ryan's specialty packages to play up and down the line. Whether they get those in free agency or the draft, I don't care. But to have just a couple of big stiff one dimensional 2 gappers 5 techs at defensive end is not an option anymore, and unfortunately the only one we current DE we have under contract is exactly that.
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    Well as even Stephen said yesterday, Rob is going to two-gap more like what Parcells did. I think he does want the big, strong guys up front.

    We've got a guy like Bowen who is perfect for bringing in on passing downs. I don't see what the difference is in having a guy who stays in all downs vs taking a run player off the field and bringing a guy like Bowen off the bench.

    Anyway, on Fairley... Casserly was saying that he didn't see a real lack of motor on Fairley. He said he disappeared for stretches because his technique was very poor and he played too high.

    And I don't think anyone has said Fairley can't play. They worry about the attitude questions, and we fans aren't privy to the answers to those questions. Professional scouts who are able to do all the background work should know those things, though.
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    Anyone reading the OP would think that we had more problems at CB then we had at the FS or O line. TOTALLY OFF.
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    When Fairley talks, it sounds like he has a mouth full of sand.

    That alone makes me dislike him.
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    I think it's either Tyron Smith or Cam Jordan at 9. Maybe we get lucky and trade down a few spots and still get either player.
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    Prince had plenty of INTs and runbacks as a junior...they didn't throw his way this year...the same is true of Jimmy Smith, who was supposedly only thrown at 16 times all year.
  17. Chuck 54

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    I'd certainly prefer Cam Jordan to JJ Watt, but only with a move down for any DE.

    At least Jordan has already proven he can actually play the 3-4 DE spot as California is one of the only college teams that actually run the 3-4. Watt and all the other "big" DEs actually played DE in an even front and have to make the transition to playing inside the OT instead of outside.

    Even playing outside at a real DE spot, Watt was never a pass rusher...I think he'd just be another space eating run stopper in the gap, a good one, but that's about it. We know Jordan can penetrate and get after the QB from that spot because we've seen it.

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