Cowboys Form Practice Squad; T.O. Ready

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    I haven't seen this....if someone posted already, feel free to kill it. > Washington
    Cowboys Form Practice Squad; T.O. Ready
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep 4, 2006

    IRVING, TX. - Bill Parcells announced the Dallas Cowboys 2006 practice squad on Monday, which included fourth round draft pick Skyler Green and former North Carolina quarterback Matt Baker.

    ROSTER MOVES: Head coach Bill Parcells announced several moves Monday, all involved the practice squad.

    "We signed a tight end named Jerome Collins," he said. "He was with the Rams last year. He'll be on our practice squad along with Tony Curtis."

    The other seven players are running back Keylon Kincade, quarterback Matt Baker, defensive end Stephen Bowen, guard D'Anthony Batiste, cornerback Quincy Butler, wide receiver/kick returner Skyler Green and Swedish linebacker Carl-Johan Bjork.

    Baker, who was signed within the last month, is the Cowboys only quarterback on the roster other than starter Drew Bledsoe and back up Tony Romo.

    T.O. DOING MORE: Parcells offered some encouraging words regarding wide receiver Terrell Owens Monday.

    "We upped his workload," he said. "He got 19 plays Thursday. We had quite a lengthly practice today. We had a 20 play team period. We had 42 plays on offense plus a 7-on-7. We had 54 snaps on each side of the ball and he was probably in there for a third of that."

    Parcells later said that, "He's going to practice this week. We will see where we are and what role he can handle. ... If he's healthy, I'm going to be inclined to play him, sure."

    Owens himself admitted after practice that he feels close to 100%.

    “Although I had the hamstring injury, and that kind of set me back a little bit, but I feel like I’m really almost 100 percent from that,” he said. “It doesn’t take much for me to get back in shape.

    “I feel great. I’m ready to go.”

    JACKSONVILLE NO WALK IN THE PARK: Parcells also warned about the toughness of the Cowboys upcoming season opener against the Jaguars.

    "We are playing a real good team with real good personnel on the road," he said. "They went 12-4 last year. They've been very tough at home. They've been very tough in home openers the last few years."

    "It's going to be tough to beat them."

    QUICK HITS: Marc Colombo will start at right tackle Sunday against Jacksonville. ... LB Bradie James did not practice Monday. Parcells said that left tackle Flozell Adams practiced "well" Monday. ... Parcells commented on the release of second year tackle Rob Petitti. "I thought at the end of the day that Fabini could probably play it better this year than Petitti," he said. "With McQuistan's development, that in an indirect way hurt Petitti." Parcells said this is the first time he's ever had six wide receivers on his 53-man roster. ... Jamaica Rector will likely handle punt returns against Jacksonville with Terence Newman waiting in the wings. Aaron Glenn will likely handle kickoff returns.

    QUOTE TO NOTE: "As you go on, you need to reinforce that to yourself. I know Mike came out and kicked 50 balls yesterday. So he's making every effort to make whatever adjustments necessary. Not knowing the player very well, it's difficult for me to suggest to the player what to do." - Bill Parcells on the confidence level of Mike Vanderjagt.

    QUOTE TO NOTE II: "One of the hardest things in this business to do is to release a player that you know can play for the sake of keeping a player who fills a number position. Numbers at a position versus quality in depth. Some times you are forced to keep numbers at a position. That's one of the hardest things and it's unfair." - Bill Parcells on having to keep two kickers and the impact that creates on the regular season roster.

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    Why do you guys think they kept the Swedish player on the practice squad?
    Is there any added benefit for the organization, if they hang on to NFL Europe's "National" players?

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