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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xtreme_2k, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. xtreme_2k

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    It was awesome to hear the crowd during the game, it felt like there were more cheers for the Cowboys than it was for the home team, especially when Bryant caught the TD!:bow: :laugh2:
  2. DandyDon1722

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    Thanks for that! Really appreciated. I wish more posters who attend away games would post about their experiences. What was the crowd like? how did the opposing fans treat you? What did you see that we didn't on television?

    Rynie does a good job of that for home games, I wish more of you would do that for away games as well.
  3. dallasfan4lizife

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    louder crowd than we get in texas
  4. CowboysYanksLakers

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    And that's crazy! I don't get it...
  5. dallasfan4lizife

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    the stadium in arlington is massive.
  6. Rynie

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    That excuse is invalid. It can get super-loud. I've been to college games there. And while our crowd normally sucks at home, that place was ROCKIN. last week.
  7. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Yes I know I've seen in live and in person... However it has turned into a wine and cheese crowd sadly.
  8. Questfor6

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    I was there today & when we got the drive going on which Dez scored the Lets Go Cowboys chant was echoing throughout the stadium, goosebumps type stuff to know you took over the opponents house. When Dez scored the Bengals fan beside me turned to me & told me it was over and we were gonna win, they're accustom to the letdown apparently. Most Bengal fans were nice, some were not to fond of Dallas I could tell from the looks I got from just wearing my Dez jersey. As I was leaving a drunken Cowboy fan came by in a taxi yelling "How bout them Cowboys" some Bungal fan took offense to it cussing at the guy at letting him know we were 7-6 so I had to turn around and inform the poor chap that unfortunately my friend your also 7-6 & we beat you.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    It sounded loud on TV. I have been in that stadium before and wish I would have been thee today.
  10. ohiocowboysfan25

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    I too was there today and it was amazing. The bengals fans that sat in front of us were great but disappointed at how many cowboys fans they were surrounded by. The bengals fans behind us were complete idiots and kept offering me their jerseys everytime they scored or did anything good because "I wouldn't want to wear my cowboys one that's for losers". I put up with it for about the 1st half then I had enough and went off on the guy and he left me alone. When were were all walking out to our cars it was crazy how many cowboys fans there were there and we were still cheering all the way down to the street level. Obviously, cinci fans weren't real thrilled with our celebration but there were enough of us that nobody said anything to us.

    As far as the actual game goes I haven't been to a game in 3 years and I completely forgot how awesome it is to be able to see everything. We were sitting in the upper deck and the game seemed so slow it was weird. The punts/kick offs never looked like they'd make it to the end zone but ended up going deep in the endzone and not returnable. I don't know if all that was due to the fact that I'm not use to watching the games at that height or what was wrong.

    I have to say I think there are a ton of cowboys fans in this part of the country because I went to the Detroit game several years ago and there were a ton of cowboys fans there also. I'm jealous of all of you that get to go to games at Dallas and especially season ticket holders. It would be great to see a game at home and with your own fans and I guess today would be the closest to having that experience.
  11. VietCowboy

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    Yeah, I went to the Cowboys Indy game at lucas oil recently and saw a lot of cowboys fan too.
  12. theebs

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    Because its not true.
  13. Zordon

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    it was ridiculously loud on the spencer sack.
  14. SDCowboy85

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    I checked out the Bengals forum after the win. Someone there who was at the game said it was like he was watching the game in Dallas. :laugh2:
  15. mahoneybill

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    Thanks. Once Boys started comeback TV coverage showed more Fan coverage/

    Thanks for being there to encourage them....
  16. chip_gilkey

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    I posted a thread just like this. ask any questions in it you want and I'll try to answer.
  17. Ring Leader

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    On our game winning field goal I couldn't see the ball in flight (grainy streaming internet video) but was expecting a miss when I saw all of the cheering fans from behind the goal posts.....only to soon discover that the kick was good and all of the cheering was from the large amount of Cowboys fans in Cincy.

    A rags to riches moment indeed!
  18. DavidS

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    I was at last weeks game vs Philly and yes it was rocking quite loud

    And the Bbq brisket was off the chain! Here's a few pics

    "Walk of Shame"







  19. DanteEXT

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    Some random and non informative observations from the game:

    Cowboys fans everywhere. Pretty sure there were more Bengals fans but not by much. Almost everyone around me was Cowboys fans.

    Lots of Cowboys fans crowding down near the sidelines before the game. I was upstairs walking around. Heard a roaring chorus of "boos". Looked out on the field, pretty sure it was all the 'boys fans booing the Bengals coming out for pregame warmups.

    As far as the game, I'm not trained but...

    Though there times the oline blocked in pass protection, when they don't it looked bad. It may look worse live than on TV, I don't know.

    Dwayne Harris seemed to fall down. A lot.

    When Romo got bent over backwards, I was scared his knee was gonna be blown.

    Carrs pick was a beautiful thing. Could see him read and break on it. Much better than TV.

    (Sorry, the pics are kinda of small)

    Couple before the game pics:

    Opening kickoff:
    Beginning of the 2nd quarter
  20. hipfake08

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    Was that the Bengals largest crowd of the year???
    I would think the Steeler home game would draw big also.

    Why I am saying that is last time in Oakland with Cowboys - stadium full.
    Two weeks ago stadium in Oakland at least 1/3 empty.

    Opposing owners must like to see us come to town.

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