Cowboys interested in CJ2K

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Neverhood, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Beast_from_East

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    If your defense is going to suck, you better be able to put some points on the board.

    CJ on this offense would be sweet.
  2. nake

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    If Johnson is affordable, I'll take him. Tanner just doesn't seem to be good enough, Randle may have something but we don't know that yet, and Dunbar seems like he can play at this level but is pretty much a question mark when it comes to reliability.

    I don't think DeMarco can handle 25-30 carries a game, and we probably wouldn't want him to do that even if he could, so we need another dependable back who can share the load without much of a drop-off, and a guy who can also start if DeMarco goes down. Chris Johnson could be that guy.

    Replace Tanner with Johnson, draft or sign some OL depth, and our running game is going to be better overall and durable enough to run the ball all we want in the fourth quarter.
  3. mickswag

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  4. egn22

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    Just draft a RB why waste money on this guy???
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  5. TrailBlazer

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    Not gonna happen.

    No RKG.

    Spend resources elsewhere.
  6. montgod

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    I have read rumors on Miami being interested... I would put my money on them signing him to replace Bush and for him to get back to his Florida roots!
  7. AsthmaField

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    Good sir.... Nobody is better than Dunbar!
  8. bbailey423

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    I wanted Darren Sproles when he went to New Orleans...and I wanted him before the Eagles got him.

    I wanted DeSean Jackson when he became available. And was really ticked we did not get him when I saw the numbers he signed for

    All players lose a step as they get older...but he is still probably faster than anyone else we have on offense. In fact....this team really does not have any speed on offense. We have big guys with capable speed....but real speed forces defenses to defend you differently...which opens things up for other guys. I would love to add a speed component to this team

    Romo has about a 2 year window at a top 12 level. Once that window is closed...the last remaining core guys like him, WItten etc...will be gone. While we are rebuilding this defense...we still have to make a push for a trophy. You cannot pay Romo what we are paying him and think 8-8 is good enough. This is not the AFC East where the Pats are just better than anyone else by a mile. The NFC East is still up for grabs and I think a different teams has won it every year for the last 4 years. So why not add a piece that might get you over the hump?
  9. big dog cowboy

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    Can he play defense? Adding pieces to the offense is not going to push us over the hump.
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  10. thunderpimp91

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    I just don't see how CJ puts this team over the top. Is a 2nd string RB going to be the difference? I would much rather spend money in other areas, and trust your scouts to find a RB in the draft.
  11. bbailey423

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    I agree defense is the first priority...but when you consider we lost Miles Austin and we have one reliable RB on this team...I don't think we can ignore that side of the ball. Think about many starts do the WRs outside of Dez have on this team? If Murray gets you like what we have on this team at RB? We have multiple safeties on this team..and I don't think some rookie will come in and be any better than the multiple options we have at safety on this team. Our trio of CBs might tbe the highest paid trio in the NFL. We have several bodies on the DL and I think that should be our first priority in the draft. But Romo is the biggest piece on this team...and his window to get it done is short...outside of Witten we are very short on experience at the skill I still think a veteran player (like Sproles, DeSean or CJ2k would have been/be a nice addition)
  12. bbailey423

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    2,005 Likes Received one player is going to make us the equivalent of Seattle or San Fran. But this division is up for grabs...and we got a 2 year window to take make a run at it...after that..we will probably be looking at a new QB. If you are not TRYING to go for it...then you should trade Romo.
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  13. thunderpimp91

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    I agree this is not a rebuilding job in the eyes of the coaching staff/front office. I just don't think CJ is the guy to target for a team up against the cap(this year and next). If he came super cheap, I'm all for it, but I doubt that is the case. In a draft class with good talent at rb why not look for one there instead? You could most likely get similar production this year out of a rookie, and have a shot at getting a long term solution. This also leaves you with enough cap room to bring in some vets for depth purposs
  14. erod

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    You ready to pay $4-5 million a year for three
    He's quite possibly the worst back in pass protection I've seen. And outside of Jamaal Charles, he may be the dumbest dude in the league.

    He's still a good back, but he's not worth a bunch of money. He's not special anymore.
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  15. DFWJC

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    Get a load of this.
    This idiot should be outlawed for a day.................

    Why might #Cowboys sign Chris Johnson? In 2008 draft, they were gonna pick him at 25, but #Titans grabbed him at 24. Dallas got Mike Jenkins
    Ian Rapoport

    unbelievable. We had just taken Felix at pick 22 and he claims we were also going to take CJ at 25. Unreal.
  16. TheRomoSexual

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    Didn't we also trade up for Jenkins?
  17. thunderpimp91

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    They must have known FĂ©lix was a bust 15 minutes after making the pick...
  18. KDM256

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    I truly believe if Jerry had the money to make this happen CJ would have a star on his helmet. Just don't think Jerry would bring him in especially with Murray in his last year of his contract, which could cause some issues in itsself
  19. cej757

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    Omg! Well now I know Rapoport is just making stuff up now. Somebody please tell him to delete that text. He looks like a complete dumb arse. SMH
  20. StevenOtero

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    You're welcome everyone.


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