Cowboys LB Anthony Spencer continues hot play with 1.5 sacks in win over Pittsburgh

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MissouriCowboy, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. sacase

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    Or the GM that signs him to a deal if we don't. Spencer WILL get paid this offseason, only question is by who?
  2. Ultimategamer5567

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    I'm in favor of re-signing Spence. But either way, I think a high draft pick will be used on a rush linebacker. And for good reason. Ware seems to be slowely regressing.
  3. Clove

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    Just like I used to say with Ware, give me consistent pressure, and your defense will DOMINATE. The pressure is sporadic, and the few sacks can't make up for downs and downs when he has all day to throw.
  4. Ultimategamer5567

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    A lot of the blame falls on the D-line for the lack of pressure. Ratliff? Injured most of the season. Brent? Gone. Lissemore? Same problem as Ratliff. Crawford? Hasn't shown much yet. Spears? Spare. Coleman? Run stuffer, and on IR. See a pattern here? Fix the D-line, and the QB can't step up into a clean pocket.
  5. perrykemp

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    You are right. I'd much rather have a top interior DL and a single top-end OLB than two top-end OLBs. A QB can step up in the pocket, typically, against OLBs rushing from the edge. If you have a DL pushing the pocket, then the QB is unable to step up.
  6. Ultimategamer5567

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    I would like to see Spencer re-signed, but only if we can still acquire a few big uglies in the trenches. There's no way around it. Hatcher has been the only real bright spot on the line. Gotta figure someout something with that Ratliff contract, too.
  7. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Give him a three year deal with money up front...

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