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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Jan 25, 2005.

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    This is via NFL draft countdown, another part of this article stated the Ohio State kicker Mike Nugent hit a 63 yard field goal in the practice.

    And finally, you can take it for what it is worth but after practice scouts usually rush to talk with certain players and here is a list of some of the things I saw: DT Anttaj Hawthorne of Wisconsin was mobbed by Dallas scouts, Carolina talked with J.J. Arrington, Michael Roos and Manuel White, who they told he was a good fit for their system, Baltimore spoke with Adam Terry, Taylor Stubblefield talked with San Francisco and New Orleans, Cincinnati and New Orleans sought out OG Marcus Johnson of Ole Miss, Ben Wilkerson spoke with Kansas City and Corey Webster conversed with Carolina as well as former NFL safety Marcus Robertson, now working with the Titans. Could any of this be a sign of things to come? We shall see.

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  2. Sitting Bull

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    Well, out of the players listed, I think we mobbed the right guy.
  3. ghst187

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    If we use a first on Hawthorn, I will be pissed. I watched a good number of Wisconsin games and specifically watching him and wow was I unimpressed. A short fat guy. Granted he never really got blown off the line but didn't exactly make many plays either. He almost looked overweight to me.
    There are established, young, quality DTs that are FA's this year and they don't typically break the bank...their names are Ferguson, Williams, and Simon.
    If we pull very many more stupid stunts in the offseason and esp on draft day, I'm flying down there and self appointing myself as GM. I should be able to fix at least one or two things before the cold steel restraints hit my wrists.
  4. 50cent

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    Reported that Antajj Hawthorne was mobbed by Dallas scouts after practice today. Stay tuned!
  5. CaptainAmerica

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    Is he ok? :D
  6. scottsp

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    Manteets can crowd with the best of 'em. C'mon, you know he can.
  7. junk

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    I don't know where to begin here. First, are you sure you were watching the right guy? Hawthorne is about 6-3, so I wouldn't exactly call him short for a DT. I actually think the guy looks pretty lean for a DT. He is the same height as Ferguson and Williams and taller than Simon.

    Next, Williams is 32 and Ferguson is 30. That isn't exactly young. Cornelius Griffin and Robaire Smith, two of the top DTs in FA last year signed the following contracts:

    Smith -- 6 years, $26.3 million, $8.35 million signing bonus.
    Griffin -- 6 years, $25.5 million, $8 million signing

    Shaun Rogers just resigned for 6 years, $46 million, $15 million SB. Not as expensive as DE, but still pricey.

    My point? I think you could do a lot worse than Hawthorne late in the first, especially if the team can't land Ferguson. Simon hasn't really ever produced and the Eagles don't really want him back....they do have the cap space to resign him.

    I have included pics of all of them.




  8. CaptainAmerica

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    Hey Nors,
    Does this sound like the kind of guy Tuna is looking for in his 3-4 defense?...

    Defensive Lineman
    Anttaj Hawthorne
    College: Wisconson
    Year: Senior
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 312
    Birthday: November 15, 1981

    The 3-4 defense is known for its playmaking linebackers, but the secret ingredient to make it all work is the man down low in the middle of the line. Anttaj Hawthorne is one such individual who can be the needed plugger to make stars of his linebacker teammates.

    Hawthorne spent much of the 2003 season in the opposition's backfield. Of his 75 tackles, 20 of them - that's more than one out of every four - came from behind the line of scrimmage. Using brute strength and aggression, Hawthorne implodes running games before they start. In an upset win over Ohio State last year, he led the way in shutting down a potent Buckeye rushing attack, allowing just 69 yards and tossing in a pair of sacks to boot.

    Despite all those tackles for a loss he notches in his headboard, Hawthorne won't be one of those inside pass rushing tackles that racks up sack totals. While Hawthorne's agile enough to penetrate the offensive line quite often, he lacks the footspeed to catch most quarterbacks. That lack of pass rushing ability is not as much of a concern for the 3-4 scheme employed by the Texans, but Hawthorne could stand to improve his footwork and hand technique since he won't be able to bully NFL interior linemen like he does the linemen of the Big Ten Conference.

    As a nose tackle prospect, Hawthorne is comparable to a smaller version of Vince Wilfork, even down to a Wilfork-like tendency to disappear for stretches. Wisconsin's line coach says Hawthorne needs to avoid being lazy at times, but that shouldn't be confused with Hawthorne's love of the game and his talent to become a player on Sundays. Hawthorne plugs the middle as good as anyone in college football, and with his physical mindset that no one runs up the middle on him, he will be a dominating nose tackle in the NFL.
  9. Oh_Canada

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    Just say no to Hawthorne.
  10. Rack Bauer

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    Unless it's the second round.
  11. Oh_Canada

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    Honestly, I think I would just rather wait until the fourth and pick up someone like Means or Bryant, who are bigger and provide similar production.

    The guy just disappears too often.
  12. chicago JK

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    I will be very surprised to see hawthorne in the second round. he is just naturally big and strong. A lot of teams will fall in love with him come drafft time. He will test very well also. He didn't have a good last year but sorta like John Henderson, Tommie Harris, Vince Wilfork, etc.. All of those guys had breakout years and then their last season when teams gameplaned against them their production slipped. I am not sure how good of a player he will be but with this DT class I think he will probably wind up being a mid first round choice.
  13. chicago JK

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    You probably know more about Hawthorne then I do. I only watched him a handful of times. With his build he just looks like a guy who goes a lot higher than many are predicting. As of now, I wouldn't want him at 20. Who knows though...Dlineman are tough to predict.
  14. Nors

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    There in Round 2 is a thought. I also like Anthony Bryant at 345 from Alabama as a early Day 2 NT. I'd draft both - we need depth there.
  15. Oh_Canada

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    Guess it will depend on what Dallas does in FA....if they sign a big tackle, Bryant in the middle rounds would do just fine.

    Use the other picks on linebackers, secondary and possibly a big defensive end.
  16. jobberone

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    Dallas needs to be productive this draft. It's hard to say until the last few days who'll be at or near the top of the mountain. I'd say we need to be at least 4 for 7 at the plate. Starters or big contributors.

    Who would have thought Witten would fall so far. It's time to draft well and get lucky.
  17. junk

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    I watched a fair amount of Hawthorne. When he was on, he was a force. He got good push up the middle. He did disappear at times though. I wouldn't mind him late 1 and 2 for sure if he slips. I don't think he will though.
  18. ddh33

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    I actually think that Hawthorne makes a lot of sense here, and I wouldnt be the least surprised if he does end up here. I actually like that idea.
  19. Avery

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    A trade down from #20, pick up a 3rd and take Hawthorne in the mid-20's. Not too shabby of an idea.
  20. Avery

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    And don't be shocked if Nugent slips into the bottom of round one/top of round two. This guy is the real deal.

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