Cowboys @ Eagles

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by John_S, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. John_S

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    I know that it is only Tuesday but there have already been a few developments.
    ON PAPER, Dallas is the better team. The teams that the Eagles have beaten have a combined ONE win.
    We will see what effect the injuries to Ware and Murray are going to have on the Cowboys.
    With both of their starting defensive ends hurt, will they be able to have a pass rush without having to blitz?
    Who will be the running back - and how often will he get the ball?
    It looks like Foles will be starting again.
    Expect to see a lot of McCoy running the ball.
    The Eagles defense SEEMS to be improving a little bit but expect a high scoring game.

    If you are a gambler, you MIGHT want to bet the over on this one.
  2. Wheeltax

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    I'm starting Romo and D-Jax this week. C'mon fellas, get me some points!

    Re: the actual game

    I'm actually concerned about how Dallas is going to stop McCoy. They need to figure out how to make Foles beat them in the air.
  3. TheCowboy

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    My prediction:
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  4. Shunpike

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    Hey John

    Though you look like a cool guy, I hate your team as you are beating Giants consistently year in and year out.

    I am rooting for Dallas and I hope Dallas wins. BUT unfortunately Eagles are the favorites.
  5. John_S

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    Wheeltax - If the Dallas secondary is a bad as the "experts" claim, then Foles will beat them, especially if Dallas can't get a pass rush.
    McCoy has been a GREAT fantasy player this year - so far.

    Shunpike - Good - Root for Dallas. Then you can watch your Giants on Monday night against the Vikings. They MIGHT actually get their first win. Except for the people in New York and Minnesota, I don't know why anyone would watch that awful game.
    It's hard to believe that the Eagles would be favored. It must be because they are at home (where they haven't won in over a year) and because of the injuries to Ware and Murray.

    Teen - In Philly, the Cowboys are THE most reviled team of any opponent of ANY of the major sports. (Actually that stems from all of the MANY ignorant losers in the Philly area, who HAD to root for a winner years ago so they picked the team with the star on their helmets).
    When you watch the game, you MIGHT be able to hear the rousing chorus of "Dallas Sucks" coming across your TV screen.
  6. BraveHeartFan

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    McCoy is a great player. I'd take my chances with Foles, even with this secondary not being great, before I'd take my chances with McCoy being allowed to run wild.
  7. Ntegrase96

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    Not having Ware isn't the biggest issue. The other guys can play and put the pressure on. Selvie and Wilbur are actually pretty good in that regard. The real issue is the lack of depth because of the depleted DL. These guys are out...

    Starters: Spencer, Ratliff, Ware
    Backups: Crawford, Bass, Jones (Brent*, if you want to count him)

    Randle can carry the load. I really believe he can. But they'll probably neglect him, like they neglected using Murray.

    I don't think Dallas has a clear advantage outside of the QB position, but Foles has looked pretty good IMO. I Dallas is able to get some turnovers on those deep passes he's flinging, I think his confidence drops and the Cowboys win, but the Eagles offense is a bad match-up for us.
  8. John_S

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    BHF - McCoy WILL probably run wild AND Foles will pick on the Dallas secondary. They run the ball more than they throw it. They have gotten over 400 yards in every game so far this year.

    Ntegrase96 - Dallas will also have to contend with the speed that the Eagles offense plays at. As soon as a play is over, they give the ball to the ref and are ready to run the next play.

    Now the defense is another story and possibly the special teams.
  9. Ntegrase96

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    Precisely what worries me. With a lack of DL rotation, our guys could get gassed pretty quickly.
  10. viman96

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    I'm sure you meant Eagles @ Cowboys...

    As for the game, I expect Dallas to have a big day on offense. Eagles D will struggle covering WRs and the TEs. Our OL should be able to protect Romo to give him enough time to pick the defense apart.

    My biggest concern is our DL holding up and getting worn down.
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  11. John_S

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    October 20 - Cowboys @EAGLES
    December 29 - Eagles @ Cowboys

    Everyone expects Romo to have a huge game but so will Foles and McCoy.
  12. viman96

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    I think Foles could have a solid game if the Eagles OL gives him time. He is a big QB with a good arm and is not a turn over machine like Vick. He does not like defenders around him and tends to easily go to the ground. If the Cowboys can put a decent rush on him it will be a long day.

    Best way to beat Dallas. Long drives that end with touch downs. It will wear down the defense that is extremely thin. However that is not Chip's MO. He likes to strike fast and wants to get big chunks of yards as much as possible.

    If the Eagles can successfully deploys a game plan with the intention of using long drives to wear down the Cowboys defense then it could be a long for Dallas. Drives that end with field goals will not work.
  13. John_S

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    How are the Cowboys going to get a pass rush without Ware - or is he going to play?
    The speed of the Eagles offense will wear down the Dallas D.
  14. viman96

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    Failed attempt at humor? Our backups were able to get to RG3. Not saying they will hammer Foles but I do expect him to feel some pressure.

    If this games turns into a shoot out then I like our chances. The Eagles defense is terrible. The more the Eagles score the more they put their defense is a position to fail.
  15. Hoov

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    As the week goes on im feeling more confident of a dallas victory
  16. brdawk20forever

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    Dez and Romo are on my fantasy team and in the line up. I hope Eagles win 49-42 with Romo tossing 6 TD's to Dez.
  17. John_S

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    viman - I'm Sorry - I don't know you well enough to know when you are trying to be humorous.
    The Eagles O line is better than Washington's.
    The Dallas defense is ALSO terrible.

    Hoov - We will find out in 2 days.
    What is making you more and more confident, except for being a fan?
  18. John_S

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    Hello fellow Eagles fan.
    Where does the "r" come from?
    Aren't we on another site?
    What the (bleep - LOL)? Why are Romo and Bryant on your fantasy team?
  19. BraveHeartFan

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    The biggest reason I'm not as worried about Foles is that our corners are really better at press man, especially Carr. Your best WR is 170 lbs when he's soaking wet. They should be able slow the much smaller WRs for Philly down enough to not be torched nearly as much in the passing.

    McCoy is by far the greater threat.
  20. Idgit

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    We have a massive advantage in the passing game over these guys, and we should be able to exploit that all game. Offensively, not worried about Foles or their triage WR corps.

    I don't like their matchups with TEs and RBs in the passing game, but I'll trade dinking and dunking if we can contain the big plays. They shouldn't be able to stop us on offense much, so a turnover or two and/or holding them to FGs on a drive or two should put us in pretty good position for a division road win.

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