Video: Cowboys Harsh Truth: There is No ‘War Daddy’ in Their Future

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mrtxstar, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Planning to add a double-digit sack defensive end this off season isn’t just wishful for the Dallas Cowboys– it’s highly unrealistic. It’s time to adjust expectations.

    It’s no secret the Dallas Cowboys want a double-digit sack machine to man the right defensive end spot. A “war daddy”, as owner Jerry Jones calls him, has been on the Cowboys wish list ever since the now-retired Demarcus Ware was released three seasons ago.

    Unfortunately for the Cowboys (and 50% of the NFL) finding a war-daddy isn’t that easy.
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  2. mrtxstar

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    If the Cowboys are going to have a "war daddy" next season, that guy is already on the team and just hasn't hit his stride yet. The idea of acquiring that talent through free agency, even if only remotely considered a "war daddy" just isn't going to happen.

    Then there is the draft... it's not like the FO hasn't been trying. Gregory is bust. DLaw is inconsistent. I hope they keep trying but I don't hold out hope for that to be the solution.
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    People also said you wouldn't find a franchise qb in the 4th round. You just never know. You need someone who can bring pressure. I'll take 8-10 sacks though I know that's not easy either.
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    So does anyone actually wanna tell me what the **** is a "war daddy"
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    Did everyone forget the way Marinelli runs his defense? It is a rotation defense to keep fresh rushers, it is not the Parcells defense where a Ware stayed on the field the whole game. Our D-line does not play anywhere near a 100 percent of the defensive snaps in a game. If you want to use Jerry's words (big mistake) of "a" war daddy, it should really "2" war daddies because you really are counting on two guys at a spot (i.e. RDE) to get 12 to 15 sacks a year or more.

    Even if we had the opportunity to draft Garrett, he would only play probably at the most 60 percent of the D snaps. Something to think about.
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    Think Charles Haley type
  7. Alexander

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    Impact rusher. What hasn't been in Dallas since Ware was cut.
  8. Alexander

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    5 rushmen equals 1 war daddy. Everyone knows that.
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    LOL that is arkansas hillbilly lingo ? for a real good DE
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    That's EXACTLY what I was thinking.
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    Sounds good until we get caught with 12 guys on the field.

    Against a veteran quality QB, just leave them in for a series.
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    Another quality discovery from the Jones lexicon.
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    If we can get to 42 sacks I'll be jazzed. I don't care if seven guys have six apiece- actually I'd prefer it so defenses can't scheme one guy out of the picture
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    If Gregory could stay un-suspended

    He's probably that guy
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    Something I wish people would NOT run with.............ridiculous how simple we can be.
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    *eagerly awaiting the term "war daddy" to die a quick and painful death*
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    Just another dumb and pointless expression.
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    I don't know but speaking as a war veteran it's pretty off-putting to hear some rich guy/athlete use such a term in an offhanded manner.
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