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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by BTX, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I'm a life long Cowboys fan in my mid 30's from Houston I watched and support the Boys through the good times and the bad. When I was younger I even found myself pulling for the Oilers a little they were AFC we were NFC and the Run n Shoot offense was so fun to watch. I hoped for an all Texas SuperBowl in 92. However, now days I can't stand these Texan fans. I like they way their team plays football (ball control,great pass rush, and great running scheme) but I swear to you these Texan fans hate the Cowboys more than they like their own team. For some reason they believe cowboys and texans have a big rivalry. I'm done ranting these texan fans just annoy the heck out of me. Any other Boys fans in Houston?
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    There are a number on this board.

    The "we hate the Cowboys" stuff is funny from them. Worry about your own division. Dallas is not your rival. My dad lives there & he gets the same treatment from Texan fans.
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    Beaumont Cowboys fan checking in. I can relate to everything youre saying.
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    Another H-Town Cowboys fan. These are dark days, indeed. :(
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    Um, yes. It sucks.
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    I will be moving there soon, from Louisiana. I escape the Saints fans and will be surrounded by Texans fans.
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    From Beaumont but I've lived in the Spring area for the last 12 years.

    I love the city (great arts, food, medical facilities, etc...) but it seems like there is a lot of Dallas/Fort Worth envy even from non-fans.
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    When the texans became the texans I myself thought I might back them? If ofcourse they weren't play n the boys ! My mind quickly changed when I attened a COWBOYS/texans game in reliant! Having attened many games in many venues was shocked and then disgusted at the class or lack there of from the texan fans! Haven't encountered those kind of fans since the eagles at veteran stadium when mcnab was qb. Oh well these are some of the same people that ran their beloved oilers out of town years ago! I now put them with the skins and the eagles. YUCK!!!!!
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    Oh yes i get the same heat, its so sad sometimes but you have to understand, no one, and i mean no one cares about the Texans, so they do what every other irrelevant team does, hate on America's Team, the only thing that makes it worse is knowing that there are more Cowboy fans in Houston than there are Texan Fans, and the fact that dallas is 3 hours away. I laugh at them, and just hold up 5 fingers. They try to argue but they can't take away we got give, and there entire sports network can't add up to 5 & 8.
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    Amen brutha!
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    I from the Beaumont area which is still primarily Cowboys but there are a lot of up-start Texans fans. I can't stand the Texans. The thing that pissed me off so bad was the Houston Chronicle actually used to have decent Cowboys coverage when the Oilers were there. When the Oilers left their Cowboy coverage got even better. Once the Texans came along, the Cowboy coverage went to almost nil. I used to purchase a Chronicle every day for Cowboys, Rockets, and Astros coverage. I have not purchased a Chronicle in almost a decade since they have no Cowboy coverage(it may have changed somewhat, I wouldn't know, but they lost my money forever). I come to Houston quite a bit and always try to wear Cowboy gear.
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    I will also add that I also blame the Texans for Astroworld closing.
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    I'm in Houston a lot because my wife is currently working there. She's from Beaumont and we will probably be moving there soon.
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    Houston born and raised...on the Cowboys thanks to my Dad.......and have my 10 yr old following the tradition....Cowboys fan for life!
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    I live in Huntsville what really makes me angry is that Huntsville is 79 miles from Houston. When both teams play at 1 and Houston is home I don't get to watch the cowboy game because of the 100 mile blackout rule........

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