Cowboys-eaGALS Rivalry Videos

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Dallas22, Oct 8, 2006.

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    Here are some links to the history of the Cowboys-eaGALS rivalry and hatred for each other:

    The begining of the hate & rivalry - MUST SEE!!!:
    Hurting Irvin, then cheering:
    Bounty Bowl:

    For myself, the eaGALS are my MOST HATED TEAM in the entire NFL!!! Here's the deal in my mind - although I HATE the Redskins, I can somewhat respect them because they've always been a worthy opponent... They've always kept up the good games... I think that a lot of Skins fans feel the same about us.

    The eaGALS FANS and some players, throughout the years, have been dirty, bush-league, low class basterds. We used to kick their butts ALL THE TIME until the eaGALS beat us to then go on and lose their first Super Bowl in 1980. A little later came the Buddy Ryan era and the running up of the score, bounty bowl and battery throwing fans. In the late 90's, after dominance again by our Cowboys, the fans cheering Michael Irvin's injury adds more negative repetation to their loser, low class fans and city. Of course, when T.O. came to Phily (after his disrespect of the Cowboys star in SF), that, to me, was the cherry on top... although the eaGALS went to the Super Bowl, nothing could've been better than them losing to NE. Now with T.O. (and yes, I still dislike him) on the Cowboys, this adds to the FURY and HATRED to this TRUE rivalry.

    I will NEVER respect or like ANY eaGAL teams OR fans for as long as I live... in fact, for as long as my children live... they will be taught right :)


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    I have to agree.......the beagles and deadskins......i dislike the most.....guess i would choose the deadskins as the worst.
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    Those bring back a lot of memories. It also hammers home just how lousy and classless the Eagles fans are.
  4. Dallas22

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    I just wanted everyone to remember how much they HATE us, so we must cheer on EVERY play the Cowboys do well no matter where us Cowboy fans are at!!! Beat the eaGALS!!!


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    i was at the bounty bowl game....i was nine years old and it was my first game ever....i don't remember much but it brings back some memories!!
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    HERE-HERE !!! Dallas22 I agree 100% My son is 2 and half he says we hate the eagles we love Dallas my wife doesnt want me teaching him the word hate(TOO BAD DEAL ) L
    Cive with it this is WAR

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