News: Cowboys infected with too much optimism? Jerry Jones: We're a glass half-full team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 24, 2013.

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    and I see it going back up. I agree there have been times that the moves he and this team made I did not like. I did not like that we had no QB in wating when Troy retired that put us back a good way just trying to find a QB. I did not like giving up 2 #1's for Galloway. I know Jerry was trying to get the most out of the remaining SB teams after losing Irvin but the move again set us back. However I have also seen change in Jerry and how this organization has gone about business. So when people say it is the same old thing no it is not that is their spin. I see a lot more positives taking place with this team than negitives.
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    Jerry is a salesman first and foremost. He is a high end huckster that has a boundless ego that doesn't let him admit and then address his shortcomings. As long as the fans continue to pay for his place of business and put their butts in his overpriced seats he will not change. The blind Cowboy fans are the enablers.
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    That might be true, while I'm saying jimmy and jerry needed to suck up their pride and we could have won 4-5.straight and maybe more. When they spilt it ended the dynasty.
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    Totally agree, but I think that we won that last Super Bowl via the vets and coordinators despite Barry's presence.
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    Yea I can agree with you on that. That team is one of the best all time, and had the leaders to run with it.
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    I'm definitely taking the jury is still out approach when it comes to this team... I'm tired of getting potentially excited about a season only to have hopes ripped out like guts.

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