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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 1, 2007.

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    I tell you what. With an Oline, Our O holds the ball 10 more minutes and scores more points, the Lions sit on the sideline not scoring points.

    Subtraction by addition. Get an Oline that can block for 5 seconds and Romo will tear them apart. Get an Oline that can open hiles for JJ to squeeze through (or a new back, I dont care anymore) and we move the chains with regularity and keep our defense off the field and keep their offense off the field.
  2. LatinMind

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    oh well, it all has to do with the scheme. i think ware would have 20+ with the chargers.

    and merriman would have been butchered to death in these cowboy boards because of them steroids
  3. Deputy493

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    OK, then why don't we use the same 3-4 scheme SD does?

    Their 3-4 seems to work a lot better than ours.
  4. Biggems

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    I hope Kyle Young is our pick in the first round....
  5. wick

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    We have so many needs it's tough to know where to start. We also don't know what needs will be filled in free agency and which will be deferred to the draft. Here's my ranked list of needs to be filled.

    1. Pass rush. Our defense just died when Ellis went down. With Greg trying to come back from an Achilles tear at 32, you can't count on him returning to form. This is by far the single biggest need on the team.

    2. Offensive line. Rivera has to go immediately. He's terrible at this stage of his career. Adams is getting old, and is no better than adequate. Kosier and Gurode are average players. Columbo looks like he could be solid. We need a couple of legitimately good players on the line to mix in with the average guys.

    3. Corner. I believe our free safety is already on the roster but is playing the wrong position (Henry). He's a good player who just doesn't have the athletic ability to go one-on-one with receivers. That means we need two corners, one to replace Henry, and one to replace Glenn, who is just atrocious.

    4. Wide receiver. I don't think Terrell Owens will be back, and Terry Glenn is getting old. If we don't address this now, we're going to wake up with a huge hole at this position.

    5. Running back. Julius Jones has his supporters, but they are misguided individuals. We need another legitimate rushing and receiving threat to pair with Barber. Jones is way too hit and miss to build a consistent rushing attack around.

    6. Quarterback. I think Romo is the long-term solution, but we have nothing to back him up right now. Bledsoe won't be back, and we need a capable veteran in case of emergency.

    We have other needs as well, but this list is probably more than we can fill in one offseason anyway.
  6. Shotgun Dave

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    Hard to say until a few picks before us but I'd have to hope and pray that a top FS, CB, DT or DE is available. Beyond that, we do need to be looking hard to the o-line. Colombo has been the most consistent, then Gurode, then Flozell, then Kozier, and finally Rivera.

    A replacement for Owens would also be wonderful.
  7. LatinMind

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    that questions been asked a zillon times by a billion people, and nobody has came up with a answer yet. except for parcells lame excuse "i dont trust my coverage"
  8. LatinMind

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    wont get any griped from me. gurode can go back to guard
  9. dbair1967

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    hey thats great

    he'd be lucky to have half of that here in this scheme

    by the way, when Merriman missed those 4 games, did San Diego suffer any? nope...they won all 4 games and still had 14 or 15 sacks without him

  10. Yeagermeister

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    Two words......Mike Zimmer
  11. Deputy493

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    you can argue ifs and buts all day long, the fact is Merriman has been a lot more consistent and a much better playmaker than Ware........those are the cold hard facts, but keep giving excuses if it makes you feel better about the pick.

    Ware is a very good player, but thus far he has not been as good as Merriman, that is a simple fact.
  12. LatinMind

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    u sound like bipo and his leftwich fetish:lmao:
  13. Woods

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    Think draft depends on whether BP stays, whether we keep with the 3-4, TO stays or goes, and FA of course.

    Let's assume that we DO stick with the 3-4 and that BP stays and that TO stays.

    I don't think we take OL in Round 1.

    In FA, I think we get

    1 OL (Rivera gone)
    1 OLB (Singleton gone)

    quite possibly a FS.

    In the draft,

    We take either one more pressure type defensive player in the 1st.

    In the 2nd and 3rd rounds we probably take 1 OL and either a CB or a WR to groom.
  14. jazzcat22

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    Please, no TE's.
  15. jterrell

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    We will not go Cb in round 1. We have Cbs. We do not have safeties, nose tackles, pass rushing DE/OLBs, offensive guards.

    We should consider who will be gone.
    Its funny but Madden 07 is the best way to handle it.
    See whose contract is up and who is back and each position.

    We will sign/draft an interior lineman or draft one. I believe we cut Rivera, he has not regained all his strength after the back injury.

    We will sign/draft a defensive tackle.

    Greg Ellis' status will tell us whether we are looking at first round DE/OLBs or not.
    TO's status will determine our WR interest. If he is cut we need another starter not a mediocre guy or pedestrian draft pick.

    There are just so many possibilities and concerns it would be crazy to think we'd even be close this early.

    All that said you aren't a draftnik if you are completely sane....:)

    I really like LaMarr Woodley and Gaines Adams at OLB/DE.
    I really like Laron Landry at safety even though it was probably a bit of down year by his own standards.
    I really like Justin Blaylock on the interior line. He's a local kid.

    I would almost insanely draft Justin Blaylock in round 1. I am against interior line in round 1 but we have been putrid there for too many years and the free agent route has been less than stellar.

    Have to assume we fix the defense with free agency and address WR/DE/OLB based on signing replacements if the concerned parties are waived.
  16. Rocky

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    I know he's not available but Nick Collins of the Packers is a stud Safety. Perhaps a trade: J Jones for Collins. I'll take it right now.
  17. LatinMind

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    if dallas took another rookie fs i would gladly pay to have him shot
  18. Deputy493

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    Difference is, BiPo is a Marshall homer as you are a Fresno homer, Lefty sucks, Merriman does not, Merriman is a dominant force.

    Besides I didn't want Lefty or Newman that draft, I wanted Suggs.
  19. dbair1967

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    blah blah blah

    put Ware in San Diego's defense and Merriman here, and we'd be having the xact same discussion "why did we draft Merriman when Ware is so much more athletic and productive"

    same thing with the Steven Jackson non-sense

    it just amazes me that some people continuously believe that no matter what a plyer does someplace else in a totally different scheme, atmosphere or with totally different players, that he'd be exactly the same or better here

  20. Deputy493

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    Actually I hear nothing but blah, blah, blah homerism from you........I have presented facts, you have presented nothing but what ifs.

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