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Cowboys Draft History 1960-2005

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Juke99, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Juke99

    Juke99 ...Abbey someone

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    Cowboys 2005 Draft:

    1 1 11 11 Demarcus Ware DE Troy State
    2 1 20 20 Marcus Spears DE Louisiana State
    3 2 10 42 Kevin Burnett LB Tennessee
    4 4 8 109 Marion Barber RB Minnesota
    5 4 31 132 Chris Canty DE Virginia
    6 6 34 208 Justin Beriault DB Ball State
    7 6 35 209 Rob Petitti T Pittsburgh
    8 7 10 224 Jay Ratliff DE Auburn

    Cowboys 2004 Draft:

    1 2 11 43 Julius Jones RB Notre Dame
    2 2 20 52 Jacob Rogers T USC
    3 3 20 83 Stephen Peterman G Louisiana State
    4 4 25 121 Bruce Thornton DB Georgia
    5 5 12 144 Sean Ryan TE Boston College
    6 7 4 205 Nathan Jones DB Rutgers
    7 7 15 216 Patrick Crayton WR NW Oklahoma State
    8 7 22 223 Jacques Reeves DB Purdue

    Cowboys 2003 Draft:

    Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
    1 5 Terence Newman CB Kansas State
    2 38 Al Johnson C Wisconsin
    3 69 Jason Witten TE Tennessee
    4 103 Bradie James OLB Louisiana State
    6 178 B.J. Tucker DB Wisconsin
    6 186 Zuriel Smith WR Hampton
    7 219 Justin Bates G Colorado

    Cowboys 2002 Draft:

    1. Roy Williams, SS, Oklahoma
    8th Selection (#8 overall) - From Kansas City
    6-0, 219

    2A. Andre Gurode, C, Colorado
    5th Selection (#37 overall)
    6-3, 316

    2B. Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh
    31st Selection (#63 overall) - From Chicago
    6-1, 188

    3. Derek Ross, CB, Ohio State
    10th Selection (#75 overall) - From Kansas City
    5-11, 192

    4. Jamar Martin, FB, Ohio State
    31th Selection (#129 overall) - from Chicago
    5-10, 245

    5. Ralph Hunter, DB, Virginia Union
    33rd Selection (#168 overall) - from New England
    6-2, 197

    6A. Tyson Walker, OT, Ohio State
    7th Selection (#179 overall)
    6-4. 300

    6B. DeVeren Johnson, WR, Sacred Heart
    36th Selection (#208 overall) - Compensatory Pick
    6-4, 215

    6C. Bob Slowikowski, TE, Virginia Tech
    39th Selection (#211 overall) - Compensatory Pick
    6-3, 248

    Cowboys 2001 Draft:

    Quincy Carter 1st Draft Selection - 2nd Round
    Quarterback - Georgia - 6'-3" - Wt. 218

    Tony Dixon - 2nd Selection - 2nd Rd.
    Defensive Back - Alabama 6'-2" Wt. 210

    Willie Blade - 3rd Selection - 3rd Rd.
    Defensive Tackle - Mississippi State 6'- 2" Wt. 318

    Markus Steele - 4th Selection - 4th Rd.
    Outside Linebacker - Southern Cal 6'--3" Wt. 220

    Matt Lehr - 5th Selection - 5th Rd.
    Guard - Virginia Tech - 6'-2" Wt. 291

    Daleroy Stewart - 6th Selection - 6th Rd.
    Defensive Tackle - Southern Mississippi - 6-'3" Wt. 310

    Colston Weatherington - 7th Selection - 6th Rd.
    Defensive End - Central Missouri State

    John Nix - 8th Selection - 7th Rd.
    Defensive Tackle - Southernn Mississippi - 6'-3" Wt. 290

    Char-ron Dorsey - 9th Selection - 7th Rd.
    Offensive Tackle - Florida State - 6'-5" Wt. 350

    Cowboys 2000 Draft:

    1. Sent to Seattle in trade for WR Joey Galloway

    2. Dwayne Goodrich, CB, Tennessee 2nd Round (49 overall) 5-11, 198

    3. Sent to Seattle in trade for WR James McKnight

    4. Kareem Larrimore, CB, West Texas A&M 4th Round (109 overall) 5-11, 191

    5. Michael Wiley, RB, Ohio State 5th Round (144 overall) 5-10 1/2, 193

    6. Mario Edwards, DB, Florida State

    7. Orantes Grant, LB, Georgia

    Cowboys 1999 Draft:

    1. Ebenezer Ekuban, DE, North Carolina 1st Round (20 overall) 6-3, 281

    2. Solomon Page, OT, West Virginia 2nd Round (55 overall) 6-41/2, 306

    3. Dat Nguyen, LB, Texas A&M 3rd Round (85 overall) 5-111/4, 231

    4A. Wane McGarity, WR, Texas

    4B. Hunndens "Peppi" Zellner, DL, Fort Valley State (GA)

    6. Martay Jenkins, WR, Nebraska-Omaha

    7A. Mike Lucky, TE, Arizona

    7B. Kevin Gannon, OL, Baylor

    Cowboys 1998 Draft:
    1. Greg Ellis, DE, North Carolina
    1st Round (8 overall)
    6-6, 261

    2. Flozell Adams, OT, Michigan State
    2nd Round (38 overall)
    6-7, 334

    4. Michael Myers, DL, Alabama
    4th Round (100 overall)
    6-21/2, 285

    5A. Darren Hambrick, LB, South Carolina
    5th Round (130 overall)
    6-2, 217

    5B. Oliver Ross, OL, Iowa State
    5th Round (138 overall)
    6-41/2, 300

    6. Izell Reese, DB, Alabama-Birmingham
    6th Round (188 overall)
    6-21/4, 195

    7A. Tarik Smith, RB, California
    7th Round (223 overall)
    5-101/2, 199

    7B. Antonio Fleming, OL, Georgia
    7th Round (227 overall)
    6-3, 310

    7C. Rodrick Monroe, TE, Cincinnati
    7th Round (237 overall)
    6321/2, 245

    Cowboys 1997 Draft:
    1. David LeFleur, TE, LSU
    1st Round (22 overall) (from Philadelphia)
    6-7, 280

    3A. Dextor Coakley, LB, Appalachian State (from Detroit)
    3rd Round (65 overall)
    5-9 5/8, 215

    3B. Steve Scifres, OL, Wyoming
    3rd Round (83 overall)
    6-3 5/8, 297

    3C. Kenny Wheaton, DB, Oregon
    3rd Round (94 overall)
    5-9 1/2, 189

    4A. Antonio Anderson, DL, Syracuse (from Detroit)
    4th Round (101 overall)
    6-6 1/2, 307

    4B. Macey Brooks, WR, James Madison
    4th Round (127 overall)
    6-4 5/8, 214

    4C. Nicky Sualua, RB, Ohio State
    4th Round (129 overall)
    5-10 1/4, 245

    6. Lee Vaughn, DB, Wyoming
    6th Round (187 overall)
    5-11, 175

    7. Omar Stoutmire, DB, Fresno State
    7th Round (224 overall)
    5-11, 195

    Cowboys 1996 Draft:

    2A. Kavika Pittman, DE, McNeese State
    2nd Round (37 overall) (from Washington)
    6-5 1/4, 263

    2B. Randall Godfrey, LB, Georgia
    2nd Round (49 overall) (from Miami)
    6-2, 237

    3A. Clay Shiver, C, Florida State
    3rd Round (67 overall) (from Washington)
    6-2 1/4, 290

    3B. Stepfret Williams, WR, Northeast Louisiana
    3rd Round (94 overall) (Compensatory)
    6-0, 170

    3C. Mike Ulafale, DT, Brigham Young
    3rd Round (95 overall) (Compensatory)
    6-4, 285

    5A. Kenneth McDaniel, OG, Norfolk State
    5th Round (157 overall) (from Philadelphia through Baltimore)
    6-2 3/4, 320

    5B. Alan Campos, LB, Louisville
    5th Round (167 overall)
    6-3 1/4, 235

    6. Wendell Davis, DB, Oklahoma
    6th Round (207 overall)
    5-10 1/4, 185

    7. Ryan Wood, FB, Arizona State
    7th Round (243 overall)

    Cowboys 1995 Draft:

    1. NO PICK
    2A. Sherman Williams, RB, Alabama
    2B. Kendall Watkins, TE, Mississippi St.
    2C. Shane Hannah, G, Michigan St.
    3. Charlie Williams, DB, Bowling Green
    4A. Eric Bjornson, WR, Washington
    4B. Alundis Brice, DB, Mississippi
    4C. Linc Harden, LB, Oklahoma St.
    5A. Edward Hervey, WR, USC
    5B. Dana Howard, LB, Illinois
    7. Oscar Sturgis, DE, North Carolina


    1. Shante Carver, DE, Arizona St.
    2. Larry Allen, OG, Sonoma St. (CA)
    3. George Hegamin, OT, North Carolina St.
    4A. Willie Jackson, WR, Florida
    4B. DeWayne Dotson, LB, Mississippi
    6. Darren Studstill, DB, West Virginia
    7. Toddrick McIntosh, DT, Florida St.


    1. NO PICK
    2A. Kevin Williams, WR, Miami
    2B. Darrin Smith, LB, Miami
    3. Mike Middleton, DB, Indiana
    4A. Derrick Lassic, RB, Alabama
    4B. Ron Stone, OL, Boston College
    6. Barry Minter, LB, Tulsa
    7. Brock Marion, DB, Nevada
    8A. Dave Thomas, DB, Tennessee
    8B. Reggie Givens, DB, Penn St.


    1A. Kevin Smith, CB, Texas A&M
    1B. Robert Jones, LB, East Carolina
    2A. Jimmy Smith, WR, Jackson St.
    2B. Darren Woodson, DB, Arizona St.
    3A. Clayton Holmes, DB, Carson-Newman
    3B. James Brown, OL, Virginia St.
    4. Tom Myslinski, OL, Tennessee
    5A. Greg Briggs, DB, Texas Southern
    5B. Rod Milstead, OL, Delaware St.
    6. Fallon Wacasey, TE, Tulsa
    9A. John Terry, OL, Liningstone
    9B. Nathaniel Kirtman, DB, Pomona-Pitzer (CA)
    9C. Cris Hall, DB, East Carolina
    11. Tim Daniel, WR, Florida A&M
    12. Don Harris, DB, Texas Tech


    1A. Russell Maryland, DT, Miami (Overall First Pick)
    1B. Alvin Harper, WR, Tennessee
    2A. Dixon Edwards, LB, Michigan St.
    3A. Godfrey Myles, LB, Florida
    3B. James Richards, G, California
    3C. Erik Williams, T, Central St.
    4A. Curvin Richards, RB, Pittsburgh
    4B. Bill Musgrave, QB, Oregon
    4C. Tony Hill, DE, Tennessee-Chattanooga
    4D.Kevin Harris, DE, Texas Southern
    5. Darrick Brownlow, LB, Illinois
    6. Mike Sullivan, OL, Miami
    7. Leon Lett, DE, Emporia St. (KS)
    9. Damon Ma Ys, WR, Missouri
    10. Sean Love, G, Penn St.
    11. Tony Boles, RB, Michigan
    12. Larry Brown, CB, TCU


    Supplemental Draft
    Steve Walsh, QB, Miami (in place of 1st round pick)
    Mike Lowman, RB, Coffeyville J.C (in place of 12th round pick)

    1. Emmitt Smith, RB, Florida
    2. Alexander Wright, WR, Auburn
    3. Jimmie Jones, DT, Miami
    5. Stan Smagala, DB, Notre Dame
    9. Kenneth Gant, DB, Albany St., NY
    11. Dave Harper, LB, Humboldt St.


    1. Troy Aikman, QB, UCLA (Overall First Pick)
    2. Daryl Johnston, FB, Syracuse
    3A. Mark Stepnoski, OL, Pittsburgh
    3B. Rhondy Weston, DE, Florida
    4. Tony Tolbert, DE, Texas-El Paso
    5A. Keith Jennings, TE, Clemson
    5B. Willis Crockett, LB, Georgia Tech
    5C. Jerr Roth, DT, Florida
    7. Kevin Peterson, LB, Northwestern
    8. Char Vez Foger, RB, Nevada-Reno
    9. Tim Jackson, DB, Nebraska
    10. Rod Carter, LB, Miami, Fla
    11. Randy Shannon, LB, Miami, Fla
    12. Scott Ankrom, WR, TCU


    1. Michael Irvin, WR, Miami
    2. Ken Norton, Jr, LB, UCLA
    3. Mark Hutson, G, Oklahoma
    4. Dave Widell, T, Boston College
    6. Scott Secules, QB, Virginia
    7. Owen Hooven, T, Oregon St.
    8. Mark Higgs, RB, Kentucky
    9. Brian Bedford, WR, California
    10. Billy Owens, DB, Pittsburgh
    11. Chad Hennings, DE, Air Force
    12. Bn Hummel, LB, UCLA


    1. Danny Noonan, DT, Nebraska
    2. Ron Francis, CB, Baylor
    3. Jeff Zimmerman, OL, Flrida
    4. Kelvin Martin, WR, Boston College
    5. Everett Gay, WR, Texas
    6. Joe Onosai, OL,Hawaii
    7. Kevin Sweeney, OB, Fresno St.
    8. Kevin Gogan, T, Washington
    9. Alvin Blount, RB, Maryland
    10. Dale Jones, LB,Tennessee
    11. Jeff Ward, K, Texas
    12. Scott Armstrong, LB, Florida


    1. Mike Sherrard, WR, UCLA
    2. Darryl Clack, RB, Arizona St.
    3. Mark Walen, DT, UCLA
    4. Max Zendejas, K, Arizona
    6A Thornton Chandler, TE, Alabama
    6B. Stan Gelbaugh, QB, Maryland
    6C. Lloyd Yancey, G, Temple
    7. Johnny Holloway, DB, Kansas
    8. Topper Clemons, RB, Wake Forest
    9. John Ionata, G, Florida St.
    10. Bryan Chester, G, Texas
    11. Garth Jax, LB, Florida St.
    12A Chris Duliban, LB, Texas
    12B Tony Flack, DB, Georgia


    1. Kevin Brooks, DE, Michigan
    2. Jessie Penn, LB, Virginia Tech
    3. Crawford Ker, G, Florida
    4. Robert Lavette, RB, Georgia Tech
    5A. Herschel Walker, RB, Georgia
    5B. Matt Darwin, C/G. Texas A&M
    6A. Kurt Ploeger, DT, Gustavus Adolphus
    6B. Matt Moran, C/G, Stanford
    7A. Karl Powe, WR, Alabama St.
    7B. Jim Herrmann, DE, BYU
    8. Leon Gonzalez, WR, Bethune-Cookman
    9. Scott Strasburger, LB, Nebraska
    10. Joe Jones, TE, Virginia Tech
    11. Neal Dellocono, LB, UCLA
    12. Karl Jordan, LB, Vanderbilt


    1. Billy Cannon, LB, Texas A&M
    2. Vicotr Scott, DB, Colorado
    3. Fred Cornwell, TE, USC
    4. Steve DeOssie, LB, Boston College
    5A. Steve Pelluer, QB, Washington
    5B. Norm Granger, RB, Iowa
    6A. Eugene Lockhart, LB, Houston
    6B. Joe Levelis, G, Iowa
    7. Ed Martin, LB, Indiana St.
    8. Mike Revell, RB, Bethune-Cookman
    9A. John Hunt, OL, Florida
    9B. Neal Maune, OL, NotreDame
    10. Brian Salonen, TE, Montana
    11. Dowe Aughtman, DL, Aubrun
    12. Carl Lewis, WR, Houston

    USFL Supplemental Draft
    1. Todd Fowler, FB, SFA, from Houston Gamblers
    2. Malcolm Moore, WR, USC, from Los Angeles Express
    3. jeff Spek, TE, San Diego St., from New Jersey Generals


    1. Jim Jeffcoat, DE, Arizona St.
    2. Mike Walter, LB, Oregon
    3. Bryan Caldwell, DE, Arizona St.
    4. Chris Faulkner, TE, Florida
    5. Chuck McSwain, RB, Clemson
    6. Reggie Collier, QB, Southern Mississippi
    7. Chris Schultz, T, Arizona
    8. Lawrence Ricks, RB, Michigan
    9. Al Gross, S, Arizona
    10. Eric Moran, T, Washington
    11. Dan Taylor, T, Idaho St.
    12. Lorenzo Bouier, RB, Maine


    1. Rod Hill, CB, Kentucky St.
    2. Jeff Rohrer, LB, Yale
    3. Jim Eliopulos, LB, Wyoming
    4A. Brian Carpentr, CB, Michigan
    4B. Monty Hunter, S, Salem College
    5. Phil Pozderac, T, Notre Dame
    6A. Ken Hammond, G, Vanderbilt
    6B. Charles Daum, DL, Cal Poly-SLO
    7. Bill Purifoy, DL, Tulsa
    8A. George Peoples, RB, Auburn
    8B. Dwight Sullivan, RB, North Carolina St.
    9. Joe Gary, DL, UCLA
    10. Todd Eckerson, T, North Carolina St.
    11A. George Thompson, WR, Albany St.
    11B. Michael Whiting, RB, Florida St.
    12. Rich Burtness, G, Montana


    1. Howard Richards, OT, Missouri
    2. Doug Donley, WR, Ohio St.
    3. Glen Titensor, DL, BYU
    4A. Scott Pelluer, LB, Washington St.
    4B. Derrie Nelson, LB, Nebraska
    5. Danny Spradlin, LB, Tennessee
    6. Vince Skillings, DB, Ohio St.
    7A. Ron Springs, DB, Missouri
    7B. Ken Miller, DB, East Michigan
    8. Paul Piurowski, LB, Florida St.
    9. Mike Wilson, WR, Washington St.
    10. Pat Graham, DT, California
    11. Tim Morrison, G, Georgia
    12. Nate Lundy, Wr, Indiana


    1. NO PICK
    3A. Bill Roe, LB, Colorado
    3B. James Jones, RB, Mississippi St.
    4. Kurt Petersen, DL, Missouri
    5. Gary Hogeboom, QB, Central Michigan
    6. Timmy Newsome, RB, Winston-Salem
    7. Lester Brown, RB, Clemson
    8. Larry Savage, LB, Michigan St.
    9. Jackie Flowers, WR, Florida St.
    10. Matthew Teague, DE, Prairie View A&M
    11. Gary Padjen, LB, Arizona St.
    12. Norm Wells, DT, Northwestern

  2. Juke99

    Juke99 ...Abbey someone

    22,271 Messages
    3 Likes Received

    1. Robert Shaw, C, Tennessee
    2. Aaron Michell, CB, UNLV
    3. Doug Cosbie, TE, Santa Clara
    4. Ralph DeLoach, DE, California
    5A. Bob Hukill, OL, North Carolina
    5B. Curtis Anderson, DE, Central St.
    5C. Ron Springs, RB, Ohio St.
    6A. Tim Vander, CB, USC
    6B. Mike Salzano, OL, North Carolina
    6C. Chris DeFrance, WR, Arizona St.
    7. Greg Fitzpatrick, LB, Youngstown
    8. Bruce Thornton, DT, Illinois
    9. Garry Cobb, LB, USC
    10. Mike Calhoun, DT, Notre Dame
    12. Quentin Lowry, LB, Youngstown


    1. Larry Bethea, DL, Michigan St.
    2. Todd Christensen, RB/TE, BYU
    3. David Hudgens, OL, Oklahoma
    4. Alois Blackwell, RB, Houston
    5. Rich Rosen, G, Syracuse
    6. Harold Randolph, LB, East Carolina
    7. Tom Randall, DT, Iowa St.
    8. Homer Butler, WR, UCLA
    9. Russ Williams, DB, Tennessee
    10. Barry Tomasetti, OL, Iowa
    11. Dennis Thurman, S, USC
    12. Lee Washburn, OL, Montana St.


    1. Tony Dorsett, RB, Pittsburgh
    2. Glenn Carano, QB, UNLV
    3A. Tony Hill, WR, Stanford
    3B. Al Belcher, G, Houston
    4. Guy Brown, LB, Houston
    5. Andy Frederick, OL, New Mexico
    6. Jim Cooper, T, Temple
    7. David Stalls, DT, Northern Colorado
    8A. Al Cleveland, DL, Pacific
    8B. Fred Williams, RB, Arizona St.
    9. Mark Cantrell, C, North Carolina
    10. Steve DeBerg, QB, San Jose St.
    11. Don Wardlow, TE, Washington
    12. Greg Peters, OL, California


    1. Aaron Kyle, DB, Wyoming
    2A. Jim Jensen, RB, Iowa
    2B. Jim Eidson, G, Mississippi St.
    3A. Duke Fergerson, WR, San Diego St.
    3B. John Smith, RB, Boise, St.
    3C. Butch Johnson, WR, U.C.-Riverside
    4. Tom Rafferty, G, Penn St.
    5. Wally Pesuit, T, Kentucky
    6. Greg McGuire, T, Indiana
    7A. Greg Schaum, DT, Michigan St.
    7B. David Williams, RB, Colorado
    8. Henry Laws, DB, South Carolina
    9. Beasley Reece, DB, North Texas
    10. Leroy Cook, DE, Alabama
    11. Cornelius Green, QB, Ohio
    12. Charles McShane, LB, Cal Lutheran
    13. Mark Driscoll, QB, Colorado St.
    14. Larry Mushinskie, TE, Nebraska
    15. Dale Curry, LB, UCLA
    16. Rich Costanzo, T, Nebraska
    17. Stan Woodfill, K, Oregon


    1A. Randy White, DE, Maryland
    1B. Thomas Henderson, LB, Langston
    2. Burton Lawless, G, Florida
    3. Bob Breunig, LB, Arizona St.
    4A. Pat Donovan, DE, Stanford
    4B. Randy Hughes, DB, Oklahoma
    5. Kyle Davis, C, Oklahoma
    6. Rolly Woolsey, DB, Boise St.
    7. Michael Hegman, LB, Tennessee St.
    8. Mitch Hoopes, P, Arizona
    9. Ed Jones, DB, Rutgers
    10. Dennis Booker, RB, Millersville St.
    11. Greg Krpalek, C, Oregon St.
    12. Chuck Bland, DB, Cincinnati
    13. Herb Scott, G, Virginia Union
    14. Scott Laidlaw, RB, Stanford
    15. Willie Hamilton, RB, Arizona
    16. Pete Clark, TE, Colorado St.
    17. Jim Testerman, TE, Dayton


    1A. Ed "Too Tall" Jones, DE, Tennessee St. (Overall First Pick)
    1B. Charles Young, RB, North Carolina St.
    3A. Danny White, QB, Arizona St.
    3B. Calvin Peterson, LB, UCLA
    4A. Ken Hutcherson, LB, Livingston St.
    4B. Andy Andrade, RB, Northern Michigan
    5. John Kelsey, T, Missouri
    6. Jim Bright, DB, UCLA
    7. Raymond Nester, LB, Michigan St.
    8. Mike Holt, DB, Michigan St.
    9. Bill Dulin, T, Johnson C. Smith
    10. Dennis Morgan, DB, Western Illinois
    11. Harvey McGee, WR, Southern Mississippi
    12. Keith Bobo, QB, SMU
    13. Fred Lima, K, Colorado
    14. Doug Richards, DB, BYU
    15. Bruce Craft, DT, Geneva (PA)
    16. Gene Killian, T, Tennesee
    17. Lawrie Skolrood, T, North Dakota


    1. Billy Joe DuPree, TE, Michigan St.
    2. Golden Richards, WR, Hawaii
    3. Harvey Martin, DT, East Texas St.
    4. Drane Scrivener, DB, Tulsa
    5. Bruce Walton, T, UCLA
    6. Bob Leyen, G, Yale
    7. Rodrigo Barnes, LB, Rice
    8. Dan Werner, QB, Michigan St.
    9. Mike White, CB, Minnesota
    10. Carl Johnson, LB, Tennessee
    11. Gerald Caswell, G, Colorado St.
    12. Jim Arneson, G, Arizona
    13. John Smith, WR, UCLA
    14. Bob Thornton, G/C, North Carolina
    15. Walt Baisy, LB, Grambling
    16. John Conley, TE, Hawaii
    17. Les Strayhorn, RB, East Carolina


    1. Bill Thomas, RB, Boston College
    2A. Robert Newhouse, RB, Houston
    2B. John Babinecz, LB, Villanova
    2C. Charles McKee, WR, Arizona
    3A. Mike Keller, LB, Michigan
    3B. Marv Bateman,P/K,Utah
    4A. Tim Kearney, LB, Northen Michigan
    4B. Robert West, WR, San Diego St.
    4C. Charles Zapiec, LB, Penn State
    6. Charles Bolden, DB, Iowa State
    8. Ralph Coleman, LB, North Carolina
    9. Roy Bell, RB, Oklahoma
    10. Richard Amman, DE, Florida St.
    11. Lonnie Leonard, T/G, North Carolina A&T
    12. Jimmy Harris, WR, Ohio St.
    13. Jean Fugett, TE, Amherst
    14. Alan Thompson, RB, Wisconsin
    15. Carlos Alvarez, WR, Florida
    16. Gordon Longmire, QB, Utah
    17. Alfonso Cain, DT, Bethune-Cookman


    1. Tody Smith, DE, Southern California
    2. Isaac Thomas, CB, Bishop
    3A. San Scarber, RB, New Mexico
    3B. Bill Gregory, DE, Wisconsin
    4A. Joe Carter, TE, Grambling
    4B. Buddy Mitchell,. T, Mississippi
    5. Ron Kadziel, LB, Stanford
    6. Steve Maier, WR, Northern Arizona
    7. Bill Griffin, T/G, Catawba
    8. Ron Jessie, WR, Kansas
    9. Honor Jackson, WE, Pacific
    10. Rodney Wallace, DT, New Mexico
    11. Ernest Bonwell, LB, Lane College
    12. Steve Goepel, QB, Colgate
    13. James Ford, RB, Texas Southern
    14. Tyrone Couey, DB, Utah St.
    15. Bob Young, TE, Delaware
    16. John Brennan, T, Boston College
    17. John Bomer, C, Memphis St.


    1. Duane Thomas, RB, West Texas St.
    2A. Bob Asher, T, Vanderbilt
    2B. Margene Adkins, WR, Henderson Junior College
    3A. Charlie Waters, CB, Clemson
    3B. Steve Liner, LB, Tennessee
    3C. Denton Fox, S, Texas Tech
    4. John Fitzgerald, T, Boston College
    6. Pat Toomay, DE, Vanderbilt
    7. Don Abbey, LB, Penn State
    8. Jerry Dossey, G, Arkansas
    9. Zenon Andrushshyn, K, UCLA
    10. Pete Athas, S, Dade Junior College
    11. Ivan Southerland, DT, Clemson
    12. Joe Williams, RB, Wyoming
    13. Mark Washington, CB, Morgan State
    14. Julian Martin, WE, N.C. Central
    15. Ken DeLong, TE, Tennessee
    16. Seabern Hill, CB, Arizona St.
    17. Glenn Patterson, C, Nebraska


    1. Calvin Hill, RB, Yale
    2. Richmond Flowers, WR, Tennessee
    3A. Tom Stincic, LB, Michigan
    3B. Halvor Hagen, DE, Weber St.
    5. Chuck Kyle, LB, Purdue
    6. Rich Shaw, FL, Arizona St.
    7. Larry Bales, WR, Emory & Henry
    8. Elmer Benhardt, LB, Missouri
    9. Claxton Welch, RB, Oregon
    10. Stuart Gottlieb, G, Weber St.
    11. Clarence Williams, DT, Prairie View A&M
    12. Bob Belden, QB, Notre Dame
    13. Rene Matison, WR, New Mexico
    14. Gerald Lutri, T, Northern Michigan
    15. Bill Justus, DB, Tennessee
    16. Floyd Kerr, DB, Colorado St.
    17. Bill Bailey, DT, Lewis & Clark


    1. Dennis Homan, FL, Alabama
    2. David McDaniels, WR, Mississippi Valley
    3. Ed Harmon, LB, Louisville
    4. John Douglas, LB, Missouri
    5. Blaine Nye, G, Stanford
    6. D.D. Lewis, LB, Mississippi St.
    7. Bob Taoucher, T, Nebraska
    8. Frank Brown, DE, Albany St., GA
    9. Ken Kmiec DB, Illinois, 6-2
    10. Ben Olison, FL, Kansas, 6-1
    11. Ron Shotts, RB, Oklahoma, 6-0
    12. Wilson Whitty, LB, Boston University
    13. Carter Lord, TE, Havard
    14. Ron Williams, DB, West Virginia
    15. Tommy Lunceford, P, Auburn
    16. Larry Cole, DE, Hawaii
    17. George Nordgren, RB, Houston


    1. NO PICK
    3. Phil Clark, DB, Northwestern
    4. Curtis Marker, G, Northern Michigan
    6. Sims Stokes, DB, Northern Arizona
    7. Rayfield Wright, DE, Ft. Valley St.
    8. Steve Laub, QB, Illinois Wesleyan
    9. Byron Morgan, DB, Findlay (Ohio)
    10. Eugene Bowen, RB, Tennessee A&I
    11. Pat Riley, WR, Kentucky
    12. Harold Deters, K, North Carolina St.
    13. Al Kerkian, DE, Akron
    14. Tom Boyd, G, Tarleton St.
    15. Leavie Davis, DB, Edward Waters College, FL
    16. Paul Brothers, HB, Oregon St.
    17. George Adams, LB, Morehead St., KY


    1. John Niland, G, Iowa
    2. Willie Townes, DE, Tulsa
    5. Walt Garrison, RB, Oklahoma St.
    6. Bob Dunlevy, WR, West Virginia
    7. Art Robinson, TE, Florida A&M
    8. Don Kunit, RB, Penn St.
    9. Darrell Elam, FL, West Virginia Tech
    10. Mason Mitchell, RB, Washington
    11. Austin Denney, TE, Tennessee
    12A. Les Shy, RB, Long Beach St.
    12B. Craig Baynham, RB, Georgia Tech
    13. Ronnie Lamb, RB, South Carolina
    14. Lewis Turner, RB, Norfolk St.
    15. Mark Gartung, DT, Oregon St.
    16. Tom Piggee, RB, San Francisco St.
    17. George ALlen, T, West Texas St.
    18. Steve Orr, DT, Washington
    19. Bryon Johnson, T, Central Washington St.
    20. Lou Hudson, FL, Minnesota


    1. Craig Morton, QB, California
    2. Malcolm Walker, LB, Rice
    4A. Jim Siddle, FB, Auburn
    4B. Bob Svihus, T, USC
    5. Roger Pettee, .LB, Florida
    6. Sonny Utz, .RB, VPI
    7. Brig Owens, DB, Cinicinnati
    8. Russell Wayt, LB, Rice
    9. Jim Zanios, FB, Texas Tech
    10. Gaylon McCollough, C, Alabama
    11. Jethro Pugh, DT, Elizabeth City St.
    12. Ernie Kellerman, QB, Miami, OH
    13. Jack Schraub, TE, California
    14. Garry Porterfield, DE, Tulsa
    15. Gene Foster, RB, Arizona St.
    16. Doug McDougal, E.,Oregon St.
    17. Mitch Johnson, T, UCLA
    18. Martin Amsler, DT, Evansville
    19. Merv Rettenmund, HB, Ball St.
    20. Ron Barlow, T, Kansas St.


    1. Scott Appleton, DT, Texas
    2. Mel Renfro, DB, Oregon
    4. Perry Lee Dunn, DB, Mississippi
    6A. Billy Lothridge, K-QB, Georgia Tech
    6B. Jim Curry, WR, Cincinnati
    6C. Jimmy Evans, WR, Texas Western
    7. Bob Hayes, WR, Florida A&M
    8. Al Geverink, RB, UCLA
    9. Jake Kupp, G, Washington
    10. Roger Staubach, QB, Navy
    11. Boby Crenshaw, G, Baylor, 6-3
    12. Johnny Norman, WR, Northwestern Louisiana
    13. Jerry Rhome, QB, Tulsa
    14. Jim Worden, LB, Wittenberg
    15. Bill van Burkleo, WR, Tulsa
    16. Paul Cercel, C, Pittsburgh
    17. Harry Abell, LB, Missouri
    19. H.E. Murphy, DB, Oregon
    20. John Hughes, LB, Southern Methodist


    1. Lee Roy Jordan, LB, Alabama
    3. Jim Price, LB, Auburn
    4. Whaley Hall, G, Mississippi
    7. Marv Clothier, G, Kansas
    10. Rod Scheyer, T, Washington
    11. Ray Schoenke, C, Southern Methodist
    12. Bill Perkins, FB, Iowa
    13. Paul Wicker, T, Fresno St.
    14. Lou Cioci, .LB, Boston College
    15. Jerry Overton, WR, Utah
    16. Dennis Golden, T, Holy Cross
    17. Ernest Parks, G, McMurry St.
    18. Bill Frank, T, Colorado
    19. Jim Stiger, RB, Washington
    20. Tommy Lucas, TE, Texas


    1. NO PICK
    2. Sonny Gibbs, QB
    3. Bobby Plummer, G, TCU
    6A. Donnie Davis, TE, Southern University
    6B. George Andrie, DE, Marquette
    8. Ken Tureaud, RB, Michigan
    10. John M. Longmeyer, G, Southern Illinois
    11. Larry Hudas, WR, Michigan St.
    13. Robert Moses, TE, Texas
    14. Harold Hays, G, Southern Mississippi
    15. Guy Reese, T, SMU
    16. Robert Johnston, T, Rice
    17. Ray Jacobs, DT, Howard Payne
    18. Dave Cloutier, RB, Maine
    19. Paul Holmes, T. Georgia
    20. Amos Bullocks, RB, Southern Illinois


    1. Bob Lilly, DT, Texas Christian
    2. E.J. Holub, LB, Texas Tech
    3. Stew Barber, G. Penn St.
    4. Sonny Davis, WR, Baylor
    7. Art Gilmore, HB, Oregon St.
    8. Don Talbert, T, Texas
    9. Glynn Gregory, HB, SMU
    11. Norris Stevenson, HB, Missouri
    12. Lowndess Shingler, QB, Clemson
    13. Don Goodman, HB, Florida
    14. Bill Shaw, G, Gorgia Tech
    15. Julius Varnado, T, San Francisco St.
    16. Jerry Steffen, HB, Colorado
    17. Everett Cloud, HB, Maryland
    18. Randy Williams, HB, Indiana
    19. Lynn Hoyem, C, Long Beach St.
    20. Jerry Morgan, QB, Iowa St.

    1960 Expansion Draft

    Charlie Ane, C, from Detroit
    Al Barry, G, from New York Giants
    Dick Bielski, TE, from Philadelphia
    Leroy Bolden, HB, from Cleveland
    Nate Borden, DE, from Green Bay
    Tom Braatz, LB, from Washington
    Bill Butler, S, from Green Bay
    Frank Clarke, TE, from Cleveland
    Gene Cronin, LB, from Detroit
    Bobby Cross, T, from Chicago Cardinals
    Gerry DeLucca, T, from Philadelphia
    Jim Doran, SE, from Detroit
    Fred Dugan, SE, from San Francisco
    L.G. Dupre, HB, from Baltimore
    Ray Fisher, DT, from Pittsburgh
    Tom Franckhauser, DB, from Los Angeles
    Bob Fry, T, from Los Angeles
    John Gonzaga, DE, from San Francisco
    Melwood Guy, G, from New York
    Don Healy, DT, from Chicago Bears
    Don Heinrich, QB, from New York
    Ed Husmann, DT, from Chicago Cardinals
    Jack Johnson, DG, from Chicago Bears
    Pete Johnson, DB, from Chicago Bears
    Ray Krouse, DT, from Baltimore
    Bobby Luna, DB, from Pittsburgh
    Ray Mathews, F, from Pittsburgh
    Don McIhenny, HB, from Green Bay
    Ed Modzelewski, FB, from Cleveland
    Joe Nicely, G, from Washington
    Doyle Nix, DB, from Washington
    Jack Patera, LB, from Chicago Cardinals
    Duane Putnam, G, from Los Angeles
    Dave Sherer, P, from Baltimore
    Bill Striegel, G, from Philadelphia
    Jerry Tubbs, LB, from San Francisc

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