Cowboys/Giants 2007 playoffs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, May 25, 2013.

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    Our pass defense allowed a 132.4 passer rating in that game for Eli.

    Since 1960, teams whose defenses allow more than a 125 rating in a playoff game are 0-67.

    Amazing, when you think of how many missed chances we had in that game.
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    I meant there was no Giant anywhere near Romo, not where the ball landed.
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    I was watching today while walking on a treadmill. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment.

    Several things stood out though. Our Line was really pretty good. Barber was a beast. Jacques Reeves was owned by Eli Manning. and Crayton just flat out failed to change the game.

    If Murray had that line I think we might have something. Oh, and I still don't really like the fact That Terrell Owens wore a Star after he stood on the Star.
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    That's lunacy.
    You never wish for your team to lose in the playoffs. Good grief.
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    That is an amazing stat.
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    I'd rather lose to one of the best teams of all time in the SB than lose in the divisional round by the 10-6 Giants..
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    Favre put up a 134.4 against us in the 2009 playoffs, so that's 2 of the 67 there.

    The only two QB with ratings above 120 in a playoff loss have been Rogers in Arizona in the '09 playoffs and Jeff Hostetler for the Raiders against the Bills in the '93 playoffs.

    A very high passer rating is virtually synonymous with winning. Including regular season, when a QB passed for 300+ yards with a rating of 140+ in a game, those teams have a record of 144-1.
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    this game is so painful to think about. We were so close to a special season and Romo shutting up the haters forever.
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    To this day, I still think that the offsides in the 1st quarter that led to a Giants td was HUGE.

    If it weren't for the offsides, the Giants wouldn't score a td. Also, we wouldn't know how Eli would of played for the rest of the game if the penalty never happened. Would Eli still have the confidence to score on the Cowboys late in the first half?
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    I can't believe there are actually people that think this way. You would rather lose in the playoffs and not make the Superbowl than get there and maybe win the Superbowl? Really!

    You ...

    Forget it, I would probably get banned for writing what I am thinking of you right now.

    Go somewhere else.
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    The 1 loss was the 1st game in 2011 against the Giants, wasn't it?
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    Yeah that was a stupid comment. As if making it to the Super Bowl doesn't mean anything.
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    It's crazy that this team has been living in the shadow of that 2007 season for 5 years (going on 6) now.

    We thought that 2007 season was a heartbreak but it would be the start of something new. Instead the Cowboys franchise has been suffering a 5-year long hangover from that fateful game against the Giants that they can never seem to get over.
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    That it was.
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    This game was an abomination to the sport.

    The Cowboys did not play particularly well, this is true. The gameplan left the Giants opportunity which they seized as is their m.o. Crayton should be ashamed of himself for his effort in this ballgame- absolutely.

    However- the game's officiating was absolutely atrociously biased.

    The sack/strip recovery nullified by a horrific offsides penalty which the official couldn't wait to throw.

    The terrible holds all day on Ware non called.

    The mystifying grounding penalty while Romo was in the pocket throwing OB unpressured.

    The personal foul on BIGG.

    IMHO, this is as close as I've ever seen an NFL game to a fix other than the Steelers/Seahawks SB. It was that bad. This game solidified to me that the Cowboys homefield advantage was completely eliminated by design of the NFL.

    The 2007 Giants are one of the worst SB teams of ALL time. And no one can change my mind about that.
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    Amazing. Well, the Cowboys of recent years really have found interesting ways to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. I hope they can find a way to win the games they should this year.
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    don't be sorry. :(
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    Another thing that struck me: This game flies in the face of the adage that "ball control + time of possession = wins." The Cowboys strung together two long, time-consuming ball-control drives that ended in touchdowns, and had much more overall time of possession than the Giants, yet still lost.
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    So true

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