Cowboys fans are unbelievable!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sportsbabe, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Bill should have done this. He should have done that.

    Well, yesterday, the team did seem a little more agressive in playcalling in the first quarter, but I will guarantee you that if the Eagles had gotten to Drew a couple of times in a row that Bill would have put the reigns back on. It's just good football sense.

    I swear, Parcells knows what he's doing.
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    Right, Sportsbabe. I don't remember who said it and I'm paraphrasing here but "nothing is sadder than seeing a beautiful theory killed by a brutal fact". :lmao2:
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    Maybe those fans are wrong for complaining about not opening up the offense earlier this season immediately following our biggest win of the season. But they are hardly wrong! Cmon, not one of you couldn't tell me you were thinking the same thing. And to add to that, I know a lot of you were wondering why we didn't vary our blitz packages in order to confuse the defense; heLL, we should have been doing that last season.

    Yesterday, was the by far the best performance of Parcell's tenure in Dallas. That was the first time, I completely agreed with the playcalling and strategy. I too am suprised it took Bill and his staff this long to figure it out. When it comes to strategy in sports, I think you have to be proactive and aggressive. I don't believe in this conservative crap. To me, if you are going to lose, at least do so swining instead of being an ultra-conservative pansy.

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